12 signs you have a rare combination of sharp intuition and emotional intelligence

Have you ever heard this saying? “They’re not the sharpest tool in the shed.”

It refers to somebody who’s not all that bright. But what’s the opposite? 

If you relate to the following signs then there’s a good chance you’re the opposite: a rare blend of sharply intuitive and emotionally intelligent. 

Let’s take a look. 

1) You know what makes a person tick

Very soon upon meeting someone or spending time with them, you can read them like a book

You know what makes them tick and have a fairly good grasp on their basic values and incentive structure. 

What makes this person tick? You have a pretty accurate idea soon upon meeting them.

This makes you uniquely well prepared for spotting problems and opportunities in your environment and in different areas of your life. 

2) You quickly pick up on non-verbal cues 

The words people say are only a small part of the information they give out. 

As a savvy and intuitive individual who also has a good grasp of emotions, you rapidly pick up on nonverbal cues from those around you. 

This includes their body language, facial expressions, style and the way that people are behaving in general.

You’re a big-time noticer, and that serves you well.

It also ties into the next point…

3) You have savvy situational awareness and can sense atmosphere

Happy people have a far above average situational awareness and grasp of potential dangers and opportunities. 

Your ability to notice something strange, hopeful or threatening is very keen. 

This suits you quite well for certain jobs and also makes you a great person to travel with or be in a tense or dangerous situation with, because nothing gets past you.

Your savviness extends to an ability to see problems and opportunities ahead of time in many cases…

4) Your ability to predict possible outcomes is far above average

I’m not saying you’re Nostradamus, but you have an above-average ability to predict what will happen in the future. 

This can serve you very well in certain careers, and it can also help you see what’s down the road ahead of time and be more prepared for it. 

Your grasp of emotional matters and strong intuition help guide you into making better choices in your relationships and every other area of your life.

5) You’re able to rapidly build trust with new people

As an intuitive and emotionally intelligent person, you are able to build new bridges very rapidly with people. 

You know how to gain their trust and what to focus on that will make them care about what you say and want to interact more with you. 

You are able to balance your desire to talk with listening to what they say and finding a common interest that can tie you together.

You are able to build bridges, and that’s a crucial skill. 

pic2033 12 signs you have a rare combination of sharp intuition and emotional intelligence

6) You make decisions by balancing logic and emotion

In terms of decision-making, you are able to use your judgment in a way that balances logic with emotion. 

You have a realistic grasp of pragmatic aspects of your decisions, but you also take into account your emotions and the feelings of others involved.

In such a way you managed to make choices that other people might find too confusing or stressful.

7) You are able to defuse conflicts by finding common ground

You are able to find common ground with many people. 

As long as there is basic respect, you are usually able to diffuse conflicts before they get out of hand. 

This talent has served you well in life and is something that you continue to refine and work on as you mature.

8) You understand code-switching and can spot manipulators

Code-switching is a term referring to a technique where somebody alternates how they talk between formal, slang and idioms to appeal and connect with different demographics. 

You can easily spot code-switching while watching a politician, corporate leader or really anybody, especially figures of authority. 

You also know how to do it yourself and how to speak in the vernacular that will appeal to people on a primal level.

9) You’re highly self-aware and know your own blind spots

When you are an intuitive and emotionally intelligent person, you tend to have a fairly realistic view of yourself

You see your strengths in the areas where you excel, but you’re also aware that there are shortcomings which you display and which make you uniquely vulnerable and weak in certain areas. 

You are aware of many of your blind spots as well, although not all of them, which means you are in a continual learning process.

10) You’re emotionally resilient and highly tough mentally

Being in touch with your feelings does not mean you are soft. 

In fact, your deeper grasp of how you feel and why as well as your intuitive comprehension of situations helps you be more mentally resilient. You know that if you don’t stay calm under pressure and stress, nobody else will do it for you. 

You take responsibility for your own emotions and do your best to process difficult emotions without venting them on others or expecting other people to fix your life for you.

11) You are able to make friends with a wide array of folks

Earlier I mentioned the ability to quickly build bridges with people. This is a skill that you find with people from all walks of life.

There isn’t just one or two types or demographic categories of people who you are able to be friends with or network with. 

You are able to communicate and get close with many types of people depending on the situation at hand.

12) You’re a servant leader who uses power effectively

Your grasp of your own emotions and the needs and motivations of other people helps you be a good leader

If and when you are put in positions of leadership, you do not misuse your authority. Instead, you balance top-down decision-making with a consideration of other people’s needs. 

You are also open to learning and taking constructive criticism into account in order to work on your own blind spots. 

This is something others appreciate that makes you especially suited to leadership roles.

Putting your skills to work

If you relate to a lot of the skills above, you have a wide range of opportunities available. 

This is true of your career, your personal life and your creative endeavors. 

It’s also true that having a well-honed intuition and high emotional intelligence leaves you uniquely positioned to prosper financially and avoid many of the relationship pitfalls that affect others. 

You have the ability to carve out your own path in a unique and powerful way that many people don’t have, because you see more of the trail markers that the rest of us miss. 


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Paul Brian

Paul R. Brian is a freelance journalist and writer who has reported from around the world, focusing on religion, culture and geopolitics. Follow him on www.twitter.com/paulrbrian and visit his website at www.paulrbrian.com

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