21 surefire signs your ex is much happier without you

If you’re still wondering whether or not your ex is much happier without you, read this article and find out for sure. There are many indications that they’re doing better without you in their actions and interactions with other people.

Here are 22 surefire signs your ex is much happier without you.

1) They totally disappear after breaking up with you

When you break up with someone, it’s not uncommon for them to want to keep in contact. They might want to stay friends or keep in touch through social media.

If they’re much happier without you, they’ll completely disappear. That means no phone calls, texts, messages, or anything else.

It can be an awkward feeling when this happens because it’s hard to know how they’re doing and what they’re up to. But if you’ve broken up with someone and they’re happier without you, they’ll cut off contact completely rather than trying to maintain a relationship on the sidelines.

2) They don’t share anything on social media

One surefire sign that your ex is doing better without you is when they don’t share anything on social media. After breaking up with you, they no longer want to be the center of your attention on social media.

Sharing has always been a way for people to show off what they’re up to, and if your ex isn’t sharing anything with their family, friends, and followers, it’s likely because they’re not feeling the need to.

They no longer have any feelings for you, so they would rather not bring up something that can trigger unpleasant feelings.

Bottom line:

If your ex-partner starts posting less and seems to have more of a private profile, they may be doing better without you. This can be an indication that they’re happier with their life and don’t feel the need to share every aspect of it on social media.

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4) They don’t stalk you on social media

One of the first signs that your ex is happier without you is that they don’t stalk you on social media. They may even have deleted you from their friend’s list or unfollowed your accounts.

They might not be too keen on keeping up with what you’re doing in your life after the break-up. If you’re wondering if this means they’re still holding onto some feelings for you, it’s a good idea to talk to them about it and see how they respond.

But you have to remember when you see these signs:

  • They stopped stalking you while they were still dating and well into the relationship.
  • They stopped being jealous and happy when they found out they met someone else.

This means they just want to cut off all ties with you. It’s incredibly painful to see that even though you’re still in love with them and cannot let go, they don’t seem like they have any feelings for you anymore.

5) They don’t ask anything about your personal life

You may notice that your ex doesn’t ask anything about you or your life. They no longer care what you’re up to and don’t want to know about your life.

This is one of the main signs that they’ve completely moved on from you and are much happier without you in their lives.

Here’s the point:

They don’t care about what you’ve been going through, so they just want to forget all about you and start a new life.

6) They don’t want to be friend after breaking up

Perhaps the most telling sign that your ex is better off without you is that they move on and forget you, and they certainly don’t want to be friends.

They don’t care if you call them up or if they bump into you at the grocery store. After all, they don’t want to be your friend anymore, let alone your lover.

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7) They tell you to move on

If your ex starts telling you to move on, there’s a good chance they’re happy without you in their life.

The reason they’re telling you to move on is that they don’t want anything more than a friendship.

They’ve figured out that the relationship isn’t working and it’s easier for you both to part ways rather than dragging things out any longer.

I know that getting to the grips with the fact that they don’t want you back (or at least aren’t begging for a second chance) can be hard.

Even if you don’t want them so much, a bitter part of us wants to be wanted.

The best way you can put a stop to this desperate thought cycle if you are feeling this way is to let your thoughts come, feel them, but not act on them.

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See how you feel after and if your thoughts are still as stuck on your ex as before – I can bet that you’ll notice a change!

8) They’ve changed for the better

It’s hard to admit when they’ve changed for the better, but it happens. And sometimes, your ex has changed and you didn’t notice.

Maybe you can see one of the following signs:

  • They start to dream big again

In a relationship, you may often find that your partner feels stuck because of you.

When you break up with them, your partner will suddenly realize that they need to get out of that rut and start to dream again. And that will make them feel much better.

They will start to see the bigger picture again.

  • They become more motivated to work on their goals

In a relationship, both people often feel the need to take care of the other person’s needs.

When you break up with them, they will suddenly realize that they need to take care of their own needs again to make themselves happy.

So, how can you notice whether they have actually changed for the better or not?

You might be surprised now but for this, you need to start with yourself!

Believe me, instead of checking and assessing your ex’s current state, you need to focus on yourself.

9) They have a new hobby or interest

One of the major signs that your ex is happier without you is when they find a new hobby or interest that’s been missing in their life.

When the two of you are together, it is easy to keep them busy and help them stay occupied.

But when they’re on their own again, they get bored and lonely. And boredom is never something that leads to a person feeling happy.

When your ex starts taking up a new hobby or interest of their own accord, it’s usually an indicator that they are much more content without you in the picture.

10) They don’t try to stay in touch with you

If your ex is trying to stay in touch with you, you should clarify that they want to contact you or just want their stuff back. If your ex doesn’t contact you at all, it might be a sign that they’re much happier without you.

But if they try to contact you but only to get their things back, that’s a different story.

If your ex still wants to be friends after breaking up, but they don’t contact you often unless it’s about something specific, like getting their things back, that could also be a sign they’re enjoying life more now that you’re gone.

11) They return all your stuff

If your ex tries to get back to you, they will not return all the stuff they’ve borrowed from you. But if they are much happier without you, then a change of heart may be evident.

Your ex might want their space and peace of mind more than anything else so that is why returning everything would take precedence over what was lent out in the first place. They don’t want any reminders or keepsakes that remind them about you anymore.

13) They’re finding happiness in new things

It’s a sign that they’re happier without you if they’re finding happiness in new places. Maybe they’ve started volunteering at the animal shelter or they’ve taken up an interest in painting.

