7 signs you have remarkable emotional strength, according to psychology

Have you ever had those moments when chaos is unfolding, and it feels like everyone’s running around like headless chickens, but you’re just chilling in your own little Zen bubble?

If you’re the kind of person who can gracefully handle life’s curveballs without losing your cool, congratulations, you’re emotionally strong! 

Here are 7 signs that show you’ve nailed the art of staying resilient amid life’s storms.

1) You’re self-aware 

There are moments when emotions become so intense that they drive people to make regrettable decisions or, worse, plunge us into a vortex of guilt and self-loathing with the slightest inconvenience we face.

But when it comes to emotionally strong people, the story is different.

They know the power emotions hold, and if left unchecked, they can take the wheel and drive you straight into chaos.

This self-awareness involves knowing one’s psychological triggers, understanding one’s typical responses, and having a set of practices to pull oneself out of emotional trenches.

These individuals keep their attention in check and don’t allow themselves to be dragged by how they feel. They avoid falling into useless dwelling or daydreaming when confronted with difficult situations.

Let me tell you, I used to be a highly sensitive soul swimming in a sea of challenges at home, work, and with my partners.

Emotional regulation skills? Zilch. Overreaction? My middle name. I felt like life was spinning out of control.

But guess what? With the right psychological tools, I learned to consciously sail my emotional ship rather than let it drift away. Now, I’m more “rational”, and people don’t have to walk on eggshells around me.

So, if you’ve mastered the art of handling those tricky emotions, give yourself a pat on the back—you’ve climbed up the emotional strength ladder!

2) You’re solution-oriented 

It’s pretty human to zero in on our problems. 

But here’s the catch—dwelling on the negatives doesn’t really get us anywhere. Instead of diving into solutions, we brood, burning time and energy.

This leaves us paralyzed with doubt and fear, unable to move forward.

Emotionally strong people realize the harm fixation and negative thinking do, and they consciously train themselves to adopt a solution-oriented attitude.

If you see opportunities in problems where you can gain valuable experience, chances are you’re emotionally strong. 

Approaching life’s hurdles with this mindset doesn’t just help you conquer challenges; it also gives your confidence a serious boost. You’ll find yourself gliding through life with a newfound belief in your abilities.

3) You embrace uncertainty 

How many people you know go haywire when they face a plan change? Or seem to panic at the slightest inconvenience they come across?

Emotionally weak people fall into an inactive state ruled by fear of the future whenever they feel things are uncertain.

They don’t get that there is no bulletproof plan for life.

But, if you’re emotionally strong, you bend with the punches. You embrace uncertainty because adaptability is the key to navigating life’s unpredictable twists and turns.

As we discussed earlier, your solution-oriented mindset is crucial in assuring you that you can overcome any problems arising from an uncertain future. 

4) You’re goal-oriented

Being emotionally strong means you’re playing the long game, steering clear of those tempting short-term fixes. 

You’ve got this knack for tuning out distractions and handling bumps in the road like a pro. Instead of diving headfirst into impulsive actions, you bring out the big guns – discipline.

Think about those New Year’s resolutions. 

Ever wonder why some folks power through while others throw in the towel with a casual “Oh, what the hell, just this time”? 

Whether it’s sticking to the gym grind, keeping up with a healthier diet, or making quality time for loved ones, it’s all about that emotional muscle to commit and resist temptation.

5) You bounce back

Your ability to recover from setbacks and emotional wounds is unmatched. 

Instead of putting your life on pause whenever you face a challenging situation, you grind through and emerge stronger.

Back in the day, when I was still emotionally fragile, going through a breakup would have meant taking a week off work, locking myself in my room, and falling into a dark place that took me months to fully recover from.

Now, I can process difficult feelings in a healthier way, and I can bounce back despite those feelings.

Because of my goal-oriented perspective and confidence in my emotional strength, I know I will eventually conquer those tough emotions.

6) You’re your best friend

When people face tough times or try to dodge processing difficult emotions, they often resort to various distractions—like endless social media scrolling, hanging out with people they’d rather avoid, or overworking to stay occupied.

Emotionally strong people know better. They understand that they’re their best allies when dealing with uncomfortable feelings. 

Instead of fleeing or being hard on themselves when things get messy or challenging, they embrace self-compassion.

They know that if they treat themselves with the love, respect, and empathy they deserve, they will not take it to heart when faced with criticism from others. 

They’ve built an inner foundation that stands strong against the opinions of others.

7) You maintain healthy boundaries 

As an emotionally strong individual, you’re well aware of your needs, and you don’t shy away from communicating them to those around you.

Assertive communication is key to setting healthy boundaries and externalizing thoughts and feelings during conflicts.

You know when to draw the line once you notice someone taking away your inner peace, be it a friend, a family member, or a coworker.

You know how to prioritize your peace of mind and prevent mental exhaustion.

I used to believe that saying no, no matter how I felt, was a one-way ticket to Rudeville. But over time, I’ve figured out that by speaking up and setting those healthy boundaries, I’m not being rude; I’m just giving myself the respect I deserve.

That saved me a lot of guilt and heartache.

Final thoughts

Emotions can get pretty chaotic if you don’t rein them in. 

They’re also this incredible power tool waiting to be harnessed: the glue that sticks bonds together, the spark that ignites creativity, and the driving force behind our choices.

So, commit to staying emotionally strong to maintain your mental well-being and nurturing healthier relationships. 

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