6 signs you’re becoming wiser as you get older, according to psychology

As we age, life throws various experiences our way, turning us into seasoned decision-makers over time. 

This profound grasp of human nature, including our own, equips us to glide through the highs and lows of life with finesse, increasing the likelihood of living a more satisfying life. 

Let’s explore 6 signs within yourself that show you’re gaining wisdom as you grow older:

1) You pick your battles

You’re definitely a wise person when you know which battles you need to fight. 

Wise folks take a good look at arguments, confrontations, and problems before jumping in. They weigh the risks, like what it’ll cost if they don’t come out on top. 

Instead of stretching themselves too thin, they’re selective about where they put their energy.

Back in the early days of his career, my best friend seemed to hop from one job to another like it was a hobby. An idealist through and through, he made enemies faster than I could keep count.

Every little issue, he’d bring it up to management – the bureaucratic red tape, the questionable decisions from higher-ups – you name it. He’d argue left, right, and center about how things should be done, leaving everyone exhausted.

But now, hitting 40, he’s like a whole new person. He’s got this Zen-like aura about him at work and in life in general. 

He’s figured out which battles are worth fighting and when to be okay with not being in control and letting things go.

Don’t get me wrong, gaining wisdom doesn’t mean defaulting into a pushover. When it involves matters deeply connected to your values, you stand firm and fight for what truly matters.

2) You value your peace 

Naturally, releasing battles that hold no long-term significance brings a sense of peace. That’s why wise individuals prioritize, value their peace, and work to maintain it.

If you find yourself having no patience for toxic individuals, and you’re on top of establishing healthy boundaries within your circle, it’s likely that you’ve reached a stage where your peace of mind is paramount in your life.

For wise individuals to achieve this state, it means that they’ve made peace with their past and released any bitterness or resentment. 

So now, you’re practically drama-proof because, let’s face it, you’ve learned the ropes. Life taught you that getting sucked into unnecessary drama is like signing up for a headache, and you’ve had enough lessons to know better.

3) You embrace change

You know, as we get older, we start realizing that change is just part and parcel of life. No matter how meticulously we plan, there’s always something unexpected around the corner.

Instead of getting all bummed out when things don’t go according to plan or feeling lost in uncertainty, wise folks see change as a chance to stretch and grow. They go like, “Bring it on!”

By accepting that change is just how life rolls, they focus more on making the most of the here and now rather than stressing about what might happen down the road.

Here’s the trick: Wise folks still know the power of thinking ahead. They’re just really good at rolling with the punches and keeping an open heart when life throws them a curveball.

pic2146 6 signs you’re becoming wiser as you get older, according to psychology

4) You don’t see life as black and white

Having the ability to remain psychologically flexible with age and embrace change comes with the skill of being open to different perspectives.

So, if you’ve got that knack for stepping back from a situation and seeing it from different angles, chances are, you’re getting wiser by the day.

And you know what? Wise folks don’t cling to assumptions about themselves, others, or situations. They’re all about exploring new viewpoints. They know life is not just black and white.

Let me tell you about my boss and mentor – she’s the definition of wisdom. Even at the age of 60, with more than 30 years of experience in her field, she’s always open to hearing what interns and juniors have to say.

You’d think she’d be set in her ways by now, but nope! She’s constantly hungry for new insights from her surroundings and sees the value of taking the viewpoints of others.                                                                                                                                          

I respect her tremendously for that.

5) You’re poised

Being wise means recognizing that the best decisions stem from a place of emotional control while steering clear of major mistakes. 

Self-awareness is your secret weapon on the path to wisdom. By tuning into your thought patterns, emotional needs, and triggers, you gain greater mastery over your reactions.

Take a peek around, and you’ll see that a hefty chunk of young folks end up in hot water due to their tendency to overreact. They could’ve dealt with situations more rationally, but emotions got the best of them.

Many folks underestimate the importance of keeping emotions in check when tough situations arise. Those who master this skill not only sidestep emotional pitfalls but also excel at diffusing tense moments. They have a knack for seeing beyond the haze of emotions.

Think about it: back in ancient times, people sought the council of elders for tough decisions. Why? Because elders were respected for their objectivity and wisdom.

But hey, you don’t have to wait till you’re ancient to get wise. Wisdom is something you can grow by learning from life’s rich experiences.

It might take time, sure, but it’s totally doable.

6) You listen more and judge less

Another telltale sign of wisdom is your ability to empathize with others, listen to their stories, deeply understand where they come from, and not judge.

Wise people know the value of listening intentionally to others. 

They know that such a skill is important to absorb more from their environment, build trust, get closer to people around them, and avoid misunderstandings. 

And hey, let’s agree on something: we all love having that safe space where we can just let it all out without judgment because we know the person in front of us totally gets where we’re coming from.

If you notice that during chats, your judgmental side takes a backseat, and folks naturally come to you for a listening ear, chances are, you’re hitting that wisdom sweet spot.

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