They are enjoying life again and not dwelling on the past. They found a new hobby or activity to do when not with you and have become more social.

So what does all this mean?

If you’re still doubting whether or not your ex is doing better without you, take a look at their interests. If they’re getting more involved with new things that interest them and that excite them, chances are they’re happy without you.

They could be joining a new club, taking up new hobbies, reading more books, and pursuing other passions. This can also signal that your ex is making an effort to improve themselves after the breakup and finding happiness in these new things.

14) They have new people in their life

It’s not uncommon for someone to replace you in their life. It’s quite common. What this means is that they’re moving on and meeting new people.

  • They’re making friends outside of your relationship

If your relationship was all about you, it makes sense that your ex wants to spend more time with other people. This can be your friends, other people that they know, or people that you’ll never even meet.

If your ex has started making friends with people outside of your relationship, this is a surefire sign that they’re happier without you.

  • They’ve started dating other people

You may have made a lot of silly assumptions about why your ex started dating other people, but the truth is that they just wanted to. Before you put a label on your partner, it’s important to know what they want.

If they want to be with you, they will come to you. If they don’t, they’ll move on with their life and make their own choices without you. And if they’re dating other people, it’s probably because they’re happier without you.

15) They’re taking better care of themselves

If your ex is happy and healthier without you, this is a surefire sign that they’re doing better on their own. As you’ve probably noticed yourself by now, the person you once knew is not the same.

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Let me give you some examples:

  • They’re not drinking as much

If your ex does not drink or does not drink to the same extent that they used to before you broke up with them, they will be much more likely to move on with their lives and they are getting on with their life much better without you.

  • They’re losing weight or wanting to lose weight

One of the most obvious signs that your ex is much happier without you is if they’re losing weight or want to lose weight. People in relationships often put on a few pounds and then gradually take them off after the breakup, so this can be one of the first things you notice when your ex starts looking healthier.

  • They’re living a healthy lifestyle

Exercising does help you lose weight, and can make you feel much better. If your ex is now exercising and eating a healthy diet, it’s a surefire sign that they are much happier without you and won’t want to be with you anymore.

  • They’ve started working out

If your ex used to be very inactive, but now is the complete opposite, it’s a surefire sign that your ex is much happier without you and is doing much better without you.

16) They’re doing things they’ve never done before

If your ex is doing things they’ve never done before, it’s another sign that they’re doing well without you.

Maybe they have a new hobby or are going out with friends more often. They might be feeling more confident and unafraid to try new things.

Sometimes people who break up with someone feel like something is missing from their life and want to fill the void by branching out and trying new things. It can be difficult when you’re not in the person’s life anymore to know whether they’re really enjoying themselves or just trying to forget you.

17) They are easier to talk to

It can be hard to accept that the person you loved is happier now.

And it’s not just because you want them to miss you or want them to feel bad for dumping you. It’s also because you want them to realize how much better they could have had it with you.

But here’s the truth:

They might have a more active social life than before, and they might even be meeting new people as well. That’s why your ex has been so easy to talk to lately.

They don’t have to devote too much time worrying about what’s going on in your life and what you’re saying about them behind their back. You’re not the only one who wants to stay in touch with an ex, but it’s impossible when the relationship is over.

18) They don’t mention you in their talk anymore

If you’ve just had a breakup, you’ll naturally bring up the breakup when you’re talking to your friends and family. However, after a while, if they don’t say anything when it comes to their personal life or they don’t mention your name at all, this could be a sign that they are doing better without you.

And remember:

When they don’t mention you at all, they may have completely forgotten about you and are living their lives just fine.

19) They aren’t responding to your new romance

One of the surefire signs your ex is much happier without you is that they’re not responding to your new romance. This could be for a few different reasons.

1) They’re over you.

2) It could be as simple as them being busy with work or school and not having time to respond.

3) They don’t have time because they’re seeing somebody else and aren’t ready to let people know

4) They have their relationship now and feel like it would be unfair to you if they started talking to you again.

No matter the reason, this is one of the things you should look at if you want an indication of whether or not they’re happy without you in their life.

20) They’re cold or mean when you talk to them

It’s hard to tell when you’re talking to someone if they are happy or not. But there are some clear signs that they are doing better without you.

For example, if they seem cold or mean when you talk to them, it’s a good sign that you made the right decision in breaking up with them. That means that there is less emotional baggage and resentment between the two of you.

It might be difficult to move on from your ex and hear how much happier they are without you, but it’s best for both of you in the long term.

20) They actually have more energy

There’s something about being in a relationship that drains your energy right out of you. It’s almost like you’re on vacation without even realizing it because you both spend so much time together.

But now that you’re out of the picture, your ex has more energy than ever. They’re truly living life to the fullest without you in their lives which is the best feeling in the world.

21) They are more successful without you

For one thing, your ex is more successful without you. As much as it might seem like your success was just a byproduct of the relationship, that’s not the case.

They were successful with you, and they’re even more successful without you. They’re probably happier too, which means they have all of their focus on themselves for once instead of splitting it between two people.

The best part about this is that they’ve found somebody new to share in their success.

They might be dating somebody new or maybe they’ve been promoted at work and are feeling ambitious again—either way, it seems like things are going well for them without you. The other person may not be as good a fit as you were and that alone can make them happy.

Even if you’re not sure about this yet, these are signs that your ex is much happier without you. If you found your ex might be happier without you, then you should consider moving on.

You deserve someone who’s going to love you, who’s going to be a good partner to you, and who’s going to treat you with respect.

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