10 signs your relationship is bringing out the best in you

Hey there!

Let’s get real about love, shall we?

I’m talking about the kind of love that makes you want to be the best version of yourself. Not just for your partner, but for you too.

Relationships can be a rollercoaster. Full of highs, lows, and those “what on earth is happening?” moments.

But when you’re in a good one, it feels just right. You feel loved, supported and you’re constantly improving.

But how can you tell if it’s real? How do you know your relationship is actually helping you be the best you can be?

Well, sit tight, because we’re diving into the top ten signs that your relationship is truly bringing out the best in you.

Stay tuned! You might learn something new about yourself and your partner.

1) You are becoming more patient

Patience, they say, is a virtue. But let’s be honest, it’s not always an easy one to master. If you’re finding yourself becoming more patient since you’ve been in your relationship, that’s a great sign.

This could mean waiting without complaining when your partner is late for a date or understanding when they need a little extra time to themselves.

Patience is a sign of respect and love, and if your relationship is teaching you this, then it’s definitely bringing out the best in you.

2) You are becoming a better listener

Listening – really listening – is more than just hearing what your partner says. It’s about understanding their point of view, their feelings, and their needs.

If you realize that your listening skills are improving, not just to your partner but to others around you as well, that’s a big thumbs up. It means your relationship is teaching you empathy and understanding, qualities that will make you a better partner and an even better person.

3) You are learning to compromise

Compromise isn’t always easy, trust me, I’ve been there.

For example, I love watching action movies, my partner, on the other hand, is a total rom-com fan. Initially, this meant a lot of friendly tussles over the remote. But then we learnt to compromise.

Movie nights became a mix of Die Hard and The Notebook, and guess what? I discovered that some rom-coms aren’t half bad!

Compromise means understanding that your happiness can’t always come at the expense of your partner’s.

In case, you’re learning to strike a balance and finding middle ground more often, it’s clear your relationship is teaching you the value of mutual respect and harmony.

4) You are becoming more confident

Did you know that being in a healthy relationship can actually boost your confidence? It’s true! Studies show that people in supportive and loving relationships tend to have higher self-esteem.

When you’ve noticed that you’re feeling more confident in yourself, your decisions, and your abilities since being with your partner, that’s a great sign. You can tell that your relationship is nurturing your self-belief and helping you recognize your worth.

And there’s no denying, confidence looks good on everyone!

5) You are discovering new aspects of yourself

Love has a magical way of unveiling parts of ourselves we never knew existed. It’s like holding up a mirror to our souls and being pleasantly surprised by the reflection.

As long as you’re finding new interests, developing new talents, or simply discovering that you’re stronger or kinder than you thought, cherish it. It’s a sign that your relationship is not only bringing out the best in you but also revealing the best parts of you that you didn’t even know were there.

It’s a beautiful journey of self-discovery, guided by love and companionship.

6) You are developing healthier habits

I’ll admit, before I met my partner, my idea of a balanced meal was pizza in both hands. But being with someone who values their health can rub off on you in the best way. I found myself swapping fast food for home-cooked meals and lazy Sundays for fun workout sessions together.

Should you be incorporating healthier habits during your relationship, whether it’s improving your diet, increasing physical activity, or ensuring sufficient sleep, it signifies a positive development.

You can tell that your relationship is influencing you to lead a healthier lifestyle and take better care of yourself. And trust me, your future self will thank you for it!

7) You are not afraid to be vulnerable

Let’s get real for a second. Opening up and showing your vulnerability can be downright scary. It’s like stripping your soul bare and handing the magnifying glass to someone else.

But here’s the thing, for you to be in a relationship where you feel safe enough to let your guard down, to talk about your fears, your insecurities, your darkest secrets, and still be loved and accepted, that’s gold.

This implies that your relationship is teaching you the power of authenticity and the beauty of being loved for who you truly are – flaws and all. It doesn’t get more real than that.

8) You are getting better at handling disagreements

Did you know that how a couple argues can predict their relationship success? It’s true! Researchers have found that couples who argue effectively are more likely to stay together.

When you’ve noticed that you’re getting better at handling disagreements, that you’re more focused on finding a solution rather than winning the argument, then kudos to you.

Bear in mind that your relationship is teaching you effective communication and problem-solving skills – tools that are valuable not just in love, but in all areas of life.

9) You are more forgiving

Let me tell you a little story. A while back, my partner did something that really upset me. I was hurt and angry and for a moment, I thought, “This is it. I can’t forgive this.” But as I calmed down and we talked it out, I realized that holding onto anger only hurts me.

Therefore, I chose to forgive. Not just for them, but for me too.

Discovering that you’re becoming more forgiving in your relationship, that’s a big deal. It doesn’t mean you’re letting the person walk all over you, but rather that you’re choosing peace over holding onto resentment.

It simply means your relationship is teaching you the power of forgiveness and the freedom it brings with it.

10) You are happier

This might seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. To think you’re truly happier since being in your relationship, that’s the most glaring sign of all.

I’m not talking about the fleeting happiness that comes from a compliment or a romantic date, but a deep-seated happiness that makes you feel content, secure, and grateful.

Does your heart feel lighter when you’re with your partner? Do you find yourself smiling more, laughing more, just feeling more joyous in general? If yes, then darling, your relationship is definitely bringing out the best in you.

Because at the end of the day, isn’t happiness what it’s all about?

Keep in mind that no relationship is perfect and we all have our struggles. However, when you see these signs in your relationship, hold onto it. You’ve got something truly special.

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