11 signs you’re a creative thinker (even if you don’t consider yourself artistic)

Do you believe that creativity is a talent reserved for artists and musicians? Think again! 

Being a creative thinker is more than just artistic expression; it involves a unique way of looking at problems and finding innovative solutions.

If you’re someone who enjoys asking thought-provoking questions, seeing connections where others can’t, and finding inspiration in everyday experiences, you might just possess a creative mindset. 

Don’t let any preconceived notions of creativity hold you back! Here are ten signs that you’re a creative thinker, even if you don’t consider yourself artistic. Let’s dive in! 

1) You’re curious about things

From my experience, creative thinkers are naturally curious about the world around them. 

You’re always reading books, watching documentaries, and maybe even attending lectures on a wide range of topics. You’re fascinated by how things work and are always eager to learn more. 

This insatiable curiosity is a sign of a creative mind.

When I was a kid, I loved to explore the woods behind my house. I would spend hours looking for different plants and animals, trying to figure out how everything worked. 

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was tapping into my curiosity and creativity.

As I got older, that curiosity never went away. I became interested in different cultures, languages, and ways of thinking. That curiosity has led me to some incredible experiences, from studying abroad to working in different fields.

2) You have a knack for problem-solving 

Fun fact: creative people make excellent problem solvers because they have a unique superpower called “thinking outside the box”

They’re like the Batman of the professional world, except instead of a utility belt, they’ve got a mental toolkit full of unconventional ideas and unexpected solutions

These creative minds can connect the dots in ways that others might miss, which is like having X-ray vision for problems. 

Plus, creative types are often more comfortable with uncertainty and risk-taking, which means they’re not afraid to tackle problems that might scare off the faint of heart.

So, if you’re a creative problem solver, don’t be afraid to don your cape and cowl – the world needs more heroes like you.

3) You can find beauty in the mundane

Here’s the thing about creative people: they can find inspiration in unexpected places. 

They can see the beauty in everyday life and use this as a source of inspiration for their creative endeavors. 

I know many people that aren’t necessarily artists or writers or musicians but still have creative souls. They have a depth and an appreciation for the nuances of life that goes far beyond the average person. 

4) You enjoy brainstorming and generating new ideas

As we just established, even if you’re not “creative” in the strictest sense of the term doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. 

You are often great at coming up with new ideas, regardless of your profession. You can have a corporate desk job but have an edge over the rest because of your ability to come up with innovative and creative schemes that others cannot. 

If you find that you enjoy brainstorming and coming up with fresh ideas, whether it’s for a project at work or a new recipe to try at home, then, hey, you just might be a creative thinker!

5) You daydream often

traits of kind hearted 11 signs you're a creative thinker (even if you don't consider yourself artistic)

Creative thinkers constantly seek inspiration. 

Hence they know the value of just idly sitting around envisioning the world they want to inhabit. 

Unfortunately, daydreaming often has negative connotations but from my experience, it’s a telltale sign of creativity. 

Let’s say you’re at work and feeling stuck on a project. You find yourself staring out the window, lost in thought, and suddenly an idea pops into your head. 

You grab a piece of paper and start writing down notes, fleshing out the idea, and figuring out how to make it work. 

This is a sign that you have a creative mind that is constantly in search of new insights

In short, you’re a dreamer… literally. 

6) You have empathy 

Another sign of creativity is empathy. You’re able to put yourself in other people’s shoes and understand their perspective. 

This empowers you to create work that resonates with a wide range of people and captures the human experience in a way that others can relate to. And because of this, your work tends to hit a chord in others emotionally!

7) You have a collaborative spirit about you 

Creative thinkers understand the value of collaboration. They know that the best results often come from working together with others. 

This is good news–” team player” isn’t just something you write on a resume, you actually are one! 

You can communicate your thoughts properly and enjoy bouncing off feedback and suggestions with others. 

As a copywriter, I’ve found that working with others is one of the best ways to generate new ideas and approaches. 

I once had the opportunity to work on creating a major website with a group of graphic designers and developers. 

By sharing our ideas and building on each other’s strengths, we were able to create a piece that was much more powerful and impactful than anything we could have done individually.

8) You’re persistent

Creative thinkers are persistent in the pursuit of their goals. They know that the creative process can be challenging, and are willing to put in the time and effort required to achieve success. 

They can overcome obstacles and setbacks and keep pushing forward even when the going gets tough. 

Think about the last time you faced rejection. Did you give up or did you keep moving forward? 

Well, I’ll tell you this much, creative people are not easily deterred. They know that genius is 1 percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration. 

9) You have a good sense of humor

To tell you the truth, many of the “creative” people I’ve come across in life have been pretty funny too.  

Humor requires a certain level of mental gymnastics to connect the dots in unconventional ways and find the punchline. 

After all, anyone can recite a knock-knock joke, but it takes real ingenuity to come up with a witty zinger on the fly. 

And let’s not forget the art of subversion; comedians, in particular, are masters of taking societal norms and turning them on their heads.

So, if you’ve ever made someone snort milk out of their nose with a well-timed pun, congratulations – you’re not just clever, you’re probably creative too.

10) You’re intuitive 

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Real talk: creative thinkers also have a strong sense of intuition

You can listen to gut instincts and use them to guide your decisions and actions.

Using this intuition, you can tap into your innate creativity and come up with original and impressive work.

I often struggle with writer’s block and finding inspiration for my next project. One day, while taking a walk in the park, I stumbled upon an old abandoned building covered in ivy. 

The beauty of the decaying architecture and the peaceful surroundings struck a chord in me, and I found myself brainstorming concepts for a new story. 

I realized that sometimes the most unexpected places and things can inspire us; we just have to be open to them. 

It’s important to trust our intuition and follow where it leads us, even if it’s off the beaten path.

How to cultivate your inner creativity? 

So, you might wonder, “How can I cultivate these creative thinking skills in my life?” Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Embrace your curiosity: Take an interest in the world around you and ask thoughtful questions. Curiosity can lead to new experiences, which can in turn spark your creativity. 
  • Try new things: Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas and concepts. Get out of that comfort zone. Take risks and try new approaches, even if they may not initially seem feasible.
  • Surround yourself with creativity: Seek out creative people and environments that inspire you. Attend events or workshops, read books and articles, and watch films or documentaries that spark your imagination.
  • Practice problem-solving: Look for opportunities to flex your problem-solving skills. Whether it’s at work, in your personal life, or in your community, seek out challenges that require creative thinking and use them as an opportunity to develop your skills.
  • Learn from failure: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or experience failure. Use these experiences as an opportunity to learn and as a stepping stone to success.
  • Take breaks: Creative thinking requires mental energy, so it’s important to take breaks and recharge your batteries. Take a walk, do some yoga, or engage in any other activity ar your mind and relax. Self-care is key! 

Final thoughts 

In conclusion, if you’ve been doubting your creativity because you’re not an artist, it’s time to let go of that misconception. 

As we’ve said multiple times, creative thinking is not limited to the arts and in fact can be applied to any field or industry. 

By recognizing and embracing these signs of creative thinking, you can unlock your potential to approach problems and challenges in new and innovative ways. 

So go forth, study the items in this article, and embrace your creative side!

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