15 signs your ex-girlfriend is miserable without you (and definitely wants you back!)

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You recently broke up with your ex-girlfriend, and now you are not sure if she is happy about it or completely miserable? Well, we’ve got your back!

Here are 15 signs that your ex-girlfriend is miserable without you!

1) She texts you often

Something really important that you need to know is that your ex-girlfriend is miserable without you if she’s texting too much.

There are several reasons why girls do this, but one of the main ones is because they miss you.

When it comes to guys and texting, most girls have a very clear view of things: guys don’t text enough.

Girls think that men should text more often than they actually do.

But you know what else? She may be more affectionate than when you were together, which can make you reconsider your decision.

2) She tries to make you jealous

If you just broke up and every time you meet, she talks about being happy or how great her life is without you, she is feeling miserable without you.

If you broke up and every time she texts or calls, you get jealous, it shows that she really wants to be back with you and that her tactic is working.

Why does she want to be back with you? Because she misses you, obviously!

Your reaction will surely depend on your feelings for her, so make sure you show her just how important she is to you if you want her back too.

Life is too short to be away from someone you care about.

3) She talks about you with her friends

If she misses you, she might bring you up when she speaks with her friends.

You need to know that if your ex-girlfriend is talking about you and your relationship with other people, it means that she misses you a lot!

There are plenty of reasons why a girl would talk to her friends about an old boyfriend.

If she’s bringing your name into the conversation, it could be because she wants to know what you feel about her and what your plans for the future are, but she can’t figure it out on her own.

Maybe she is hoping to get some help from her friends to win you back.

4) She tries to get back to you

Even if your ex-girlfriend is dating other people, she might still want to be with you.

If you break up and she starts to contact you, asking you to give her another chance, this may be a sign that she misses you and wants to be with you again.

Either way, if you don’t approve of her lifestyle and don’t want to be caught in the middle of the mess in her life, an honest conversation can go a long way.

Try saying all the things that are important for you in a relationship so you can understand better if you can ever be with her again.

Even if you don’t want the same thing in your relationship, it would be better if you had some friendly conversations about the future together.

5) She likes your pictures on social media

Social media has become very important lately, and it is a strong indicator of how people feel and what they are going through.

If you look at her profile, you can see her pictures, and when she likes yours, it means that she misses you and thinks about you frequently.

It also means that she might actually want to win you back!

Don’t be afraid to share your relationship status on social media if things are not working.

If your ex-girlfriend is miserable without you, she may even share your photos with her friends, which shows that she wants to see your reaction.

If she likes all your pictures, that’s a sign that she wants to know more about your life, so it would be good if you told her what you are going through.

Sharing your feelings can actually help you feel better.

6) She talks about you over text

If your ex-girlfriend is miserable without you, she might be talking to you daily via text messages and telling you about how happy and fantastic her life is without you.

This shows she wants to see your reaction when she tells you all these things.

If she notices that you care, that will be a sign for her that there is something more than meets the eye.

She might even talk to all of her friends about how great you are, which means that she misses you and wants to be with you again.

7) She wants to hang out with your friends

If your ex-girlfriend keeps inviting some of your friends, she might be hoping to see you.

This is a sign that she may want something more than a friendship, so it would be better if you didn’t act like you have a new girlfriend or don’t care about her if you want to get back together.

If she wants to hang out with you and your friends, she may try to join you when you run into each other.

This is a strong sign that she misses you and that she still wants to be with you.

If you feel the same way, showing your feelings to her may be a great way to reconnect.

8) She reposts your stuff online

If she’s miserable without you, she might repost all of your old photos and see if you will react.

There is no better way to see if you still feel something for her than reminding you about the best times you’ve had together.

So, what’s the point? Well, the point is that she will get to talk to you again if you decide to respond to her posts, and she may use it as a reason to connect to you again.

If you don’t want to get back together, tell her that you are not interested and that any future relationship would have to be built on a more solid foundation.

