9 signs you’re a natural born problem solver

A natural born problem solver is able to think analytically.

They’re able to see the forest for the trees, and still remember to plant more.

But sometimes, it can feel like a curse to be so inquisitive – the problems really don’t stop coming do they?

Here are 9 signs that you’re a natural born problem solver, and how you can channel your curiosities in a healthy way.

1) You value fairness.

Sounds a bit obvious, I know.

But if you took interest in social justice or subjects that deal with the value of fairness, you’re likely a natural born problem solver.

It’s no secret that conflict is everywhere in the world – but not everyone will take the initiative to do their research.

Because even though the idea of fairness has a peaceful connotation, to seek justice is actually an exhausting duty.

To notice is sometimes burdensome – but how can you look away?

No matter how you deal with problems, if you’re drawn to finding solutions, you probably have a large threshold for dealing with stress or opposition.

Make sure you take necessary breaks and have a strong self-care routine so you don’t become burnt out.

2) You have a lot of empathy.

Speaking of making sure you take care of yourself so you don’t burn out!

People who have a lot of empathy or are sensitive to conflict aren’t just sniffing out problems that don’t exist.

They’re seeing where the world needs to be gentler! Where the world needs more justice!

Unfortunately, a lot of sensitive people can harbor a lot of fear and pain that can get in the way of their desire to solve problems.

At the core of a lot of people who like to solve problems, is someone who is very sensitive.

Without developing a healthy sense of self-awareness, you may become too analytical or too emotional! 

To find a balance it’s important that they learn how to take a step back and let the solutions meet them halfway. We’ll talk more about what that means.

3) You like to ask questions.

Curious and curiouser!

When someone gives you an answer, you just end up having more questions.

Perhaps it’s because your goal isn’t to figure out the answer to that one question! You’re trying to figure out how it all connects.

It’s also a sign that the answers you are being given don’t feel like they are enough. You just know there’s more to the story.

Asking questions can also help you diffuse certain stresses from dealing with conflict. It’s like a muscle that will help you see the bigger picture.

4) You think of the bigger picture.

So maybe what makes you a problem solver is because you’re passionate about the bigger picture more than anything.

When you believe that everything is connected, you’re telling yourself that there is a deeper meaning that goes beyond the surface.

Take analyzing a person’s personality for example.

Some people might view them simply as traits that create a unique combination. That people are a result of their environment, uniqueness and whatever else.

People who live truly authentically usually share these 10 traits 2 9 signs you’re a natural born problem solver

And that’s true! 

But if you’re thinking of the bigger picture, you might take cultural conditionings, the current state of our planet and maybe even the location of the stars into consideration.

And rather than a personality being a product of randomness and circumstance, you might notice a certain story being told by the human race.

Dare I say pattern?

This is called systems thinking, where you can see the interconnectedness of various elements and how they influence one another.

5) You like to find patterns and meanings.

You see relationships between things that other people might brush off as unrelated.

For example, a lot of people separate similarities and differences and don’t think to observe how they interact with each other.

But to you, you might see how two things can be very different from one another but maybe see how similar they are in the way they are different.

For example, 2 different cultures might have different practices for how they commemorate the dead. But perhaps their reasoning for their individual practices are similar!

In that specific scenario, you might see how they have similar beliefs, just different executions.

You might also take interest in symbolism! And how the human race can come together to recognize certain signs despite language, cultural or social barriers.

A middle ground, devoid of cognitive biases.

Staying educated and finding like-minded people who are interested in these subjects can help you feel less lost. 

Because again, noticing can sometimes drive you a little crazy.

6) You can hold multiple perspectives at once.

It’s not that you don’t have opinions. You just don’t have opinions in the way other people do.

A lot of people derive opinions from how they feel. They have opinions by judging situations instead of perceiving them.

Some people may not be aware of certain cognitive biases they could have based on their experiences. Or lack thereof.

To perceive is to allow yourself to be surprised by reality. Like allowing people to tell you who they are rather than making assumptions about them.

This way, you’re making room for the idea that you don’t know everything, but that you would know what to do because you have the wisdom of your past selves backing you up!

Our ego and emotions are a part of us – they just want to protect us! But being able to hold nuance in your mind means that you’re leaving room for growth. 

And as someone who feels a lot, the key to not losing yourself in the midst of all these different perspectives is to really know yourself.

Get to know what you value so that your solutions, despite being left a tad open-ended, never lose their essence.

7) You like to let it all marinate.

Which might look like you’re detaching yourself to some people.

As I alluded, being able to hold multiple perspectives can also be about trusting yourself and taking a breather.

Sometimes, solutions come up if you just take a second to let yourself take a step back. I think of it as a process of elimination as I calm down and remove certain reactive solutions.

habits of people who always seem to have their life together 1 9 signs you’re a natural born problem solver

Like going grocery shopping while you’re hungry may not be the best idea if you’re trying to keep a budget.

And being able to detach doesn’t mean you’re a detached person. Because not thinking in a black and white way requires you to first realize that you think that way.

There was probably a moment in your life where you realized that acting too rashly was getting in the way of the way you solve problems.

So maybe on the outside, it seems like you’re taking a little longer to come up with a solution, but taking time will actually benefit you in the long run.

And help you make a decision that takes all parties into consideration. The big picture, if you will!

8) You take risks!

Sometimes, finding your own answers means you have to take a risk.

Whether you’re taking a risk by stepping back, or trying something completely new that people might see and think strangely of you.

If you like to solve problems, it might start with a need for an answer, but it should end with your curiosity.

At the same time, if you ever find yourself needing to step back but feel stuck, challenge yourself by taking a risk!

If you continue to nurture your curiosities, taking risks will become second nature to you.

This also shows your creativity and how you can think outside the box! 

So if you ever feel like you have a crazy idea, but you have a good feeling about it that you can’t shake, just do it!

9) You are resourceful.

In conjunction with being self-aware, if you have a knack for finding solutions, you probably see value in everything.

This goes with how you are able to utilize all your knowledge and think deeply.

Or you could be very ingenious and resemble MacGyver!

Being resourceful might seem like the opposite of leaning into the unknown. 

But as you filter through your cognitive biases and collect all the relevant information that speaks to what you value, you can curate an ideal mental resource!

Which helps you become more adaptable, resilient and positive in the long run because you’re able to channel your intellect in a way that inspires you!

Having good discernment when it comes to your own knowledge can also help you connect with like-minded individuals

Because while you can come up with unique solutions by yourself, this way, you can come up with unique solutions that can help people on a larger scale.

Despite “having all the answers,” being a natural born problem solver isn’t easy.

It’s like being born with a mind that can’t be satisfied because it just wants to figure it all out.

But where the mind doesn’t end or lacks direction, your heart and soul might have an answer for you! 

Like a cause or social issue! 

Something you believe in that could use your brain.

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