8 signs you have a strong personality that people feel safe around


What do you think of when you hear that word?

Power. Success. Getting ahead in life. Winning competitions.

Yes, that’s one way to look at it. But strength isn’t just about emotionless victories and power.

It’s also the art of empathetic leadership.

When you’re strong – truly strong – people will feel safe around you and may even look up to you.

Does that sound like you?

Let’s check. Here are the 8 signs you have a strong personality that people feel safe around.

1) Your behavior inspires others to better themselves

There are different kinds of “strong”. There is “strong” that marches forward in life and looks back on those left behind with contempt.

And then there is “strong” that invites others along on the journey.

The latter is what makes someone a true and inspiring leader.

Just because you’re great at something doesn’t mean other people are “less”. On the contrary, a person like you strives to inspire and motivate everyone they come across because you believe that each and every one of us can reach our full potential.

You want all of us to succeed at the game called Life.

Which brings us to the second point…

2) You’re everyone’s biggest fan

One of my friends has an incredibly strong personality. The moment you get to know her, you’ll find that her strength isn’t intimidating at all, though – it’s admirable and inspiring.

What’s the difference between the two? Why do some strong people make us feel afraid while others’ presence feels like a warm hug?

Well, based on my friend’s behavior, I can confirm that it all boils down to this: If people feel safe around you, it probably means you always try to lift them up and root for them.

When I got a book deal, my friend was over the moon. She gave me a cute Congratulations! card and invited me for lunch.

When I started going to the gym, she taught me the correct form and happily shared her workout routine with me.

Everything she does comes from a place of love and kindness. And it is precisely kindness that transforms her strength into something incredibly powerful: charisma.

3) You never talk down to anyone

If my friend wanted, she could easily talk down to people and justify it in her mind as her “right” due to being so successful.

But she doesn’t. No. Instead, she regards everyone as her equal, which helps her connect with others on a deep level, empathize with them, and forge strong friendships.

You might think that humility is the complete opposite of strength, but it’s actually a vital component of it.


Because when you lack humility, you might easily lose perspective and give in to arrogance. You might get so lost in your own head that you’ll forget to keep yourself in check.

And then you might succumb to contempt, a sense of superiority, and insensitivity, aka, the three ingredients in the unlikability potion.

Self-awareness, my friend. Self-awareness and a little bit of humility go a long way.

4) You always make sure no one feels left out in a group setting

if your friends display these body language signs when theyre around you they probably respect you more than you may realize 8 signs you have a strong personality that people feel safe around

Since we’re already singing praises to my friend, let’s add one more amazing thing about her to the list– she is basically a social glue.

Every time we’re in a group setting, my friend is the one who tries her best to include everyone. She will ask questions, organize activities, and welcome every single person with open arms, even if she doesn’t know them very well.

As a result, everyone feels safe around her because they can sense that her primary goal is to ensure we’re all happy and comfortable.

Remember – strength isn’t just about being so unique that you stand out from the crowd. It’s also about being an important part of the crowd itself.

5) Your enthusiasm is contagious

Did you know that emotions are contagious?

Yep. It’s true. If everyone around you gets super angry, there’s a very high chance you’ll soak in that anger, too. Before you know it, you’re raging.

The good news is that the same principle applies to positive emotions. Joy, hope, excitement, you name it – if you express these feelings, you may spread them all around you until everyone in your presence is happy as a peach.

You may not realize it, but if people feel safe around you, it’s got a lot to do with your emotional state.

People are drawn to positivity, after all – it makes us feel good – and so the more enthusiastic, peaceful, and joyful you are, the more magnetic you become.

A strong personality that emits negativity all the time, on the other hand… well, let’s just say they aren’t exactly inspiring feelings of safety or warmth.

6) You’re all about respect

Boundaries. When someone pushes your boundaries, it’s a complete antidote to feelings of safety, right?

Well, if you have a strong personality that people feel safe around, you understand how important it is to let people assert their boundaries and you respect their wishes.

If your friend doesn’t want to go bungee jumping with you, you don’t force them or make them feel bad. It’s their choice.

If your partner hates crowds and concerts, you don’t make fun of them or belittle them. You just find another person to go see your favorite musician with.

People’s boundaries are of the utmost importance to you, not just because you care about their well-being and happiness but also because you inherently respect their sense of autonomy.

7) You have strong moral principles

Strength is admirable. A good moral compass is inspiring.

Together, they make for an incredibly powerful combo.

If people tend to feel safe in your presence, it’s usually because they trust you not to turn on them or make them feel bad about themselves, which is in turn based on how virtuous and ethical your behavior is.

Do you always want to do the right thing?

Are you honest and authentic?

Do you feel genuinely happy when you help other people achieve their goals?

Would you rather stick by your friends than stab them in the back for personal gain?

Those are some important questions to ask. And if you have strong moral principles… your answer will probably be “yes” to all of the above.

8) You’re very empathetic

Finally, you wouldn’t be able to connect with others and make them feel safe if you had the emotional range of a rock, would you?

While strong personalities don’t necessarily have to be highly empathetic, strong personalities who exude warmth and kindness can usually feel for others. It comes easily to them.

You listen to people with curiosity and openness. You rarely jump to quick conclusions because you understand that reality is always more complex than it seems. You can place yourself in another person’s shoes and see the situation from their perspective.

As a result, people open up to you, confide in you, and feel like they can be fully themselves when you’re around.

And if that’s not the best compliment anyone could ever get, I don’t know what is.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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