11 signs your partner genuinely appreciates having you in their life, according to psychology

Knowing you’re valued in a relationship makes you feel safer and happier.

Just like how getting positive feedback at work increases your confidence, being reassured that you matter to your boo eases anxiety and strengthens your bond.  

Even if your significant other doesn’t openly say it, there are sneaky ways to gauge their level of gratitude.

And it all starts with paying close attention to how they treat you.

Here are 11 signs your partner genuinely appreciates having you in their life, according to psychology.

You’re one of the lucky ones.

1) They do their best to meet your needs

If your partner works hard to meet your needs, they’re doing something right.

According to psychologists, when each partner’s needs are met, they develop a strong emotional bond that can withstand tough challenges.

Your significant other going the extra mile shows that they appreciate having you in their life and are excited to accommodate you to the best of their abilities.

However, keep in mind that a relationship isn’t supposed to fulfill *all* your needs.

Expecting it to do so is a surefire recipe for failure.

Rather than relying on your boo for everything from external validation to support to entertainment, focus on building a well-rounded life that also involves friends, hobbies, and a rewarding career.

That way, your relationship has an even better chance of thriving.

2) They accept you for who you are

There’s a big difference between tolerating someone and accepting them wholeheartedly.

You can like someone and enjoy spending time with them but still find some of their quirks annoying.

So you tolerate them, thinking they’re not so bad.

Or, you discourage those quirks and try to mold your partner into a version of themselves that is more suited to your personal taste.

Unconditional love, that is not.  

Being aware of someone’s bad habits and imperfections and accepting them as they are is.

Following this logic, if your partner 100% accepts you for who you are, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Psychologists found that acceptance and unconditional love go hand-in-hand, so you better believe that your boo is grateful to have you.  

3) They prioritize your relationship

My ex started to distance himself from me a few weeks before we broke up.

He often canceled plans or was unavailable to meet me despite making time to chat online throughout the day.

He also had a busy schedule, so I told myself he was overwhelmed and tired.

It’s always more comfortable to lie to yourself than to admit the truth.   

Looking back, he probably realized we were not meant to be, so he stopped prioritizing our relationship.

When your partner is grateful to have you in their life, they show it:

  • They insist you spend quality time together
  • They never go silent, so you can reach them anytime
  • They regularly check in on the status of your relationship and make adjustments as needed
  • They express their love through both words and actions
  • They manage to find a healthy balance between personal pursuits and shared activities

Prioritizing a relationship doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time together.

It simply means that you invest time, effort, and attention into nurturing it.

4) They consider you when making decisions

A common sign of being unappreciated is that your partner doesn’t ask for your opinion or advice, according to psychology.

Consequently, if they do, they genuinely appreciate you.

Not only that but considering your boo when making big life choices is paramount if you want the relationship to last.

Plus, asking for their opinion on everyday things shows that you value their input.

I always feel flattered when my friends want my advice, whether about going for a new professional opportunity, dating someone new, or wearing an edgy top.  

It tells me they trust my judgment.

5) They actively listen to you

You don’t catch your significant other stealing a glance at their phone while you tell a story, and they constantly encourage you to open up.

Additionally, you’re pleasantly surprised to discover that they actually commit the things you tell them to memory.

Research shows that active listening contributes to relationship satisfaction.

A partner who not only hears you but listens to you understands how lucky they are to have you in their life and is invested in keeping this good thing going.

This accidentally brings me to my next point on the list.

6) They pay attention to the little things

Someone who appreciates you will remember the little things that make you tick.

Their knowledge about your personality and habits extends beyond mere observation.

Instead, it reflects a deep understanding of the unique aspects that shape your character:

  • Your partner can decipher the nuances of your behavior, expressions, and reactions
  • They are familiar with details like your favorite coffee order, preferred brand of detergent, significant dates in your life
  • They recall memories that allow you both to build a shared history (inside jokes, a particular song you danced to, and so on)
  • They know the people who matter to you and are extra nice to them

All this signals that your partner pays attention and has a deep appreciation for having you around.

7) They make your life easier

a man would never do in a relationship if he was truly in love 11 signs your partner genuinely appreciates having you in their life, according to psychology

A partner who is grateful you’re together won’t try to make your life harder.

Quite the opposite.

I’ve had boyfriends who made me question my worth, bend over backward to make them happy, and waste precious hours of my life struggling to understand what goes on in their brains.

Forcing one partner to put in all the work is selfish and shows zero appreciation for who they are.

At the opposite end, someone who actively tries to lighten your load conveys that they’re invested in your well-being.

There are ebbs and flows in every relationship, sure, and sometimes you’re the one who has to do the heavy lifting.

According to psychology, however, doing something to make your partner’s life better can amplify your feelings of love for them.

When you both make an effort to ease the burden on the other’s shoulders, you’re deepening your connection.

How cool is that?

8) They support you when you’re down

Speaking of making one’s life easier, someone who appreciates you provides support when you’re going through hardship and are not at your best.

I’ve bashed my exes enough in this article, but there were things they did right, too.

There was the guy who came to sit with me and cheer me up after I lost a project I enjoyed working on.

The guy who made me understand that a damaging belief I had about myself was untrue.

And the guy who held me when I was at my lowest and put me back together, even though we were broken up at the time.

People who appreciate you show up when you need them.

And if your partner is consistently there to support you through thick and thin, they’re definitely a keeper.  

9) They show you off

A partner who is grateful to have you will want to show you off.

I don’t mean in an obnoxious way.

But they are keen to introduce you to their family.

They talk you up to their friends.

They take you to work events.

They post photos of you on their social media accounts.

All this shows that they appreciate you and want the world to know it.  

10) They plan for the future

According to psychology, talking about the future shows that you care.

If your partner loves to make plans with you, they appreciate having you in their life.

It’s not just about deciding what to do next weekend. 

It’s more about determining whether your long-term goals align and finding a way to work together toward your dream future.

Long-term planning involves discussing things like financial goals, family, career aspirations, and living arrangements.

Your partner isn’t just talking about the next few months; they’re talking about the next few years and beyond.

This signals a commitment to building a life together and facing potential obstacles as a team.

Someone who appreciates you will want to have you around for a long time.

And they’ll do everything in their power to make that happen.

11) They say so

Finally, a partner who genuinely appreciates having you in their life will say so.

A Harvard-trained psychologist insists that expressing gratitude for each other is a cornerstone of happy relationships.

If your partner regularly reminds you about how grateful they are to be with you, it’s a sign in the right direction.  

Final thoughts

Realizing that your partner appreciates you will infuse a sense of warmth in your heart.

This knowledge can be enough to sustain you during tough times and remind you that being grateful for what you have is more important than pining for what you lack.

Appreciate your boo right back.

They more than deserve it. 

Alexandra Plesa

Alexandra Plesa

Alexandra Pleșa is a freelance writer obsessed with television, self-development, and thriller books. Former journalist, current pop culture junkie. Follow her on Twitter: @alexandraplesa

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