15 signs you’re dealing with a fake person who can’t be trusted

Ever bought a peach that looked ripe and juicy, only to realize it was rotten on the inside once you got home?

The sheer disappointment!

That’s precisely what dealing with a fake person feels like.

They act nice and interested at first, only to betray or abandon you when they lose interest.

Don’t let it get that far.

Here are 15 signs you’re dealing with a fake person who can’t be trusted.

Spotting them early will save you a lot of frustration in the long run.

1) They seek your approval

Fake people are concerned with how others perceive them and want to make a good impression.

They can go to great lengths to seek approval from others, even if that means denying who they are.

If a new acquaintance asks for your opinion on everything from their haircut to how they dress to their career, it might mean that they’re working overtime to ensure you like them.

In other words, they care less about being authentic and more about fitting in.

Unfortunately, once they have your trust, they’ll stab you in the back when you least expect it.

2) They agree with everything you say

It’s reassuring to hear someone agree with your point of view.

When you notice that happening time after time, however, it’s a warning sign.

Fake people frequently agree to others’ opinions without batting an eye or giving them a second thought – even if those opinions don’t align with their own.

For them, it’s easier to say you’re right than to risk creating conflict, which can tarnish their image.  

On the same note, if you check their social media, you won’t see them embrace a hot take or voice an unpopular opinion.

My advice? Next time you hang out, offer a controversial view on a current topic.

See how they react.

3) They are inconsistent

As fake people adore being liked by everyone, they can modify their behavior – and beliefs! – depending on circumstances and company.

Perhaps they privately told you that they love a cheesy movie.

Shortly after, you hear them trash the same movie with a group just to look cool.

That kind of attitude doesn’t describe someone authentic, don’t you agree?  

4) They act overly sweet

Charm is the first thing fake people learn how to master.

They know how to act kind on the surface, regardless of how they might feel about you on the inside.

Granted, some people are friendly by nature.

But if you feel like the one you’re interacting with is going overboard with the niceties, they might have a secret agenda.

Pay attention to these subtle signs:

  • They give you endless compliments that don’t sound genuine
  • They are quick to assign you a flattering pet name (darling, sweetie, and so on), even if you’ve known them for 5 minutes
  • They smile and laugh excessively
  • They offer you unwanted help, usually in a public way
  • They are overly apologetic if they offend you

5) They spread rumors about others

A pastime beloved by fake people everywhere?


Inauthentic people are big fans of spreading rumors about others.

It gives them something to talk about while also creating the illusion that they’re “in the know.”

Moreover, they discuss others behind their backs, rarely in a flattering way.

Don’t reveal too much about yourself when you’re around them.

You’ll become the next conversation topic around the water cooler in no time.

6) They exaggerate

Fake people boast about their accomplishments or experiences, and their stories may seem exaggerated or embellished.

They also like to one-up others.

If you tell them about finally starting an exercise regimen, they’ll immediately mention that they go to the gym at least five times per week.

Even more annoying, they humble brag.

“I’m so tired from partying every night this weekend, but everyone keeps inviting me to these fancy events!”

Cry me a river.

7) They care about appearances too much

It’s natural to care about appearances to some extent.

Fake people, however, tend to over-do it:

  • They spend a lot of time and effort on grooming to present themselves in a certain way
  • They fish for compliments 
  • They change their hair or fashion style regularly
  • They take too many selfies
  • They flaunt extravagant purchases

8) They are quick to judge

phrases narcissistic use 15 signs you’re dealing with a fake person who can’t be trusted

In addition to focusing too much on how they present themselves, fake people judge others for superficial traits.

Think physical attractiveness, popularity, and material possessions.

They make snarky comments about a stranger’s outfit.

Or, they poke fun at the friend who couldn’t afford to come to brunch because they were recently laid off.  

Their conversations might also revolve around frivolous topics like looks and trends.

Deep down, they’re insecure about themselves – and judging others allows them to feel superior.

Even worse?

They’re judging you, too.

9) They are evasive

If you ask a fake person an uncomfortable question, there’s a good chance they’ll give you a vague answer and veer the conversation in another direction.

Inauthentic people are evasive and secretive because they work hard to create a persona they want others to perceive positively.

By avoiding deep conversations, they cling to this carefully crafted image and prevent others from seeing their true selves.

Furthermore, they may choose to be evasive to avoid potential rejection or negative judgment.

It all goes back to that insecurity we already talked about.

10) They pry

Shying away from vulnerability doesn’t stop fake people from prying into others’ lives.

They can ignore boundaries in their quest to discover what makes you tick – because they want to use that information to judge you or share it with others.

Trusting them with a secret would be downright foolish.

11) They are unreliable

Fake people make promises they don’t keep, cancel plans last minute, or fail to follow through on commitments.

They’re always chasing their own interests, so they can ditch you if something or someone better comes along.

I used to have a friend who always asked who else was coming whenever I invited her out.

If she weren’t happy with the guest list, she would cancel, offering a lame excuse as to why she couldn’t come.

I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but it soon became clear that she was less interested in catching up with me than she was in tapping my social connections.

Which brings me to my next point.

12) Their attention is conditional

The friendship, attention, and support of a fake person are usually based on what they can gain from the relationship rather than genuine care for you.

Ever met someone at a party who was all smiles until they realized that you have nothing to offer them?

Or have a new friend cut all contact with you after you revealed that you can’t get them a job at your office?

It’s unpleasant, but the sooner fake people show their true colors, the better.

13) They don’t own up to their mistakes

Fake people enjoy being liked, so it’s rare to hear them own up to a mistake or admit they failed at something.

When you call them out, they shift the blame.

They might claim that the entire universe is working against them.

Or, if you open up about them hurting you, they’ll insist that your behavior prompted them to act badly in the first place.

All in all, accountability is a foreign concept to them.

14) They are manipulative

Someone inauthentic is more likely to engage in deceitful behavior and manipulative tactics.

Besides lying to present themselves in a better light, they play the victim to garner sympathy or guilt-trip others in order to get their way.  

Needless to say, this makes it challenging to trust their words and intentions.

15) They have an entourage

Finally, fake people always have an entourage.

Given their need for external validation, they like to be surrounded by people at all times.

You rarely see them enjoying lunch alone or standing on the sidelines at a party.

The more people they know, the more connections they can exploit.  

Final thoughts

Fake people are toxic and emotionally draining.

Don’t let them waste your time.

By figuring out how to keep them at bay, you create space in your life for authentic individuals who care about and support you.

And whom you can actually trust.

Isn’t that what relationships should be all about?

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Alexandra Plesa

Alexandra Pleșa is a freelance writer obsessed with television, self-development, and thriller books. Former journalist, current pop culture junkie. Follow her on Twitter: @alexandraplesa

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