7 signs you’re genuinely an authentic person, according to psychology

Being authentic is a rare quality that makes someone stand out – not because they want to be different, but simply because they are so real that people can’t help but notice. 

With so many people walking around with curated personalities and social media highlight reels, it can feel like a rebellion against the norm when someone is just themselves. 

But what exactly does it mean to be genuinely authentic? 

Well, it’s a complex trait. And the best answer will be found after a deep psychology dive. 

But certain signs show if someone is being real or not.

Wondering how authentic you are?

Well, you’re more genuine than most people if…

1) You stay consistent in all situations.

One of the first signs you’re authentic is consistency. 

If you’re genuinely authentic, you won’t need to switch masks or change your personality based on who you’re with or the situation you’re in. 

People who aren’t authentic perform different roles to please different people. 

But if you don’t act this way and choose to just be yourself, whether you’re at work, at a family dinner, or with friends, you’re not like them. 

This isn’t about being inflexible, though. You can be authentic and still go with the flow. 

Authenticity is more about your core self being stable. 

So, you stay super real, no matter where you are or with whom. 

This kind of vibe is rare. And honestly, it’s pretty cool. 

2) You own your imperfections!

Accepting your imperfections is a huge part of what it means to be genuinely authentic. 

Truth is, we all have flaws. But most people refuse to accept theirs. 

Part of being authentic is embracing yours instead of trying to cover them up and make everyone else believe you’re perfect.

Yelling from rooftops, “This is me!” is so powerful. 

Truth is, most people don’t know how to be themselves because they can’t take a good, honest look in the mirror and acknowledge everything they see – especially the bits they don’t like. 

If you can, it means you’re self-aware. Which usually leads to self-acceptance. 

And you’re not wasting energy beating yourself up for not being perfect, according to society. 

Not only can people sense this, but it’s also just part of being genuine. 

Accepting yourself is about more than being okay with the not-so-perfect parts – it’s about being happy with everything you are

And this helps you be more authentically you. 

3) You’re honest – even when the truth hurts. 

Sometimes, it’s tough to tell the truth. 

Even when you don’t want it to, honesty can hurt someone. 

But being truthful, even when it’s hard, or you’re scared, reflects your genuineness and integrity. 

Not everyone can choose honesty over comfort. 

This doesn’t mean you don’t care about people’s feelings, though. You probably try to find a constructive way to be honest. 

Because being authentic isn’t just about being honest for honesty’s sake. It’s about doing so in a way that honors your integrity while protecting the other person’s feelings.

Another reason why you’ll be honest if you’re truly an authentic person is because…

4) You aren’t trying to please people. 

People pleasers usually say whatever they need to win the popularity contest. 

They also bend over backward to make everyone happy, and in the end, they lose their inner spark. 

If you’re genuinely authentic, though, you’d never do this. That’s why being honest is your natural response. 

You can stay true to your feelings, thoughts, and opinions. And don’t need to change these and lie so other people like you more. 

Some people might think you’re self-centered, but you’re just self-aware. 

Why does this matter? Why does this make you authentic?

Well, in a world where everyone’s obsessed with filters and fitting in, choosing not to please everyone shows you know your value doesn’t come from their approval. 

So you’ll be less likely to put on a show and be more real. More human. 

5) You don’t judge.

A non-judgmental attitude usually belongs to people who are confident in their own skin. 

Why? Well, it’s pretty simple:

They don’t need to judge others to feel better about themselves. 

Being non-judgmental is like giving everyone a fair shot, you know?

And there’s nothing more real than that. 

When you’re authentic, you know you don’t fit into a box. So you never try to make other people fit into them, either. 

Truth is, society has a lot of ideas about what they think is right and wrong. 

Being authentic involves not caring about this. 

Now, I’m not saying genuine people don’t have thoughts or values. They just don’t judge other people for disagreeing with theirs. 

If you’re authentic, you’ll live your life focused on being you and being happy. And you’ll want this for everyone else, too. 

6) You don’t have a lot of stress. 

People who hide their true selves have a lot to keep track of. 

They usually have different personalities, opinions, and behaviors around their work friends, family, and maybe even social media. 

And they need to remember which fits the crowd they’re with – every time!

This can be super exhausting and place a lot of stress on their bodies. 

Research shows that physiological stress is linked to inauthenticity. Simply put, playing pretend is a heavy burden to carry. 

If you’re not juggling these different masks, you won’t be as stressed, though. 

Just being your authentic self makes life easier. 

You never have to remember which version of you said what to whom. 

And people also get to know the real you, not some stressed-out, performing version. 

7) You trust your gut. 

Our intuition is probably the most real thing we have. But if you don’t know who you genuinely are, how can you trust it?

This is a common issue fake people face. 

So, if you trust your inner voice or that gut feeling that knows what’s up before your brain has fully processed everything, it’s likely because you’re connected with your true self. 

You see, we often have to trust our gut in making decisions that don’t always look good on paper and aren’t what everyone expects us to do. 

But if you’re genuinely an authentic person, your intuition will guide you to choose the path that resonates deeply with your soul. 

This could be anything from your career to your relationships to the small daily decisions. 

Confidence, self-awareness, and being super authentic make trusting yourself a natural response. 

And if you really think about it, being on your own side is the best position you can be in. 

No one will ever know you like you do. 

If you’re already there, keep it up! 

Authenticity is rare, and I promise the people in your life who actually matter genuinely appreciate you being this way. 

Still need to work on some things? Self-reflection is an excellent place to start. 

Being authentic will open more doors than it’ll ever close.

Remember: if it feels like you need to pretend to be accepted, look for your tribe and purpose somewhere else.

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