30 big signs you will never get married (and why it’s a good thing)

It’s one of those things many people just expect will happen.

One day you’ll meet the love of your life. You’ll date and fall in love.

Then you’ll get married, settle down and have a family together.

The truth is, not everyone follows this path. There’s so much more to life than finding someone to spend it with.

You’ll notice more and more people around you are embracing the single life and fulfilling it with other meaningful accomplishments.

From being successful in your career, following a passion, or even having a child on your own, there are so many different ways to live and happy and fulfilled life without needing someone by your side.

But, how do you know if this is the life for you?

Here are 30 big signs you will never get married (and why it’s a good thing):

1) You don’t believe in it

It may not be a case of not having met the right person.

Instead, you’ve found him, you’ve settled down and you’re living your best life together.

You simply don’t believe in the institution of marriage. It’s not for everyone.

Many people don’t believe that they need a legally binding contract to seal their fate together. Love is simply enough.

Let’s face it, marriage does complicate things. You combine property assets and so much more, entangling your lives forever.

With all these complications, it’s no wonder some people regret getting married!

It’s easy to understand why you might prefer to just keep things how they are.

2) You’re a lone soul

Not everyone wants company. Some people much prefer their own company rather than that of others.

You might have the urge to go out and find someone, after all, that’s what everyone else has done.

You get overcome with this fear of being alone for the rest of your life and not having that special person to grow old with like everyone else around you.

So, you find the first person to come along and you cling to them. You do what you think you should do. But this isn’t the right thing for you.

You’re perfectly happy alone and enjoy your own company above everyone else’s.

Don’t sacrifice your wants and needs to fit in with the rest of society. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a different life.

You aren’t going to struggle growing old alone, you’re going to live a happy life in your favourite place: in your own company.

3) You value your independence

While being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to give up your independence entirely, it does take a huge chunk of it away.

You’re the type of person who has always been self-sufficient and looked after yourself.

You’ve never needed anyone else in your life and never had to rely on or work around someone else before. You value that freedom and independence and don’t want to give it up for anyone.

And why should you?

Own that independence and live your life the way you want to on your own terms.

Let’s face it, relationships are all about compromise. If you’re not the type to compromise, then marriage isn’t for you.

4) You want to save some pennies

Another little-known fact about weddings, they’re expensive!

Even if you do wish to tie the knot one day with your life partner, it simply may not be an option for you due to the expenses involved.

Yes, it is possible to keep a wedding cheap(er), but if you have a dream wedding in mind, you might not be open to that compromise.

There’s so much to think about: renting out a venue, organizing food, wedding invites, DJ/music, wedding dress, grooms outfits, flowers, and so much more.

Think of all the better ways this money could be spent, such as a deposit for the house.

5) You have different priorities

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You already live a rich and fulfilling life and can’t even imagine fitting a relationship and marriage into the equation.

It can be hard to juggle all the responsibility that comes with committing to another person for the rest of your life with everything you already have going on.

And there’s no need to.

If you are already leading a fulfilling and happy life, then there’s nothing to be gained from seeking out a life partner to marry.

It’s entirely your choice. And you don’t have to sacrifice everything you have already built up in your life for someone else.

6) You don’t believe in monogamy

For some people, monogamy is a very strange concept. Choosing one person to spend the rest of your life with and no one else.

It may simply not be for you, which is absolutely fine.

Just because it works for so many other people, doesn’t mean you have to fall into the same fold.

You may be lucky enough to find some other people who have similar beliefs and are happy for open relationships.

Or you might be happy enough jumping from person to person yourself.

Don’t ever feel like you have to settle down just for the sake of it. Squashing your beliefs and needs will only lead to a very unhappy life for you.

7) You’re surrounded by unhappy marriages

Think about all those around you who are married.

Do most of them seem unhappy?

Do they fight a lot?

Have they had to give up on their dreams?

Have they disappointed each other?

When you’re surrounded by bad examples of marriage, it can be enough to turn you off the idea altogether. Marriage simply isn’t for you.

Whether you enjoy your freedom, aren’t keen on leaving your happiness in someone else’s hands, or don’t want to commit to the inevitable fights, it’s OK to want a different path.

Don’t feel like you should just suck it up and jump in like everyone else.

Take a step back, a deep breath, and own your own future.

Don’t put yourself out there when you don’t see any chance of success. Instead, redirect your attention and make something of your life.

8) You’re happy with how things are

Have you ever heard the saying: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

You may be in a committed relationship already with no intentions of rocking the boat. After all, what will a legal document add to your already happy life?

Just because marriage tends to be the next logical step for so many couples, doesn’t mean this should be the case for you.

If you are happy with how things are then leave them. There’s no need to rush out and get married.

Who knows, maybe one day you’ll change your mind, but for now, just be happy and enjoy where you’re at.

9) You’ve spent most of your life single

Have you always sat back and watched your friends jump from relationship to relationship, while enjoying the single life?

Never been interested in committing to someone other than yourself?

Love living life the way you want to?

It’s easy to see why marriage might not be for you!

