6 signs you’re an old soul and how it affects your relationships

Have you often felt like you’re a little different from your friends and colleagues?

Do you enjoy different things? Things that most people your age don’t usually enjoy?

Like listening to old-school bands? Or watching a black-and-white movie? Or even staying home to play cards over going to a party and drinking beer?

If so, you probably have what’s known as an old soul! And it probably affects a lot of your relationships and friendships.

Sometimes, it’ll affect your life in a good way. But sometimes, it’ll impact your relationships in a way that feels a little isolating.

Let’s take a look at these 6 signs you’re an old soul and how they can affect your relationships.

1) You don’t listen to “modern-day” music

A sign you’re an old soul is if you prefer the “old music” over the “modern-day stuff”.

Like listening to Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, James Brown, or Whitney Houston.

Over anyone more modern and in the charts currently.

Since the older jams used to be softer and slower than noughties music, this probably makes you more of a romantic at heart.

In romantic relationships, you’re probably the type to want to slow dance with your partner in the kitchen while cooking dinner.

Or sing them mushy love songs while delivering coffee and a kiss in bed.

In friendships, it may mean you have a harder time bonding over music with friends. Going to concerts and festivals probably isn’t something you do with them often.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that your friendships are strained. But it likely impacts the things you do together.

Like your car journeys, which clubs you go to, whether you get up and dance at events, and how you spend your weekends.

2) You have “traditional” values when it comes to respect

Another sign you’re an old soul is if you have some of the more “traditional” values when it comes to giving respect.

For example, you might give up your seat on the train and open doors for people.

Or you might offer help to an older person crossing the street.

Or walk on the roadside of the sidewalk when a family with kids approaches.

Or maybe even have a strong sense of loyalty to your family, community, and possibly your country.

Overall, possessing traditional values like these likely makes you a more respectful person in your relationships.

It also means you probably treat others well and have very strong friendships because of it.

3) You’re a romantic at heart

Traditional romance is somewhat hard to come across these days.

Wanting to wine and dine your romantic interests (and calling them your romantic interests!) is perhaps one of the most obvious signs you have an old soul.

Does the thought of dancing in the kitchen to old-school songs while washing dishes with the person you love fill you with joy?

Or the idea of having someone send you flowers on a rainy day makes you smile?

Being a romantic at heart is never a bad thing. But, sadly, it won’t be for everyone.

Modern-day dating has paved the way for all kinds of ways to give and receive love, with many people embracing their different attachment styles and love languages.

While being a romantic at heart will certainly affect your relationships, it’ll only be positive when you find the right person.

4) You come across as quite serious sometimes

When you have an old soul, people will probably tell you that you seem wise beyond your years.

They may also tell you that you’re quite serious sometimes.

There’s nothing wrong with being this way with others. After all, every friendship group needs a serious person to balance out the different dynamics!

But it can make it difficult to be invited to things, especially with new friends or work colleagues.

Because people view you as more serious, they may think this means you’re less “fun”.

Just remember, everyone experiences fun differently! And just because you don’t find something fun, that doesn’t mean that you’re not fun.

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5) You often feel like a bit of an outsider

Old souls often feel like a bit of an outsider in their family or friendship group.

Because you like different things, have different values, and have a unique way of viewing the world, you don’t always feel like you fit in with everyone else.

Like when friends want to go out drinking and partying, it’s never something you’re interested in.

Or if someone invites you to the football game, you couldn’t think of anything worse than getting your face painted and cheering with the hooligans in the crowd.

This can make you feel a little isolated from people sometimes.

It can also make it slightly harder to make friends, especially if you’re in school or college.

But your people are out there, so don’t lose hope.

No matter what age you are (although it’s easier to meet people with different interests once you leave college), you will always find people that like similar things as you in time.

6) You have “unusual” tastes

Another sign you’re an old soul is if you have, what some people may call “unusual” tastes.

Whether that’s concerning your food, clothing, music, or the type of hobbies you enjoy.

Like if you like to wear thrift store clothing and swing dresses.

Or if you enjoy a sit-down meal over any kind of takeout or on-the-go snack food.

Or even if you enjoy a game of chess, shuffleboard, cards, or chequers, over any type of modern-day game at Thanksgiving.

These interests probably won’t affect your relationships too much. But they likely affect who you choose to spend your time with.

As a young person, you may spend more time with older people if you like playing chess or chequers over attending a football game or going to a concert.

Or you may have more friends you dine within the evenings, rather than any you meet on your 30-minute lunch for a quick grab-n-go sub.

Final thoughts

Having an old soul is never a bad thing. In fact, no type of personality is necessarily good or bad (unless, maybe, if you’re a narcissist).

And possessing such a soul can only ever impact your relationships in a good way – when you find the right people.

Making friends when you’re a young adult or a fully functioning adult (whatever that means!) can be slightly difficult, especially when your interests stand out from the crowd.

But your people are out there. It just takes time to find them.

And when you do, the wait will be so worth it!


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