This will help you avoid unnecessary contact with her and give you more time to think about what’s best for you.

On the other hand, if she managed to fulfill her goal and you started reminiscing about the good times, make sure she knows it.

9) She tries to get information from people that know you

Even if your ex-girlfriend broke up with you a few weeks ago, she might still be trying to get information about you from the friends you share.

If she’s trying to get in touch with you, it means that she wants you back in her life!

10) She posts angry messages on your wall

If your ex-girlfriend is miserable without you, she might write angry messages on your Facebook wall or even send you repetitive emails.

This could be her way to get your attention.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should tolerate it.

Tell her clearly that you don’t appreciate this kind of behavior and that she needs to pay closer attention to the way she acts and to the words she uses.

However, if you still have feelings for her and she really wants to be back in your life, this might be a golden opportunity to reconnect.

11) She wears your clothes

Couples share everything in a relationship, and after one ends, there are usually many things left behind after the relationship is over.

If your ex kept your t-shirt and you see her wearing it often, there is a good chance that she wants to show you that she would like you to hug her.

Even if she looks very content, it’s a sign that she misses you and that she probably wants you back in her life.

This kind of behavior is also a strong indication of how your ex-girlfriend feels about you.

If you find her attractive, it would be good to show it to her and talk with her about what she wants in the future.

If she misses you and wants to be with you again after breaking up, the first step is to find out why things didn’t work out.

12) She calls your friends frequently

If your ex-girlfriend is miserable without you, she will call your best friends a lot.

She does this to see if any of them still have any interest in hanging out with her.

The point? She wants to find out more about what they know and if they can help her come closer to you again.

If she is lonely, she might call you and ask you out.

Sometimes people split and realize just how important this person was for them.

If your ex is doing all these things, she probably wants you back in her life.

If this is the case, it would be a good idea to talk with her and get a better understanding of the situation.

13) She might have items from you

When people break up and want to end things indefinitely, they usually get rid of all the things that belong to their ex.

The opposite is true if the relationship was ended because of the circumstances or if it was over before it started.

If your ex-girlfriend keeps some of the things that belong to you, she might want you back in her life.

This is because she misses the comfort she got from being with you and the way you acted towards her.

If your ex is keeping some of your items, she wants to keep a valued memory from her relationship with you.

If this is the case, there are many ways you can use this information to get back together with her again.

14) She might send you a birthday card

If your ex-girlfriend is miserable without you, she may send you a present on your birthday.

For example, if you broke up with her and she still sends you a birthday card, it shows that she wants to be back with you and misses you.

This could be her way to let you know clearly that she wants to be around you more and that she is using this situation to connect with you again.

If this is something you want, don’t hesitate to approach her and reconnect.

Invite her to your birthday party or offer a slice of your birthday cake, so you can talk to each other more and get closer again.

This is often a strong sign that the relationship didn’t end poorly and that everything was done in a mature manner.

Receiving birthday messages from her shows how much she cares and misses you.

If she sends you a message, it means she wants to be with you again and spend more time with you in one way or another.

15) She talks about how great your relationship was

When a girl misses her ex-boyfriend, she will often bring up the good times they had together.

She will talk about how great the relationship was.

She might even tell you how much she misses being with you, which shows that she wants you back in her life.

In essence, this may be her way to provoke your next step.

If you have feelings for her, you should tell her that.

If not, explain to her that you are not interested and make sure she understands this.

There is no point in giving her mixed signals because that could just create confusion and make you miss each other even more.

Final thoughts

Relationships are tough. We can all relate to that.

Sometimes we can’t really put our finger on what is wrong.

Every one of us has felt that.

It may be because things got out of hand, it may be because someone is holding you back and draining the life out of your relationship.

When a relationship begins to deteriorate, there are levels to how bad things can get (and hopefully how lovely they can stay).

If you have decided to end things and know you are getting various signals from her, pay close attention, so you can understand her behavior better.

I hope that these mentioned signs will help you to decode this situation and move on with your life with your ex or without her!

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