7 signs you’re a natural-born conservationist

Conservationists are people who are committed to preserving, healing and working with the environment. 

They care deeply about the world around them, and all life on the planet.

Many people are everyday conservationists, even if it’s not their profession.

But what makes a natural-born conservationist? There are many things that make these people unique to the majority of the population. 

If you’re wondering whether you might be a part of this segment of people, these 7 signs confirm that you are.

1) You have a genuine concern for the environment

These days, a lot of people claim to care for the environment.

Many of these people make a point of sharing their thoughts on the state of the climate on social media.

But a lot of it is just talk.

In my opinion, there’s a lot of talk and little action.

When it comes to sacrificing luxuries, a lot of people who claim to be environmental don’t actually do this.

Simply put, a lot of people could be doing a lot more when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

However, there are people who have a genuine concern for the environment that guides the way they live their lives.

These are natural-born conservationists.

For instance, these people would likely consider alternatives to flying in planes or at least cap the number of flights they take each year.

They might track their carbon footprints on apps and make a note of what their personal impact looks like.

What’s more, their day-to-day is guided by a mindfulness about their consumption and impact.

In other words, you won’t see these folks walking around with plastic water bottles or leaving the tap to run if they’re doing the dishes.

Does this sound like you? It could signal that you’re a natural-born conservationist.

2) You’re committed to learning more about the environment

How you spend your free time is a good indication about whether you’re a natural-born conservationist or not.

If you spend every other night in the pub with friends, gossiping about work, before taking a taxi back across town, chances are you’re not that environmentally-minded.

This signals your social life is more important, as is convenience like taking a taxi rather than cycling.

It’s not to say there’s anything wrong with socializing, but there’s a difference between a person who’s more focused on their social life and their convenience, than a person who’s environmentally-minded.

I know people who are really environmentally-minded and natural-born conservationists, and they often spend their free evenings going to environmental talks or even volunteering for environmental charities.

Many of them use their skills to help charities online, while some people will go and physically help with projects.

What’s more, they are conscious of the sort of media and ideas they consume. 

You see, the media you consume will indicate how environmentally conscious you are.

If you’re sinking your free time into watching trash TV that’s just talking about other people’s lives, when you could be watching educational documentaries about the environment, it shows where you’re at on your environmentally conscious journey.

This leads me to my next point…

3) You’re drawn to figures like David Attenborough

When you go to select a documentary, do you gravitate towards something environmental?

It’s a sure sign you could be a natural-born conservationist if this is the case.

But let me ask you some more specific questions…  

Have you watched David Attenborough’s Seven Worlds, One Planet more times than you can count?

Have you read works by leading researcher Dame Jane Goodall, who works to protect chimpanzees?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to either of these, you’re definitely a natural-born conservationist.

Maybe people might know the names of these figures, but fewer people are really invested in their work and truly know the impact they’ve had on the world.

If you’re well-versed in the impact of these two figures, amongst others, then it shows you’re very likely a natural-born conservationist. 

What’s more, if you aspire to be like these figures and to have a significantly positive impact on the planet, it shows that being a conservationist could be your calling.

Answer the call!

4) You love all animals

signs youre a natural born conservationist 1 7 signs you’re a natural-born conservationist

Many people love animals, but do you take a love for animals to the next level?

You see, there are people who like petting an animal every now and then, and then there are those people who lose their minds when they see a dog.

You know the kind who will get on the floor and start rolling around with a dog as it licks every inch of their face?

Well, if you’re at all like this second kind of person, it could be because you’re a natural-born conservationist and you love everything on this planet unconditionally.

What’s more, if you’re someone who has gone through your life hearing that you should become a vet – or work closely with animals – it could be because you’re a natural-born conservationist and people know it.

My brother, for instance, is like this.

He lights up when he’s surrounded by animals, and he commands their attention and respect in a way that others don’t.

So what does this mean for you?

Take some time to think about how you would describe your love for furry friends and all kinds of species, and it will indicate whether you could be a conservationist at heart.

5) You’re involved with environmental charities

I mentioned that how you spend your time is a good indication about whether you’re a conservationist or not.

Truth is, what we choose to do with each and every day says a lot about us.

If you’re engaged with environmental initiatives in your free time, or even through your work, it shows you’re likely a natural-born conservationist.

For instance, I have a friend who helps an environmental organization with their social media as it’s her area of expertise.

She writes posts that educate people on ways they can help in their local communities, offering tangible tips…

…And she’s most definitely a natural-born conservationist. 

Now, there are many ways we can all actively get involved in environmental action.

Maybe it’s helping out with a charity once a week in person, maybe it’s using your skills to help charities online, or maybe it’s dedicating each and every day to helping an environmental organization.

It could even be that you’re committed to donating to specific charities and helping them financially – if you don’t have the time at the moment.

If you’re someone who’s taken any of these actions it indicates that you’re someone who’s environmentally conscious and, very possibly, a natural-born conservationist.

6) You’re happiest in nature

Think about the last time you were truly, truly happy – was that in nature?

You see, many nature lovers are natural-born conservationists.

Much like I mentioned about people who like animals and people who love animals, there are those who like to go for a walk in nature, and others who love nothing more than being out in the woods.

I know many people who are the second type of person, and it’s a whole different love for nature.

These people aren’t afraid to get mud under their nails and to get super grubby as they walk through forest paths.

In fact, they welcome it!

They feel far more comfortable in nature than they do in cities.

In short: they would rather a real jungle than a concrete one.

True nature lovers feel freer and far more content when they’re out in the sticks, but they begin feeling stifled and overwhelmed in build up places.

Chances are, they don’t live too far from a green space and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Let me ask you, are you someone other people call ‘outdoorsy’? As in, you’re more likely to be out camping at the weekend than you are in a bar.

If you are, chances are you’re a real nature lover.

Now, what goes hand-in-hand with a love for nature is a care to protect it and conserve it, so it could indicate that it’s your calling to work as a conservationist.

7) You can’t stand people who litter and don’t recycle

Some people are real litter bugs, who have little care for the environment.

Do you know the kind I’m talking about? These people will flick a cigarette into the street and not bother recycling plastic or tins.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who live their lives like this.

But not natural-born conservations.

You see, true nature lovers will never be among those who litter, and they’ll always take the time to recycle and compost where it’s possible.

It’s second nature to these people to clean up after themselves and to leave a place in the state they found it.

What’s more, they’re the kind of people who want to make places better.

They think about how they can help regenerate the environment as they want to see it flourish.

Leaving a place in the state they found it is the bare minimum for these people.

Truth is, they’re the kind of people who will call others out if they see them littering and not doing their bit to help the environment.

It makes their blood boil when they see people behaving in inconsiderate and mindless ways.

They can’t stand it.

If you’re like this, it’s a sign you could be a natural-born conservationist who wants to make the world a better place.

Simply put, lean into the calling if this sounds like you!

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