19 signs you’re in a relationship with a man who is high maintenance

Picture this: you’re strolling down the boulevard of love, hand in hand with your partner, feeling like you’re in a rom-com montage. 

The sun is shining, laughter fills the air, and everything seems perfect. 

But then, you start to notice little cracks in the facade — moments when your partner’s demands for attention, perfection, or validation overshadow the magic of your connection. 

Welcome to the world of high-maintenance relationships

In this article, we’re embarking on a journey to uncover some subtle signs that could indicate you’re in a relationship with a high-maintenance man. 

Let’s dive in!

1) He’s an attention seeker

Do your conversations frequently circle back to his stories and experiences, leaving you feeling like a side character in his life narrative? 

High-maintenance men have a knack for turning themselves into the center of attention, even in group settings. You might notice how he effortlessly diverts conversations to revolve around his own tales, sometimes unintentionally overshadowing others.

While the attention magnet is a significant sign, there’s a lot more to explore. Let’s transition to another aspect of high-maintenance behavior.

2) He has unattainable ideals

Do you find yourself carefully maneuvering around his preferences, fearing any deviation could lead to conflict

High-maintenance partners often display traits of an unattainable idealist, expecting everything to align perfectly with their vision. This might manifest in meticulously planned dates, a fixation on details, and a need for every element to be flawlessly executed.

Their mood instantly flips when things fall short of their expectations or don’t go according to plan, which leads to another sign of a high-maintenance man:

3) His emotions are a roller coaster

Navigating a partner’s emotional highs and lows is emotionally draining. 

High-maintenance men often require constant validation and reassurance, seeking your approval as a source of security. 

They might react dramatically to minor setbacks, transforming everyday situations into intense emotional roller coaster rides.

As we navigate these emotional peaks and valleys, let’s take a look at another subtle sign of being in a relationship with a high-maintenance man.

4) He has materialistic tendencies

You might be dealing with a materialistic maven if your partner’s self-worth is entwined with material possessions and luxury experiences. 

High-maintenance men often prioritize external symbols of success over authentic connections. This could manifest in lofty gift expectations, an aversion to budget-friendly activities, or a fixation on prestigious brands.

And while they know exactly what they want and like, they often have no idea how to express it.

5) Communication isn’t one of his strengths

Effective communication is the backbone of a healthy relationship, but a high-maintenance partner might grapple with this skill. 

These guys often expect their partners to decipher their thoughts and emotions without direct communication. And, of course, this leads to frustration as no one can read another person’s mind.

This often results in misunderstandings, arguments, and a persistent feeling of walking on eggshells — definitely not things you want to experience in a relationship! 

If you have a high-maintenance partner, balancing your relationship and personal time may also leave you feeling like you’re walking on eggshells. 

6) He takes up all of your time

Does spending time with your partner feel like a full-time commitment? 

High-maintenance men often demand an extraordinary amount of your time and energy, leaving little room for your personal pursuits. 

You might find yourself constantly reshuffling your schedule to accommodate his needs, sometimes sidelining your own interests to avoid conflict. 

Ready to explore another sign of a high-maintenance man? Let’s keep going! 

7) He controls your social life

If he dictates your social life and expects you to align with his preferences, you might be dealing with a social puppeteer. 

High-maintenance partners might pressure you into attending events you’re uninterested in or insist on mingling with a specific crowd, regardless of your own desires.

If your significant other engages in this behavior, it’s a red flag you shouldn’t ignore. Attempting to isolate you from your social circle could be an early warning sign of abusive tendencies, so be careful!

8) He’s jealous

Jealousy can corrode any relationship, and a high-maintenance partner might struggle to manage it. 

He may exhibit possessive behavior, questioning your interactions with others or becoming excessively concerned about potential rivals for your attention. 

This behavior often stems from insecurity and is toxic in a relationship. You shouldn’t have to constantly prove your loyalty to a high-maintenance partner (or anyone).

Now, let’s unravel another layer of high-maintenance behavior.

