12 signs you’re a really well liked person, according to psychology

How much do most people like you?

It’s not always easy to tell.

But by paying attention to the following behaviors, words and actions, you can get an accurate view about how much you’re valued by those around you.

The answer may surprise you, with psychologists weighing in on how to get a good look at how well you’re received.

Let’s dive in.

1) People remember your name

When people remember your name, it signifies that you’ve made an impression on them.

It means you are more well-liked than you think.

Whether in a work context or in your personal life, folks remembering your name is a sign you’re well-liked.

“Liking reflects the intensity of positive feelings that we attract from specific individuals with whom we have a close relationship: friends, coworkers, and romantic partners,” notes Psychology Professor Frank McAndrew, PhD.

When your loved ones, colleagues and friends make it clear that they remember details about you in addition to your name, it takes it to the next level:

They’re making it clear you’re valued and they like you a lot.

2) Mirroring behavior

Mirroring can be observed in body language, words, and actions.

When people mirror you, it means they appreciate you and want to connect with you.

This can happen at both the conscious and subconscious level.

Consciously, people do this to get you to like them more and to connect with you more deeply.

Subconsciously they do it because of attraction and an instinctual admiration and respect of you.

3) People seek your advice

When you’re well-liked, many people close to you and who don’t even know you that well, will come to you for advice.

It can be surprising and you may not even consider yourself particularly knowledgeable in the subject area they’re asking about.

But they still come to you. And that means a lot.

If people frequently seek your advice, it indicates they trust and respect you in a very real-world way.

Seeking advice involves a level of respect and deference, proving that you are valued and appreciated.

4) Positive body language

Next up is the crucial importance of body language.

Pay attention to the body language of those around you.

Open and expressive body language indicates comfort and likability.

“Smiling, nodding, expressions of appreciation and affection are commonly present in people who attract others. They have an accurate sense of what makes other people feel comfortable and at ease,” notes psychologist Randi Gunther, PhD.

As Gunther explains, this goes in a dual sense, in that your own open body language tends to produce the same: but only in people who already like you or are open to liking you.

That’s why looking at the friendly, expressive and open body language of other people is a solid way to tell they have positive emotions toward you.

5) Affectionate pats and touches

Receiving affectionate touches and pats is a classic sign of warmth and appreciation.

This can come in many forms, and tends to be things like letting a handshake last a little longer, grasping your forearm affectionately or pats on the back or bicep.

When people go out of their way to let their hand linger on your shoulder or clap you on the back, it’s not by accident.

It indicates that people like and appreciate you, and may also suggest physical or emotional attraction.

6) People open up to you

When people like and trust you, they tend to open up and show their emotions.

This ties into the previous point about asking for advice, as the two can also sometimes overlap.

In many cases we can fail to realize how much people like us when they open up to us and other behaviors due to something psychological researchers have termed “the liking gap.”

“Researchers have identified something called the liking gap, which is our tendency to underestimate how much other people like us when we first meet them,” explains McAndrew.

That’s why it’s key to keep in mind that a person who’s opening up to you and really baring their soul at the very least trusts you and most likely also has fond feelings towards you as well.

7) Social media engagement

Social media interactions can reflect your popularity and rapport online.

This comes down to more than just likes or views.

It’s the actual feedback and input you get from people who like you and care about what you share.

When you get a lot of engagement, it’s because people care a lot about you and many of them also like you.

Genuine interactions, such as comments and support, indicate that people care about what you post and appreciate you.

8) Frequent invitations

Well liked person 2 12 signs you're a really well liked person, according to psychology

Receiving consistent invitations suggests you are more popular than you realize.

People like you enough to include you in their plans and have you around when something fun is going down.

This indicates a level of consideration and affection:

You’re in their thoughts and they also like you enough to go out of their way and try to get you to come.

The message couldn’t be clearer:

People think of you as a fun and interesting person they want at their events, indicating that you are valued and appreciated.

9) People make time for you

When people make time for you despite their busy schedules, it signifies that they like and value you.

You’re being included in whatever they’re doing and they are going out of their way to help you out and be there for you.

This can be true in both a business sense and in your personal life.

They are prioritizing you and going out of their way to connect with you, finding out if you have time in your schedule and when works best for you as well.

This means you’re well-liked and that your time and priorities are also being valued.

10) Inclusion in meaningful conversations

Being included in meaningful conversations is a sign that you are well-liked and trusted.

Instead of being left out or given dismissive behavior, you’re welcomed in and given the chance to talk about the subject at hand.

Part of the reason is that you’re known as an interesting and insightful person who doesn’t drag down an interaction.

As Gunther explains:

“Being enlivened and engrossed in a present conversational experience is more interesting than talking about the past, unless a prior experience is relevant to the current interaction.”

Because you tend to focus on the present, your input is sought out and valued.

Folks want to include you in conversations and hear what you have to say, as well as make you feel welcomed overall.

11) Genuine and specific compliments

Receiving genuine and specific compliments shows that you are valued and seen in a significant way.

Specific compliments indicate that people see something admirable in you worth mentioning.

They’re not just generally telling you something pleasant…

They’re not just showering you with random praise or love bombing you:

They’re really telling you specific and definite things that they like and appreciate about you, which indicates you’re well-liked.

12) Positive feedback and support

Receiving positive feedback and support is a strong affirmation that you are well-liked.

This means most when it’s also backed up by real support, networking, advice and logistics.

It’s not just that somebody wishes you good luck with your upcoming move, it’s that they show up to actually help!

It’s not just that a work colleague has a couple pointers on how to improve your next presentation, it’s that they take the time to actually show you specifically what they’re talking about and how to do it.

It shows that others see you as a great individual who they enjoy having around.

Love yourself first

Ultimately, being well-liked is secondary to loving and being true to yourself.

While recognizing the signs of being appreciated can boost self-esteem, it should never overshadow your own self-value and judgment.

If the signs above are showing up in people you know then have no doubt that you’re well-liked!

This is certainly noteworthy and something that should make you feel well about yourself.

But it always comes second to your own value of yourself.

Appreciating those who like you is important, but always prioritize what motivates and inspires you.

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