7 signs you have psychic abilities, even if you don’t realize it

I want you to approach this article as a skeptic, but read what I have to say and seriously consider it. 

Not only are psychic abilities real, you may be blessed with them without realizing it. 

Does that sound unbelievable? 

Check this out… 

1) You can be psychic in many different ways 

Psychic abilities come in many forms, including: 

  • Extrasensory perception (ESP) or clairvoyance (seeing and understanding spiritual and invisible things, including signs from the future).
  • Clairaudience (hearing non-physical things).
  • Clairsentience (sensing energy and feelings invisible to others).
  • Claircognizance (having strong knowledge of something without knowing how or why).
  • Channeling (feeling another presence or being seeing or speaking through you or communicating with spiritual or invisible beings).
  • Telepathy (the ability to speak or hear without the need for audible speech). 

There’s a reason why “second sight” has such a long and legendary history. 

It’s not only real, it’s highly powerful and generally quite rare. 

When somebody is truly a seer they will have experiences that they and others have a lot of difficulty explaining and they may even be misdiagnosed as mentally ill or “crazy.” 

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

2) Scary accurate intuition 

Intuition is a strong sense we get about something that we can’t explain rationally. 

It could be a strong intuition that something is happening, will happen or has happened. 

It could be a strong sense that a certain person is dangerous, will become part of your destiny or that a large war or transformation will take place. 

It could be intuition about technology that will exist in the future or even a sudden certainty that you will soon get married or that somebody you love will suffer a devastating accident. 

This is no joke and it’s no gimmick from the astrology page of a newspaper. 

Strong intuition is a definite sign of a real connection to the spiritual world and a real psychic ability lying partly-developed inside you. 

3) You feel intense energy of people and places 

Have you ever arrived in a city or town and just immediately felt deeply connected and in love with its energy? 

What about the opposite: you drive down a street and you feel a deep darkness and an almost physically oppressive evil…

It sounds like a myth until you experience it. 

You may have seen somebody in public and felt a dreadful tightness in your chest or the certainty that they’ve killed many people for no good reason, while you meet another person and feel they have a kind soul and good heart. 

It’s hard to spell out exactly how you know these things and they don’t rely on public perception or labels. 

They’re just intense and strong feelings and certainties you get that other people don’t seem to pick up on. 

4) Vivid and prophetic dreams

When our body goes to sleep physically, we enter a different state of consciousness

Many indigenous peoples from Australia to the Americas believe that our souls walk in another land when we sleep and that we have the chance to commune with ancestors, gods and elemental beings and creatures. 

Abrahamic faiths such as Judaism and Christianity also teach that dreams are a portal to another realm and are often a vehicle through which the Creator reveals the future, gives us hope and encouragement, issues warnings or calls us to action according to His will. 

If you have vivid dreams where you see the future or see messages about people, places or events which are not yet true, this could be a sign that you have psychic abilities. 

This is particularly true if you’re able to “wake up” and become conscious in your dreams, which is known as lucid dreaming. 

The key is whether the dreams you have actually come true or point to a deeper aspect of reality, which is something you will have to objectively confirm. 

In this regard I recommend keeping a dream journal, where you can trace patterns and elements of dreams and see what bearing they have on your daily life and reality. 

5) I’ve been here before! 

signs youre a free spirit 7 signs you have psychic abilities, even if you don’t realize it

Next up we come to the phenomenon known as deja vu

Physical science tells us that deja vu is nothing but a mental confusion where one memory gets confused for another, but for all of us who have experienced it, the experience seems to point to something deeper. 

It feels like you truly have been somewhere before, already met somebody you just met, already heard the exact sentence that a person just said to you. 

This is often the sign of a powerful premonition and can also be a psychic recollection of karmic relationships and past life connections which are reappearing in our present life. 

Nothing that happens is random and we are all interconnected. If you feel quite certain that you’ve been here before or had these experiences already, maybe you may well be getting a glimpse beyond the veil! 

6) Does it run in the family? 

Second sight and psychic powers of many kinds often run in the family. 

Part of the difficulty here lies with the field of psychology and psychiatry which may, as I mentioned, incorrectly diagnose spiritually sensitive people as mentally ill. 

Alternately, some people who are psychic truly do get overwhelmed by their experiences and become lost in the overpowering nature of their ESP, leading to mental health struggles. 

The possibility that your ancestors were falsely labeled as mentally ill or were both mentally ill and psychic is very important to consider. 

Ancestral bloodlines and DNA carries enormous spiritual power, and the experiences of our ancestors lives inside us in profound ways that science is just beginning to grapple with but shamans and indigenous cultures have known for millennia.

The result is that if your family has unusual ancestors who were known to see into the spiritual dimensions then there’s a much higher chance that you do, too. 

7) You hear messages nobody else hears

Hearing voices is generally associated with being mentally ill. 

But that’s not always the case. 

We see even in mainstream religions how God or spirits talk to people and communicate with them. 

For those who do believe in the spiritual world, there’s no reason to assume that every contact with another realm is a sign of personal instability. 

If you start hearing things that have no identifiable source it can sometimes be a sign of a psychic message coming through to you. 

As skeptical as others might be, you’ll generally known deep in your gut and intuition whether a spirit or being is trying to communicate with you or not. 

If they are, sometimes it can be worth hearing them out instead of running away. 

What should you use your abilities for? 

If you’ve read through this article and determined that you do have some psychic abilities, your next step is clear. 

What do you do with these sensitivities and abilities that you have?

In many cases psychic abilities aren’t able to be repressed or completely ignored, so that’s often not an option. 

But you do have the power to channel these abilities into something meaningful to you that helps you and others find direction and love in life. 

Will you use your abilities to influence people, find love, build material wealth or become a great leader

Or will you take a different, subtler route and reflect on how to use these abilities to create a deeper connection with yourself and your mission in this universe? 

Both options have big advantages and sometimes you can even pull off a bit of both! It’s up to you… 

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