If you’ve spent most of your life single, then don’t change now. Not for anybody. There’s a reason you haven’t been interested in relationships — they’re not for everyone.

10) You’ve never experienced love

Until you fall in love, you can never really know whether or not marriage is for you.

You may have dated lots. You may have been with lots of different men. But you may not ever have fallen in love with one of them.

Marriage isn’t even on the radar for you. After all, you don’t want to marry someone you don’t truly love.

It could be the case that love just isn’t for you. Forget about the idea of marriage and focus on loving yourself instead.

11) You hate compromise

It’s not an easy thing to do. But when it comes to relationships, it’s a necessity.

Every relationship needs compromise — and some of them can be big. From compromising on where the two of you will live, to compromising on whether or not you will have kids, work, or any other big life decisions.

If you’re the type of person that isn’t willing to bend to accept someone else’s dreams, then you’re never likely to get married. Which is completely fine!

You have your own dreams to support and follow, so don’t waste your time bringing someone else into your life when you aren’t keen on bending for them.

12) You’re stuck in your habits

jamakassi wejxKZ 9IZg unsplash 1 30 big signs you will never get married (and why it's a good thing)

There’s definitely no age when marriage is suddenly off the cards. People marry at all ages and stages of their life.

But, the older you get, the less willing you become to compromise and let another person into your life.

If you’ve been living the single life for a long time, then you’re already stuck in your own habits and routines. These aren’t easy to give up — for anybody.

The truth is, we become a lot less flexible with age and a lot less willing to bend to meet the needs of another.

If you find yourself comfortable on your own with a complete life set up for you, then marriage isn’t on the cards.

13) You hate weddings

Are you that person who goes along to wedding but wants to gag at every single aspect of them?

From the first song down the aisle to the first dance, throwing the bouquet and those never-ending speeches — does everything leave you feeling nauseous?

You’re not the marriage type, so embrace it. It doesn’t mean you’ll never find love, you simply won’t be walking down that aisle and saying “I do”.

You see weddings as unnecessary, possibly tacky, and completely and utterly not for you.

Don’t ever change. Don’t ever compromise your beliefs. Embrace who you are and accept that marriage just isn’t on the agenda.

14) You don’t believe in soulmates

The concept of soulmates isn’t for everyone.

If you don’t believe in true love, then you aren’t likely to be saying “I do” — ever. Which is great!

Why should you commit to one person for the rest of your life, when you don’t even believe in it.

Stand by those beliefs of yours.

There’s nothing wrong with not believing in soulmates. It doesn’t mean you’ll never find someone, but you simply won’t want to commit for the rest of your life.

15) You have high standards

Have you ever sat down and actually put pen to paper and made a list of what you want from a man? It’s time to give it a try.

There’s a good chance that your standards are set really high, which is why you haven’t found yourself in many relationships over time.

It’s great to have standards and you should never have to compromise on them. As long as you’re happy to live the single life and are content with that.

If you aren’t willing to compromise on those standards, then it’s a good sign that marriage isn’t for you.

16) Your partner doesn’t want to marry

It takes two to tango — or so they say.

You may have found the love of your life and he may not be keen at all to get married.

You’ve had the talk. You’ve tried to change his mind. You’ve even pleaded with him, but he won’t budge.

The unfortunate truth here is, he will never marry. You can’t change that.

If he’s the love of your life then it means you will never marry either. But, it’s not a bad thing.

You have found your other half and can still live a married life together. Just without the legal documents to go with it. It’s not the worst thing to happen.

Just embrace that love you do have.

17) You’re not traditional

Marriage is considered a very traditional institution, right down to the woman taking her future husband’s name. This may not be for you at all.

There are so many different ways to be in a committed relationship these days and marriage is just the traditional route that most people take.

If tradition isn’t for you, it’s a good sign that marriage isn’t for you either.

Your decisions in life have nothing to do with what society expects from you and this is a great thing.

You get to be you and make your decisions based on what you want — not what everyone else wants. This is a great thing!

You have no problem being alone and you shouldn’t.

18) You don’t want kids

father child 30 big signs you will never get married (and why it's a good thing)

Why is it that almost everyone automatically assumes that all women want kids at some stage in their life?

The truth is, kids aren’t for everyone.

And no one should be stepping down this path unless it’s what they truly want. Kids are hard work, and they are a lifetime commitment. It’s not one that should be taken lightly.

Have you been waiting for that natural instinct to take over you? It may never and that’s OK.

You have the right to choose your own life path.

While you don’t have to be married to have kids (I’m sure we all know this!), it tends to follow the same life path.

If kids aren’t for you, then there’s a good chance marriage isn’t either.

It doesn’t mean you won’t find someone to live your life with, but that motivation (to share the same last name as your kids and be a family) is taken off the table.

It becomes unnecessary for many.

19) You’re scared of commitment

It’s one thing to be with someone long-term. It’s a whole other thing altogether to commit to them legally through marriage.

This form of commitment is enough to scare a lot of people off it altogether.

