7 signs you’re an ambivert (and why that’s a good thing)

Ambiverts are known to be the best of both worlds with the introspective nature of an introvert, and the outgoing energies of an extrovert.

If you think you’re an ambivert, you probably feel like you go through phases of extroversion and introversion. But you never feel quite right about identifying as either. 

And that’s because ambiversion isn’t just a mix of the two. They deserve a category of their own with defining traits that go beyond can work well alone and with others.

So here are 7 signs you’re an ambivert to help you embrace being one, maybe in a whole new way.

1) You’re very in tune with your body and its needs.

You kind of have to be!

Contrary to popular belief, being an ambivert doesn’t mean you can get energy from either people or alone time. Or it does, but it doesn’t mean you can do either at any given moment.

Because the truth is that you probably crave one over the other depending on what happened in your life recently. 

It could also have to do with the state of your inner world, which can feel like its own planet at times.

Maybe something exciting happens and you want to share it with a huge group of friends.

Or maybe you experienced a disappointment and need a close friend to listen.

You might not completely make the connection between your unique social battery and your life events. But you probably feel that there’s an inner signal that goes off that you feel called to listen to.

Like, suddenly missing an old friend and deciding you’re in need of a reunion. And after seeing them realizing how that was a part of you that you just needed to connect with!

If you haven’t yet, start noticing the different cues your body sends you regarding your social battery. You might be surprised by your own intuition.

2) You have specific friends and groups for specific needs.

Were you a floater in high school? Felt like cliques were overrated and limiting? 

Because you’re extremely aware of yourself and are able to extend this understanding to your external world, you probably have a system within you that categorizes your relationships.

For example, some friends are for fun activities, some are for chatting over food, and some are for laying on the beach in silence.

You probably have a lot of acquaintances too that you enjoy spending time with on certain occasions.

So naturally, all your friends might be different from one another.

It might feel confusing if you’re not completely aware that you do this because you feel like a million different people all at once. 

But it’s just a sign that you’re capable of nurturing all different sorts of relationships. As well as a sign that you’re able to view people as individuals and value them as such!

Not all ambiverts are made equally of course, so you might still benefit from having an inner circle. And it’s still natural for you to drift apart from some friends if they aren’t healthy for you.

Find what works for you and embrace it. It’s all a part of what I’m about to talk about next.

3) You have a diverse and multi-faceted personality.

You’re probably the all-rounder friend in most social settings. Where both of your introverted and extroverted friends feel like they can be themselves around you.

Like a chameleon who listens intently without missing a second. Or can make anyone and everyone laugh with great comedic timing.

And you can do it all in one night. A true one-person show!

As an ambivert myself, it was important for me to find a sense of self that came from within before anything else. Because when you can fit in anywhere, you can fit in in places that might not always have your best interest in mind.

While it was valuable for me to experience certain connections, it all came down to not feeling insecure about my complex personality. As well as reframing this mutability as sensitivity rather than chaos.

Because you’re keen on forging a life built on variety, you’re probably knowledgeable on a lot of different subjects too. With the hobbies and stories to prove it. 

Some that even surprise people on the regular.

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4) Conversations with you are interesting.

signs youre an ambivert 1 7 signs you’re an ambivert (and why that's a good thing)

You might feel like an old soul with a love for the present time. So conversations with you feel different, but not foreign.

You’re able to listen well and think deeply about what’s being said to you. But you don’t mind dishing out the first thing on the top of your mind that is shockingly witty and charming.

All the fun with all the substance!

Like I said before, you have a lot of different experiences under your belt. So you’re able to give beyond relevant and practical advice to anyone who asks.

And not just practical advice you’d get from someone’s dad (love to all dads out there). But I mean advice that you’ve gained by having to balance a lot of different things at once, and probably on your own.

Your unique insights are incredibly valuable to anyone who wants to be more independent without losing their warmth.

5) Your actions are inspired and deep in nature.

Ambiverts have the ability to cultivate both a rich inner world, as well as a rich outer world. 

I also find that a lot of them have a talent for appreciating their past by learning from it. And they have no problems using their self-found wisdom to start new journeys. 

They might even make it seem effortless because a lot of their introspection and preparation aren’t witnessed by other people. But their execution can be rather extravagant with great precision.

Kind of like a slingshot!

If you’re a slingshot, you probably put a lot of thought into everything you do as a means to immortalize all your experiences. As if your life is a well-adorned scrapbook.

I also find that ambiverts are often drawn to personal development because it involves matching their surroundings to how they feel on the inside. 

So consciously or not, they will feel a deep sense of purpose rooted in growth and expansion.

If you want to nurture this aspect of yourself, notice these desires for change, and get to know what makes you tick! It will help you feel more confident in your decisions.

6) You need a lot of freedom.

And I don’t just mean time to yourself or the space to recharge.

I mean that ambiverts need a lot of freedom to explore new possibilities and make change a consistent presence in their lives. Whatever that means can depend on the person.

Freedom to travel, make new friends, or maybe try out different hobbies. Whatever floats your boat to facilitate exploration and growth in your life without compromising what matters to you the most. 

While some people may feel down that they can’t keep you to themselves, you show them that life can be expansive just as it is meaningful. 

The best way you can accept your love for freedom as an ambivert is to not compare your lifestyle to others. And find what grounds you. 

For me, discovering my core values gave me a sense of direction within my spontaneity. I also find that social media was made for ambiverts because I get to keep in touch with people while I do my own thing!

Think of yourself as a Pokémon, where every evolution leaves you looking different, yet somehow more like yourself.

7) You’re a natural entrepreneur.

Thanks to your fabulous interpersonal traits, you’re not only approachable, but your genuine confidence makes you a great leader.

And your passions and goals are seldom selfish – your knack for meaningful connections makes you very empathetic. This might make your success feel like a slow burn at times, but it also gives it longevity.

But more than that, you are a natural entrepreneur because you’re used to not fitting in anywhere completely. So you’re able to question the way things are, without being undone by the challenges that come with it.

That makes you receptive to innovation, and a magnet for it!

You might feel drawn to make calculated risks at times, and this is your sign to do it! And give yourself the respect you deserve by trusting your inner wisdom.

Being an ambivert, more than anything, is having a love for inner and outer change and the way they seem to effortlessly parallel each other.

And it’s easy to feel weird or out of place when you don’t have all the words to describe what you feel. Or certain tools to help navigate life in a way that suits you.

While I hope this list gives you a few of those words and tools, just know that it’s a blessing to feel like you can’t completely relate to everyone.

It just means you’re noticing the potential room for growth to foster more self-acceptance, as well as inclusivity.

Which are the 2 things we could always use more of.

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