9) He prioritizes himself over everyone else

19 signs youre in a relationship with a man who is high maintenance 1 19 signs you’re in a relationship with a man who is high maintenance

A high-maintenance partner often prioritizes his needs above all else, sometimes at the expense of the relationship. 

He might expect you to cater to his desires without considering your feelings or wishes. Or he may make every situation about him.

Regardless of the specifics, this self-centered approach creates an imbalance that leaves you feeling undervalued and unfulfilled.

10) He’s an excessively picky eater

Does your partner have a strong aversion to certain foods or consistently complain about restaurant choices? 

High-maintenance men often have extremely picky palates, making dining out a challenge as they nitpick menu options or demand customized orders. Even preparing meals at home can be tricky.

This tendency can extend beyond meals to various aspects of life, creating an atmosphere of constant dissatisfaction and fueling never-ending drama.

11) He thrives on drama

Is your partner a master at turning the simplest situation into a dramatic production? 

Men who are high-maintenance have a knack for creating unnecessary drama, blowing minor issues out of proportion and transforming them into full-blown crises. 

They may even use their dramatic tendencies to turn a simple cold into a terminal illness.

12) He’s a hypochondriac

Is your partner perpetually preoccupied with health concerns and quick to self-diagnose at the slightest symptom? 

Hypochondriac tendencies are common among high-maintenance men, causing them to focus excessively on their well-being and demand your attention and sympathy for every perceived ailment.

But when their partners are sick, they don’t think it’s a big deal. They may even mysteriously develop worse symptoms so they can remain the center of attention.

If your partner acts like they’re facing a medical crisis every time they sneeze but acts like you’re being dramatic when you actually are sick, you’re dealing with a high-maintenance man.

13) He cares too much about image

Is your partner overly concerned with how you both appear to the outside world? 

High-maintenance men sometimes emphasize projecting a flawless image to others, often leading to tension if you don’t meet their standards or expectations when in the public eye.

Men who are obsessed with image may also be overbearing when it comes to organizing outings. 

14) He’s an overbearing planner

Does your partner insist on planning every aspect of your shared experiences? 

Does he take charge of organizing outings, trips, and events to an excessive degree, leaving little room for spontaneity or your input? 

This overbearing behavior can lead to feelings of being controlled or overshadowed.

Let’s discuss another facet of being in a relationship with a high-maintenance man.

15) He always has something critical to say

Does your partner frequently offer unsolicited criticism or have high expectations for your actions and choices? 

High-maintenance men are often hyper-focused on pointing out perceived flaws, whether it’s your appearance, behavior, or decisions. 

This constant criticism can erode your self-esteem and lead to a sense of inadequacy, making you feel like it’s impossible to live up to their expectations.

16) His grooming rituals are excessive

Men who are high maintenance often dedicate an excessive amount of time and effort to their appearance, sometimes prioritizing their grooming rituals over shared experiences or quality time.

17) He’s tech-obsessed

Does your partner’s obsession with gadgets and technology take precedence over your interactions? 

You might be dealing with a high-maintenance partner. 

These men are often engrossed in their devices, leading to distractions and a sense of disconnect when you’re trying to engage in meaningful conversations or enjoy quality time.

18) He expects extravagant gifts

Does your partner have extravagant expectations when it comes to gifts and gestures of affection? 

High-maintenance partners may anticipate grand gestures and lavish presents regularly, placing a significant financial and emotional burden on the relationship.

Transitioning from gift dynamics, let’s explore the final sign of being in a relationship with a high-maintenance man.

Last thoughts

In the tapestry of relationships, understanding the signs of a high-maintenance partner can greatly impact your journey. Each thread contributes to the overall pattern, and recognizing these subtle indicators empowers you to make informed choices. 

Remember, healthy relationships thrive on mutual respect, open communication, and a balanced exchange of care and attention. 

If you find yourself in a relationship with a man displaying several of these signs, take a moment to reflect on whether the partnership aligns with your values and goals. By acknowledging these patterns, you can navigate toward a relationship that brings you fulfillment and harmony.

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