10 signs you’re evolving into the best version of yourself

Most of us often start out as the embryonic versions of the people we will eventually become. 

A bit like evolving Pokemon (if that’s your thing). 

It’s a long way from a Charmander to a Charizard.

Some resist change. 

They fight it and push back against maturing and changing for the better out of a desperate need to control where they are now. 

Realizing when you’re holding on to negative behaviors is the first step in the process of evolving into the best version of yourself. 

Awareness is critical, even if self-assessment sometimes brings difficult realizations to the table.

Ready to check out some of the signs you’re on your path to becoming the best version of you?

1) You embrace yourself

Self-love is a tricky one. 

We hear and debate self-love throughout the media as a hot-topic, but when it comes down to it, you don’t have to champion each and every aspect of yourself. 

Everyone has flaws. 

The key is in knowing your flaws and shortcomings, working on them where possible, but embracing them as part of your identity

Learning to love and welcome others in the same way you love yourself is a true sign that you’re on your way to becoming content with all aspects of your character.

2) You take responsibility for your faults

We can all admit that at some point in our lives, we’ve guiltily shrunk into ourselves and pointed the finger at someone else when really, we were the wrongdoers. 

You know the feeling. 

Someone ate your housemate’s special homemade focaccia and no one’s fessing up to being the culprit. 

Even if there are still crumbs on your lips.

Now, you firstly shouldn’t be nose diving into other people’s property, but when you do slip up and cause some form of mistake, you’re not shirking off the blame or trying to pawn off your mistakes on someone else. 

You’re fully ready to take responsibility for when you’re at fault, even if it’s a little daunting and guilt-inducing at times.

3) You discuss ideas, not people

Small minds discuss people, big minds discuss ideas.

You know this. 

Petty gossip is no longer your go-to when it comes to trying to win over new friends or slide yourself in with certain people. 

It helps no one. 

In fact, the only outcome is someone getting hurt – whether it’s you in the firing line or the target of the gossip.

You still relish in discussing concepts and opinions and thrive off a hearty debate. 

Someone’s personal life just isn’t the focus of your conversations anymore.

4) You care less about what others think about you

And should you be the source of that petty gossip for whatever reason, you don’t let it dampen your day. 

I’m not saying you cover your ears when people come to you with constructive feedback, but you don’t let side-eyeing or trivial degradations bring down your self-worth. 

People will always find reasons to dislike you, and you know that you won’t be soul bonded to every individual you meet. 

You might not even see eye-to-eye with a lot of them, particularly if they’re a little further behind in their own journeys into self-development. 

However, knowing your worth and having confidence in your strengths means that you don’t let the opinions of other people bring you down.

5) You’ve opened your mind to broader perspectives (and keep broadening it still)

Whilst you might be a firm believer in one concept or idea, you’re open to the perspectives of others. 

In fact, you love hearing about new ideas and theories

These you continue to learn from and incorporate into your own cognitive processes. 

You’re never stuck in one line of thinking nor do you try to brainwash others into what you believe. 

Instead, you’re accepting and tolerant of all ways in which other people’s brains work. 

After all, you know that everyone is on their own path to evolving into their best self – which might not look exactly the same as your own.

6) You’re upfront with how you communicate

eliminate from your vocab to instantly sound smarter 10 signs you're evolving into the best version of yourself

No mind games, no fluffing around the subject or moderating what you’re trying to say to make it more palatable. 

I’m not saying that you’re a cutthroat, cold and callous texter/speaker. 

You’re just upfront and concise in the way that you do communicate.

You’re just committed to getting your thoughts across and not afraid to speak up and own your authenticity, even if the truth sometimes hurts a little bit.

7) You’re not afraid of letting go of certain people in your life that detract from the quality of your happiness

At some point in (most) people’s lives, we realize that holding on to people that do us no good nor wish us no good is adverse to our path to self-growth

If you’ve come to that realization, you’re well on your way to becoming the best version of yourself

As we grow older, our time becomes sparser. 

You know that wasting precious time on people who only add toxicity to your life (although they might be the fun, party friends) isn’t conducive to self-growth. 

The same goes for romantic relationships. 

You keep an eye out for who has your best interests at heart and who will support you in your own process of evolution. 

In doing that, you’re no longer afraid (or at the very least, you’re willing) to cut off friends or partners if they detract from your ability to grow.

Knowing that, you put your energy into those who reciprocate your own time and effort 

8) You know that the only person that can make you happy is yourself

In that ability to let go of those that bring nothing but toxicity into your life, you’ve also realized that you don’t actually need anyone to complete you. 

Naturally, we crave friends and partners. 

Many of us believe in a happily-ever-after being the key to our happiness and therefore spend a large portion of our lives seeking out people who we can attach ourselves to.

In reality, the only person you need to go through life with is yourself. 

Whilst healthy relationships can assist us in our journey to becoming the best version of ourselves, you’re realized that you no longer have to rely on those around you. 

You don’t need a certificate or a ring on your finger or a Snapchat best friend to make you feel complete. 

And having developed a stronger sense of self-awareness and confidence in your abilities, when the right people come along, you’re able to build healthier relationships that benefit both of you. 

You’re no longer acting out of a desperate need to feel whole or a need to rely on company to complete you – you know what you bring to the table, and are happy to lift up and share that with others along the way.

9) You’re not averse to risk taking 

Cliff-diving, here we go!

Well, not quite. But, in becoming your best self, you know that you have to push yourself to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

Even if that’s not an easy process, you’re willing to strive to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and venture into the unknown. 

After all, the unknown is where all the best options exist.

New jobs, new countries, new friends. 

You’re ready to give them all a go. 

Especially when it comes to finding your prime profession. 

You’ve realized that sometimes, your ideal job doesn’t exist quite yet; it’s something you have to seek out and create for yourself.

10) You accept that evolving into your best self doesn’t have a final destination

Evolving into your best self doesn’t just suddenly come to a final stop. 

It’s a continuous journey. 

You know that, and you’re here for the ride as much as the outcome.

The thought of this might be a little daunting, but you embrace the journey and enjoy each and every little detail and experience along the way. 

After all, all these learning curves are part of self-development and enrichment of life.

What does the best version of myself even look like?

Unfortunately, this isn’t something I can answer for you. 

We each grow and mature in different ways, and only you will truly be able to monitor what brings you the most fulfilment and inspires purpose in your life. 

However, if you’ve been noticing some of these signs in yourself lately, you can be certain that you’re on the right path.

Development doesn’t happen overnight; it takes daily practice and effort to gradually evolve into the best version of you. 

Using some of the signs above, you can start incorporating them into your lifestyle if you’re keen to evolve. 

Just remember to enjoy the process!

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