8 signs your intuition is trying to guide you (and you should listen to it)

Been getting a lot of funny stomach aches lately?

Waking up with migraines?

Spotted an unreasonable number of black cats crossing your path?

Whilst a sudden nosedive in health should always warrant a doctor’s visit, you might find that you’re being exposed to a great number of signs and signifiers that your intuition is picking up on.

We give intuitive thoughts and feelings a bad rep, when in fact your personal awareness can sometimes be uncannily correct in detecting someone’s ulterior motives or choosing a random path that leads to the best outcome.

Although initially quite difficult, being able to tell an actual gut feeling from a gurgling stomach after a little too much Chipotle is key in identifying what the universe is trying to tell you.

For starters, the more you notice the following 8 signs appear, the more obvious the message will be: 

1) A funny feeling

You can’t shake a gut feeling telling you that something is up.

This might also manifest physically as that constant stomach-ache or a tightness in your chest.

Your intuition might also advise you that somebody or something is good for you by bestowing a great deal of peace and relaxation when you’re in their presence or doing said activity.

Either way, the brain and body will seem connected on some mysterious level, and you won’t be able to rid yourself of a certain nagging thought.

Maybe you can’t help but feel that someone has bad intentions, that you shouldn’t drive to the beach this weekend, that they’re not being honest with you…

And then you find out that your friend’s boyfriend, the one who made you feel incredibly uneasy, is in fact a serial cheater.

You browse the news and read about a collision on the highway to the beach that happened the same day you were planning to go.

Your partner admits that they were in fact knee deep in lies – much as you expected, as your intuition never lies.

2) A hypervigilant state of mind

If you don’t already live in the fight-or-flight mode, you might suddenly find yourself hyper-aware of everything around you (and at least this time around, you can’t seem to link it to anxiety or a lack of sleep).

Your intuition can also crank up your hypervigilance as means to make you more aware of sights, sounds and colors.

This way, you become more conscious of your environment and people in it seemingly on your own (although semi guided by your intuition making everything 10x more intense).

3) The same opportunities keep coming back

“No I don’t want to move to Australia”, you insist with a stamp of your foot.

But then your best friend tells you they’re moving.

Your workplace mentions a new promotion that requires the big move.

Your parents find your old stuffed kangaroo toy in the closet and leave it lying on your pillows when you next visit.

Seeing the same sign, the same patterns even in random phenomena could be your intuition, or it could also be apophenia.

Either way, listen to your subconscious or your intuition if you notice the same opportunities or the same concepts coming up time and time again, as both might be trying to send you a signal.

4) A random and irrational decision brings you much joy

You’re walking home and get a spur-of-the-moment desire to buy a lottery ticket with your cat’s birthday numbers.

You don’t ever buy lottery tickets; you think they’re a waste of money.

But you can’t get past this deafening impulse that buying a lottery ticket today is an absolute necessity.

And boom – you’re living in the Caribbean with your cat, your multi million jackpot having allowed for a cushty early retirement.

Obviously, impulsive and unwanted thoughts are not always unpleasant, especially if you have a form of OCD.

But if you’re not prone to random impulses, listen to them when they do spring up as you never know what treasures they’re trying to lead you to.

5) A sudden burst of energy

pic1041 8 signs your intuition is trying to guide you (and you should listen to it)

Ever feel swept off your feet by a sudden spurt of energy?

Maybe you’re not the world’s most enthusiastic or energetic person, so even you’re surprised to be waking up in the mornings teeming with vigor and bursting with ideas.

Perhaps there was an event that triggered this; you sampled a new hobby, listened to a thought-provoking podcast, or went on a riveting first date.

Listen to the universe when she fills you up to the brim with energy and motivation.

It’s likely that she’s channeling you all this extra creative juice for a reason.

6) Vivid dreams

Are you suddenly remembering vivid and colorful dreams, night after night, after an extended period of swearing you didn’t dream even once?

Sounds like someone’s trying to get in touch with you!

A great deal of why we dream and what our dreams consist of remains a mystery, but many believe that it’s the best way for your intuition to reach you.

If you can track a recurring theme or focus in your dreams, take heed. Our sleeping hours often hold the key to our subconscious desires and our intuitive feelings.

7) Follow your heart, not your mind…

When posed with two options, you can clearly decipher what the safe and instinctual answer should be.

Say you have the option of:

A) Staying in your current job, potentially receiving a promotion, and otherwise remaining safe and secure

B) Quitting your job to pursue your dream of opening a mobile gym on wheels for city goers to use during lunch hours.

A) will always be safer, and out of a need to protect and survive, your rational instinct will likely probe you towards this.

But you can’t help but notice a little voice inside you telling you that now is the right time to follow your dreams, even if it’s not a path as staying complacent with where you currently are.

Your mind can offer you great insight by analyzing possibilities and juggling options, but if your heart is begging you to follow a less-known path, consider listening for once.

You can spend all the time in the world following rational options, but your intuition will pipe up when it thinks there’s a better option out there, although you do need to trust it for this.

8) Sudden sickness

Again and to reiterate, please go to the doctor if you’re very unwell.

However, if you’ve already sought out all medical care yet are experiencing a host of funny symptoms like headaches and nausea, consider whether your body and intuition have linked up to try and shake some sense into you.

Random illnesses or feeling sick with no detectable cause may well be a sign of your intuition trying to tell you something.

Maybe you’re several years into a relationship and constantly under the weather. 

Could it be that you’re ignoring the fact that your intuition doesn’t think this is the perfect partner for you?

Prolonged periods of sickness can just as much be a sign that you need to make some sort of change as you’re currently chasing something that isn’t right for you.

But it’s so difficult to trust my intuition!

It will always be difficult to trust an intuitive thought that doesn’t seem rational, but if it’s something that just keeps coming up no matter what you do, why not try it out?

Trusting your intuition can be immensely difficult, and should be heeded with caution if you’re also a bit of an anxious person.

Anxiety can definitely feel a lot like intuition sometimes, leading you to shun everyone who tries to enter your life because you get a ‘funny feeling’ in their presence.

But even the most anxious amongst us will need to spend time sitting down and trying to distinguish anxious and intrusive thoughts from intuitive signs.

Following your intuition also takes a great deal of courage and bravery. 

And although you might not be ready to make life changing decisions based on what your gut says right now, you can definitely start getting more in tune with your intuition.

By reflecting on how you’re feeling and what thoughts seem to repeatedly come up no matter what you do, you’ll likely soon sync up with your intuition and be on the path to a happier and more fruitful future.

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