13 signs you’re happy being single until you meet your equal

There’s a common misconception that being single is a phase – like a pit stop of some sort.

But I beg to partially disagree. I think that singlehood can also be a destination in itself.

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of people are actually single by choice. They’re happy enjoying the fullness of life on their own.

Some have made the choice to stay this way, while others might consider opening their doors again. But only – and that’s a big only – when the exceptional one comes along.

If you’re unsure where you stand in your singlehood journey, this list might give you an insight.

Here are 13 signs you’re happy being single until you meet your equal.

1) You swipe left on dating apps

Come to think of it, you might not even have a dating app installed at all.

Your lack of interest in online dating platforms doesn’t mean you’ve dismissed dating forever. It just means you’re after real-life connections and inorganic interactions.

You’re happy being single until perhaps someone in the real world catches your eye – the old-fashioned, serendipitous kind of way.

2) Society’s timeline isn’t yours

You’re not racing to get married or have kids. 

You probably still have dreams of having a family of your own, but you don’t feel any urgency in getting there.   

You’re not one to be pressured into society’s relationship milestones. 

But brace yourself:

You might find yourself walking down the aisle one day, when you finally meet someone who moves at the same pace.

3) You RSVP solo

Speaking of weddings, you know being single is a non-issue when you’re happy attending events without a plus one. 

It often takes a good deal of confidence to attend events alone, so your rocking up solo and unbothered is pretty impressive. 

It’s a powerful statement that says you’re self-sufficient and confident in your ability to handle social settings independently. 

4) You’re a social butterfly

You may be a solo attendee, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a strong support network.

In fact, that may be why you’re happy being single – your family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances already give you a sense of belonging, so you don’t look for it elsewhere.

And here’s why that’s a good thing, both for you and your future beau:

When you do start a relationship, it’s because you genuinely connect with them, not just because you’re looking for someone to hang out with.

5) You’re happy for your loved-up friends

On the topic of friends, let’s talk about their love lives.

There are people who feel a touch of misery watching their friends enjoy romantic happiness. 

But not you.

You could be content for now, holding on to the thought that someday you’ll find your perfect match. 

But you could also find joy by simply being the third, fifth, or seventh wheel for your friends. And that’s more than enough for you right now.

When you’re genuinely happy for your smitten friends instead of being bitter or envious, that’s an obvious sign you’re comfortable being single.

6) You won’t compromise your dreams

Some people choose singlehood because they have clear goals, and their priority is achieving them. 

If this sounds like you, you’re probably at a stage where your happiness comes from reaching personal milestones rather than from a romantic partner.

But that’s not to say you’re avoiding relationships. 

Chances are, your goal-driven heart will beat again for someone who won’t require you to sacrifice your aspirations.

You’re holding out for someone whose dreams can keep up with you, not hold yours back.

7) You don’t buy into FOMO

Being unaffected by the fear of missing out (FOMO) is another strong sign that you’re content with being single. 

You recognize that your life right now is complete as it is. You don’t feel like the grass is greener on the other side because you already see your grass as pretty green.

Much like not following society’s milestones or being happy for your coupled friends, it’s all about your mindset:

You’re comfortable with your own journey and secure in your choices. 

You are satisfied with your own experiences without feeling left out just by taking a different path from what others are taking.

8) You’re a flirt

That said, being single doesn’t mean you’re missing out on all the fun. And this is where flirting comes in.

Now, before any slut-shaming thoughts come to mind, here’s my unpopular opinion:

Being comfortable with flirting doesn’t equate to promiscuousness.

Think of it as enjoying playful interactions –  a fun, lighthearted way to connect with others without the pressure of leading into anything more. 

It’s one way of expressing yourself, and dare I say it, flirting boosts your self-confidence. It allows you to appreciate your single status while interacting with others without the pressure of commitment. 

Despite what others may think, it’s a healthy behavior as long as it aligns with your personal values and boundaries

But then again, while you enjoy the playfulness of flirting, you also understand the importance of genuine connections in relationships. 

This brings us to the next point on this list:

9) You’re not into placeholders

happy being single until you meet your equal 13 signs you're happy being single until you meet your equal

Some people must have placeholders: people they date to avoid being single. While this works for some, this often leads to unfulfilling relationships. 

But again, you’re not one of them.

You flirt because you know it doesn’t necessarily translate to a serious relationship. And that’s important to point out because you’re the type who prefers waiting for a genuinely fulfilling connection. 

This choice underlines your belief in meaningful relationships rather than settling for someone just ‘good enough’ for the time being. 

You’re happily single now because you choose quality over quantity in relationships

You’re not interested in dating just for the sake of it. 

10) You unapologetically have high standards

Touching on quality over quantity, this is also where your standards come in.

It’s not that you’re a snob. It’s just that you know your worth, and you’re not willing to compromise on your core values and life goals. 

This means understanding what you truly want in a partner and not settling for less. 

Your high standards reflect your self-respect and clarity about what makes you happy in a relationship.

It’s about waiting for an equal who shares the same values, dreams, and lifestyle. These standards help ensure that when you do choose to be in a relationship, it’s with someone who truly complements and enhances your life. 

It’s not about waiting for someone perfect. It’s about waiting for someone perfect for you.

11) You’re not willing to give up your serenity

Sometimes, it’s not about high standards but about preferring peace of mind over a partnership.

If you can relate, there’s a fair chance that you’ve been stung by a toxic relationship before. And you’re not alone.

Unfortunately, bad experiences in previous relationships make some people happier by staying single. 

Staying single is their – and probably your – way of protecting their mental and emotional wellbeing. 

And maybe someday, someone will come along to prove that relationships can be positive, peaceful and blissful experience, too. 

12) You’re a solo jet setter

Ever heard of the quote, “You never really know someone until you’ve traveled with them”? 

Traditionally, this has always been used in couples, meaning the best way to know your significant other is to travel alone with them. 

So, how does this apply to your single life?

It’s simple, really. The person you’re trying to get to know right now is none other than YOU. 

Your solo travels mark your journey of self-discovery: learning how you face challenges, how you interact with different people and cultures, and how you adapt to new places and traditions.

Only when you’ve come to know your true self will you be open to traveling with someone special. And that someone is more likely an equal – a special person who has already taken a similar journey of self-awareness.

It makes sense if you think about it:

Since both of you have already taken your own soul-searching adventures, you can now spend time dedicated to learning about each other.

13) You love being a lone wolf 

Sometimes, you’re happy being single because you’ve always loved solitude – you’re a lone wolf, so to speak.

You’re so self-sufficient and independent that the thought of having someone in your life may not have even crossed your mind. 

You enjoy your own company so much that you don’t see a void that needs to be filled. 

You’re sitting there happy and unbothered – open for that special someone to come along, but not necessarily expecting or needing one. 

You complete you

If it hasn’t hit you yet, there’s one single theme to all the items on this list:

You are happy being single because you don’t rely on anyone else to complete your life. 

You are enough for yourself.

And whether or not someone that complements you comes along, you remain happy.

Because for you, you’re not stuck in singlehood. 

Instead, you’re basking in single-blessedness.

Picture of Sarah Piluden-Natu-El

Sarah Piluden-Natu-El

Sarah is a full-time mum, wife, and nurse on hiatus turned freelance writer. She is on a journey of diving deeper into life through life itself and uses her writing to share the lessons learned along the way. When not on her computer, she enjoys time with her family strolling along the Gold Coast's stunning beaches and captivating hinterland.

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