9 signs you’re a genuinely non-judgemental person

In a world where snap judgments and assumptions are commonplace, it’s always a delight to meet a non-judgemental person. 

What exactly makes non-judgemental people special? Basically, it’s their ability to stay objective, listen, and understand others without jumping to conclusions or making assumptions. 

Are you wondering if you’re one? You’re in luck! In this article, I’ll discuss 9 signs you’re a genuinely non-judgemental person who makes others feel understood and accepted. 

Let’s dive in!

1) You’re self-aware

Being non-judgmental starts with understanding and accepting ourselves. I’ve found that my journey towards becoming less judgmental began with acknowledging my own flaws, biases, and preconceived notions. 

As we become more aware of our own thoughts and biases, we’re more likely to be mindful of how they can affect our judgment. 

Aside from that, self-awareness helps us recognize we aren’t perfect and that our views aren’t always right. 

The wonderful consequence of that? We can approach others with humility and an open mind!

If you’re someone who strives for self-awareness and personal growth, it’s likely that you’re a non-judgmental person.

Which means you also don’t do the next thing…

2) You don’t jump to conclusions

It’s human nature to make snap judgments, but non-judgmental people resist this urge. Instead, they take the time to gather information and consider multiple perspectives before forming an opinion. 

I’ve always admired this quality in others, as it shows a level of maturity and self-awareness that’s truly commendable. 

So, think about how you react to information. Do you avoid knee-jerk reactions and jumping to conclusions? 

If so, that’s great – you’re a non-judgmental person! People love you for choosing to be discerning first.

In fact, if there’s anything you avoid, it’s thinking of and talking about people negatively. 

3) You avoid gossip and negative talk

I think gossip is a slippery slope – if you’re not mindful, you could get sucked into a gossipy session without realizing it. Before you know it, you’re in too deep among the trash-talkers!

I must admit that I’ve been guilty of engaging in gossip in the past. But as I’ve grown, I’ve learned to recognize the damage it can cause. 

Do you steer clear of gossip and negative talk? Then you’re genuinely a non-judgmental person. You understand the importance of maintaining a positive and respectful environment. 

Instead of exchanging juicy tidbits, you choose to focus on uplifting conversations, believing that there’s more to be gained from building connections rather than tearing others down.

4) You’re a fantastic listener

Speaking of building connections brings me to this next point – non-judgmental people prioritize making meaningful connections with others. 

That’s why they excel at listening; they understand the importance of really hearing someone out before forming an opinion. 

I, for one, have always admired people who can sit quietly and patiently while others speak, giving them the space to express themselves without interruption. 

If you find yourself genuinely interested in what others have to say, and you’re able to hold your tongue when necessary, then you just might be a non-judgmental listener.

5) You ask open-ended questions

Aside from actively listening, non-judgmental folks also ask open-ended questions, you know, those that require answers more than just yes or no. 

You know why? Because they  know it’s the perfect way to get people sharing their thoughts and feelings. 

I once heard some unpleasant gossip about a friend. Instead of just asking her, “Did you really do it?” I asked, “What really happened? What’s your side of the story?”

Do you find yourself doing this as well? That means you value people’s perspectives. You ask insightful questions to get to the heart of the matter, which opens doors to deeper understanding and empathy.

6) You practice empathy

This, I believe, is one of the most critical traits a non-judgmental person can have. Too many of us listen to stories then fall short when it matters most – in putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes and imagining ourselves in their predicament. 

I was once at the receiving end of some unfair judgment. I’d recently received a promotion despite being at the job for only a short while. 

For some reason, this made me suspect, and some of my co-workers started rumors that I’d done some shady things or sucked up to the boss to get the promotion. In the midst of all that, only one person reached out to me to show me kindness and respect

Right away, I knew she was a non-judgmental person who chose not to listen to these baseless assumptions.

If you practice empathy in your dealings with others, you most likely are, too! You can see past your own perspectives and connect with others on a deeper level, even if they are very different from you. 

In fact, even when things aren’t quite clear, you’re okay with it!

7) You’re comfortable with ambiguity

As a non-judgmental person, you’ve come to appreciate that life is often filled with shades of gray rather than black and white. 

See, non-judgmental people understand that the world is a complex place, and they’re comfortable with the idea that there’s often no one “right” answer. 

They embrace the ambiguity that comes with differing opinions and viewpoints, allowing them to remain open-minded and receptive. 

If you can accept that things aren’t always cut and dried, you might be a non-judgmental person.

8) You’re curious about other people’s experiences

One of the reasons I love meeting new people is because I’m genuinely curious about their experiences and perspectives. 

Do you share this curiosity? Do you seek to learn from others rather than impose their own beliefs?

If yes, then congratulations! You’re more interested in understanding someone’s journey than in making judgments about it. 

You’re always eager to hear someone’s story and learn from their experiences, which is why people always feel comfortable around you!

9) You believe in the potential for change

Are you an optimist? Or at least this – do you believe that people have the capacity to change and grow? 

You’ve probably heard someone say, “Oh, people don’t change.” I know I have, many times. 

And each time I hear it, that tells me that the person is a judgmental type, someone who puts people in boxes like “good” and “bad.”

But if you’re someone who’s always hopeful and always chooses to believe that people can learn from their mistakes, that means you’re a non-judgmental person. 

You choose to believe the best in people – you’re a positive force in the world! 

Final thoughts

So, there you have it—9 signs that you’re a genuinely non-judgmental person. As you read through this list, I hope you recognized some of these qualities in yourself. 

Remember, being non-judgmental is a journey, and we can all continue to grow and improve in this area. 

By embracing these traits, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an even more open-minded, empathetic, and compassionate individual. And that’s something worth striving for!


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Roselle Umlas

I am a freelance writer with a lifelong interest in helping people become more reflective and self-aware so that they can communicate better and enjoy meaningful relationships.

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