13 unfortunate signs you lost a good woman

You had a good woman by your side and you didn’t recognize her worth.

Now, even if she hasn’t left you yet, you feel it in your heart that you may have lost her.

To figure this out, here are some things to watch out for that could point towards losing a good woman.

1) You have broken her trust.

A good woman, one with a good heart and soul, won’t stay by your side if you break her trust.

For her, it means that you are not a good person or that you don’t want her to be happy.

So, she won’t forgive you for this and she’ll try to detach herself from you.

But consider this: Even if she didn’t dump you yet, it doesn’t mean that she won’t.

2) She doesn’t make you a priority.

It isn’t in a good woman’s nature not to make the man she loves a priority in her life. On the contrary, she gives him her all and always puts him first (aka unconditional love).

This sign is especially true if she used to make you a priority, not her own needs. So, if she acts like you’re not important to her anymore, you probably aren’t!

3) You’ve lost confidence in yourself.

A good woman appreciates a man who is confident. But sometimes you lose confidence in yourself which might result to losing a good woman.

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4) She seems to be upset with everything you do.

In case you want to know whether you’ve lost a good woman, look at the way she reacts to you.

If she is angry and upset most of the time, chances are that your relationship is shaky and her feelings are hurt.

In case you did something to hurt her, maybe you still have a chance to fix things.

Remember: Apologizing and admitting your mistakes can go a long way!

5) She’s cold towards you.

When a good woman starts treating her man differently, giving him the cold shoulder, it could be a sign that their relationship has gone sour.

In other words, if she’s consistently cold to you even when you try to make her feel better, chances are your relationship is already over and you’ve lost her.

6) She is trying to spend time away from you.

When a woman starts going out with her friends more often or stops hanging out with you, it could mean that she’s trying to avoid being around you for some reason.

And, I’m sorry to tell you this, but it might be for the reason that she wants nothing to do with you anymore.

7) Her behavior doesn’t make sense.

One of the most important signs to look for is her behavior.

If you don’t understand why your woman is behaving the way she is, it could mean that she wants a different person in her life and it could also be a sign that you have lost her.

Good women don’t behave irrationally out of a sudden and without reason. So, maybe you just overlooked the signs that led to this moment.

8) She is no longer ready to listen or compromise.

pexels maksym kruchak 9082680 13 unfortunate signs you lost a good woman

A good woman is a good listener and always tries to compromise. When she stops doing these things, there’s a high chance you’ve already lost her.

She may have tried to talk to you about the issue many times, but you didn’t see it or it seemed as if she wasn’t trying hard enough, but she was.

If this is true, then there’s a good chance that she has lost faith in you and given you up for good.

9) She starts ignoring you.

A good woman is someone who is willing to still spend time with her man even when they aren’t on the best of terms.

So, if she starts ignoring you, she probably doesn’t want to deal with you anymore. This is her simple way of sending a message to you.

It appears that you don’t benefit from her undivided attention anymore.

Again, a good woman is one who adores her man and always makes an effort to pay attention to him whenever he asks.

So, if she isn’t giving you her full attention, it might mean that she’s focusing on her own interests rather than yours.

10) She’s holding back her feelings.

A good woman is one who lets her feelings be known and shares them with the people she cares about.

If she’s no longer doing this with you, it could be a sign that she doesn’t want to be in your life anymore or that she wants a different man in her life.

However, if you can change your behavior, you’re much more likely to attract her back to you.

That’s why you should start looking for ways to change your behavior.

11) You feel like she doesn’t need you anymore.

In case your gut feeling is telling you that she doesn’t need you anymore, it’s probably because it’s true.

So, take this as a sign that she got detached from you and, if you want to, try to find out why.

Knowing the answer to this will help you figure out whether you can win her back or not.

Don’t get me wrong; being independent is a great quality in a woman, but not needing you is something different.

12) She picked up new hobbies.

When a woman starts to pick up new hobbies, this can mean a lot of things, including an attempt to focus on something else rather than on you.

She could be trying to find something to do that she really likes and that makes it easier for her to detach herself emotionally from you.

Actually, she may be preparing to move on from you, and she’s simply shifting her focus from you to something that will help her do that.

13) She won’t let you get close to her anymore.

A definite sign you’ve lost a good woman is when she doesn’t let you get close to her anymore. She is pushing you away because of something you said or did.

Regardless of her reasons, this type of behavior highlights the fact that she may not see you in the same way anymore.

She might not want you physically or emotionally. What I’m saying is that is possible she can no longer forgive you.

How do you know if she’s a good woman?

Did you miss the signs that she is a keeper?

Just to be sure, let’s take a look at some of the qualities of a good woman:

She is always willing to fight with you.

A good woman is easy to distinguish because she would be willing to help you fight against anything that might hinder you from making your life better.

She would stand by your side and support you morally, but also with practical tips. In addition, she wouldn’t mind going the extra mile just to see you succeed.

Such a woman is supportive of the man she loves without him asking her to do so.

She is noble and honest.

A good woman would constantly tell the truth. Also, she would be open, transparent, and honest.

If you think about it, all these qualities are needed in a relationship. You can’t go into a relationship without trying to justify your actions or thoughts to your partner.

Such a woman knows this and that’s why she doesn’t resort to anything negative.

Honesty and integrity are two of the most important qualities a good woman has.

She is patient.

Nobody’s perfect, and each man has his flaws and shortcomings. A good woman knows this, and that’s why she gives the man she’s with the chance to improve himself.

She doesn’t expect too much in return, but she also doesn’t let herself go and puts up with abusive behavior from her partner.

To top it off, a good woman doesn’t interrupt your thoughts or actions; she reacts based on what she already knows about you. She is attentive, caring, and modest.

She avoids rash decisions.

A good woman has common sense and doesn’t do things carelessly.

She’s level-headed and flexible. Furthermore, her actions are not abrupt; In other words, she thinks things through before making a decision.

Also, she knows the value of time and how much effort it takes to build something really good, so she doesn’t come up with ideas that would waste your time.

She is a friend and lover in one.

A good woman would want to keep you happy at all times, both when you are together with her, and when you are not.

She has the qualities of a good friend, such as being a good listener, a team player, and she’s fun to be with.

But she also has the qualities of a lover, a person who takes care of your most intimate needs and offers you affection.

So, if you recognize any of these signs in your partner, chances are she is a good woman.

Take the matter into your own hands

Now that you know whether or not you lost her and what makes a good woman, you should figure out what to do next.

But if you don’t know where you can start?

If you expect some vague advice about cheering up or being strong.

For this I recommend to contact Relationship Hero – a special coach who can help you turn things around and understand how to avoid losing an important woman in your life.

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