8 signs you’re a genuinely perceptive person, according to psychology

Do you always notice the tiniest details?

Are you one of those people who immediately see through others, who get strong gut feelings, and who are very sensitive to everything that happens around them?

If your answer is yes, congratulations! You might be very observant. Hold your horses, though. Let’s confirm first, shall we?

Here are the 8 signs you’re a genuinely perceptive person.

1) You notice subtle changes in people’s emotional energy

Perceptiveness is generally composed of two parts: logical reasoning and emotional instincts.

This point is about the latter. Empaths – people who are highly sensitive to others’ feelings – tend to be more perceptive than the average person simply because they are so in sync with the emotional energies around them.

As psychiatrist Judith Orloff M.D. says:

“Empaths are highly attuned to other people’s moods, good and bad. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme. They take on negativity such as anger or anxiety, which can be exhausting for them. If they are around peace and love, though, their bodies take these on and flourish.”

If you often notice that the person you’re talking to suddenly feels different simply because you can intuitively sense their mood shift, it’s the first sign you’re a genuinely perceptive person.

2) You are highly observant of nonverbal cues

Here’s where the first part of perceptiveness, logical reasoning, gets a chance to thrive.

While nonverbal communication is something we’re all attuned to automatically – this is why people mirror each other’s body language without even realizing it – it’s also a skill that can be taught.

And it goes without saying that it boosts your perceptiveness a great deal.

However, it’s important to remember that reading a couple of articles on the rules of nonverbal communication generally isn’t enough. Body language is an extremely tricky science, and one gesture, such as crossed arms, can mean twenty different things based on the context.

As the professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology, Ronald E. Riggio Ph.D., writes: “There is no body language dictionary.”

It does help to know some general tips, though.

For example, someone who is leaning away from you and whose feet are turned away may be trying to make an exit from the conversation. A person who’s hunching with their arms crossed and their head bent low is probably trying to minimize their presence in the room.

These all sound pretty common sense, but do remember that context is everything.

3) You ask the right questions

You learn a lot about people if only you ask them the right questions. Of course, if you’re a genuinely perceptive person, you probably already know that.

In fact, you excel at the art of posing questions, listening with intention, and displaying authentic curiosity in other people’s lives and minds.

One of my best friends is exactly like this. When talking to her, you always feel like you’re the very center of her universe.

She is so excited to know about the projects you work on, any relationship news, and anything else you want to share, that she essentially makes you feel like the most interesting person on the planet.

Moreover, you can tell that she truly listens. Thanks to those skills, she is incredibly observant and always remembers the tiniest details about you.

The best way to notice others – genuinely notice them for who they truly are – is to pay attention. It sounds basic, but the sad truth is that most of us aren’t anywhere near as good at it as we’d like.

4) You often manage and guide social interactions

People with high intelligence levels but low social skills often display these behaviors in public 8 signs you’re a genuinely perceptive person, according to psychology

As a quite perceptive person (I’m a huge empath, so it’s primarily due to that), I recently realized that I often find myself managing social situations.

If two groups are blending together, I try to make everyone feel included and immediately notice when someone’s left out.

If two of my friends meet for the first time, I know how to stir the conversation so that they both feel comfortable and get along.

If I’m dealing with someone who can be pretty difficult, I naturally take a step back from my own ego and do my best to get through the situation in one piece by navigating their feelings and managing the situation with assertiveness and emotional detachment.

So, if you often find yourself guiding conversations, making sure everyone gets along in a group setting, and generally assuming a leadership position…

It’s yet another sign you’re very perceptive.

5) You like to soak in small magical moments

Perceptiveness has multiple advantages, but the one I love most is that highly observant people are very sensitive to the small wonders of everyday life.

They feel in awe of the way the sunlight streams in through the window, they love to watch birds fly across the sky, and they are endlessly fascinated by plants.

For them, life is about the little things that make every day magical.

Barbara A Jaffe Ed.D., fellow in UCLA’s Department of Education and a professor at El Camino College, describes it perfectly:

“I have always appreciated my days and the people with whom I share my time, but as the years go by, what I appreciate even more are the simple pleasures–the little things–that add such meaning to my daily life. Kurt Vonnegut’s well-known words, while perhaps slightly trite, ring true: ‘Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.’”

6) You can get easily overwhelmed whilst out in public

Of course, perceptiveness isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes, it can be really difficult to be so highly observant, especially if you’re very empathetic and introverted.

(I speak from experience.)

From sensory stimuli (such as sounds, lightning, and scents) to all the emotions floating in the air, it can be incredibly overwhelming to spend a lot of time out in public.

Growing up, I used to hate going to school for precisely this reason. Three hours in, and I already felt exhausted. Since I couldn’t head home, I had to settle for a daily headache and an afternoon nap once the school day was over.

If you’re a genuinely perceptive person, I’m sure you can relate.

What’s more, you might also find that…

7) You love your alone time

Since spending a lot of time out can get overwhelming pretty quickly, it makes complete sense that perceptive people like to decompress in solitude.

This is essentially the definition of an introvert, after all – we gain energy when we’re alone rather than when we’re surrounded by others, which is why we love to have a few hours to ourselves every day if possible.

When we’re on our own, we get to unpack our emotions, recognize which ones belong to us and which ones are just the result of being around other people, and enjoy some space.

And the final sign is that…

8) You listen to your intuition

If you’ve ticked off all the signs above, there’s a high chance you’re an intuitive empath.

According to Healthline, intuitive empaths “are believed to be a unique kind of empath that combines empathy, or the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, with instinct and perception.”

This essentially means that your intuition game is very strong.

Your gut feeling tells you when something’s off, warns you before something bad is supposed to happen, and shouts at you when you’re ignoring some of your feelings on purpose.

And if you listen, it leads you to wherever it is that you’re meant to go.

Final thoughts

So, how did you do? Are you a genuinely perceptive person? If so…

Congratulations! It means it’s much easier – but also more difficult, in a way – for you to navigate social situations.

Just remember to get enough alone time so that you can recharge your superpowers and fill your own cup before you cater to other people’s needs.

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