If you fall into this category, don’t stress about it. Marriage isn’t for everyone. If you are ready to make that commitment, then you may never be.

20) Your career comes first

From the moment we enter school, we are learning, studying, and working towards a fulfilling and successful career.

You may have built the perfect career for yourself and have no room for marriage in your life.

Of course, you can have both. But that doesn’t mean you want both.

Marriage is about a commitment to another person. One that you may not have a need for.

Once upon a time, marriage was a prerequisite for a fulfilling life. Now, we can gain that fulfillment in a number of different ways.

If you are happy in your career and love your life, then throw all thoughts of marriage out the window. It’s not for you.

21) You’re getting older

While marriage is never off the table due to age alone, there is some research to suggest it’s a lot less likely when you’re older.

Even if you have nothing against the idea of marriage, it’s a sign that it probably won’t happen for you. 55% of women who marry do so between the age of 25 and 34. This number drops significantly in older years.

Long-term relationships still happen but most don’t feel the need to commit to marriage.

22) You’re scared of change

No matter what the change is: you’re scared of it.

Marriage is a big change.

While your life won’t change drastically as a result, you will now be legally tied to this other person. It’s no wonder you’re feeling worried about this change.

If you’re the type of person who hates change, then you likely won’t marriage. You’ll be just fine sticking with a long-term relationship without the legal commitment.

23) You love traveling

Are you the type of person to jetset off every opportunity you get?

You love to travel the world and see everything there is to see. You might have even built a career around this passion of yours. You could be a pilot, journalist, photographer, etc.

You’re unlikely to find yourself getting married.

It’s too hard to be in a committed relationship when you want to head off and leave them as much as possible. Let alone have kids who are dependent on you.

You simply have different priorities, which is a great thing.

24) You hate the idea of planning a wedding

andreas ronningen S2YssLw97l4 unsplash 1 30 big signs you will never get married (and why it's a good thing)

Some women dream about their wedding day from a very young age. But, you can imagine nothing worse.

The thought of planning a wedding is enough to send you into a stress overdrive. It’s your worst nightmare. It’s not for everyone. So don’t feel like you have to.

You’re not the marrying type. Embrace that now and you’ll be just fine without it.

25) You hate being the center of attention

Another one of those “perks” that come with your wedding day.

All eyes are on you. All day long.

This thought might horrify you. You’re not that person who loves attention — of any kind.

Time to cross marriage off your to-do list. You shouldn’t force yourself to do something you’re not comfortable with. You don’t need to marry to commit to someone!

26) You don’t want to change your name

Traditionally, the woman takes the man’s name in marriage.

Your partner may want that for you. But you don’t want a bar of it. We hear you!

Just because it’s tradition, doesn’t mean it should be your tradition. Speak up and tell him no.

Marriage isn’t for you.

27) You are stuck in the past

Our past relationships can be enough to scar us for the future.

Whether you’ve been in an abusive relationship or things have simply taken a turn for the worst, you might have decided as a result that you will never legally commit yourself to someone.

While some things in our past can be worked through, you don’t have to change your mind about it.

You can still find a happy relationship and find meaning without the marriage. Don’t compromise on your beliefs for anyone.

28) You’ve had a bad bridesmaid experience

One of your friends may have given you the honor of being a bridesmaid at her own wedding — and it didn’t go well.

Whether you hated the attention, something, in particular, happened on the day or life was just hell in the lead up to her big day, you might have decided that marriage isn’t for you.

You loathe the idea of putting your own friends through that.

Don’t get married just because it seems to be expected of you. You don’t want to live to regret it.

29) Your parents are divorced

Growing up in a divorced household is never easy. It would have had an impact on your upbringing and scarred your views of marriage.

While your own relationship isn’t doomed to fail just because your parents did, it doesn’t mean you have to come around to the idea of marriage.

You can have a beautiful life with someone else without making it legal. It can be enough to help you believe you won’t make the same mistakes as your parents. Which is important.

30) You don’t want to

The final sign you aren’t going to find yourself married is the simple fact you don’t want to.

Whether you hate the idea of marriage, have seen too many unhappy marriages, or have zero reasons at all, not wanting to get married is a good indication that you won’t.

Often, we feel so pressured by society’s expectations we don’t stop to think about what we actually want.

If you don’t want to: don’t.

You don’t need to be married to live a happy life. Taking it off the cards can hopefully bring a lot of happiness.

Why it’s a good thing…

All these reasons are valid and most of them stem from you having so much more going on in your life that you find fulfilling.

Whether you don’t believe in marriage, are dealing with past traumas, or any number of other reasons that apply to you, forcing yourself onto the path of marriage will only cause you heartbreak.

It’s a good thing you have recognized it now and can place a focus on finding fulfillment elsewhere in your life. You’ll be much happier for it.

Marriage isn’t for everyone and just because it seems like that’s what everyone around you is doing that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for you.

Don’t judge yourself for feeling this way. Embrace it!

Instead of setting yourself up for a life of misery, you can choose the best course of life for yourself and live it to its fullest.

Set up those dreams, believe in them, and go for them!

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