12 signs you have a perfect relationship, even if you don’t think so

If you’re like me and you have a brain that loves to be curious to its own detriment, you’ll be familiar with overthinking.

Or sometimes, with the media being the media, we might think that we need chaos to prove that there’s still a “spark.”

But this kind of anxiety can get in the way of your relationships if left unchecked, and keep you from enjoying life for how peaceful it can be!

It’s a process and a practice!

And to help you feel more grounded in your happiness, here are 12 signs you have a perfect relationship, even if you don’t think so.

1) You can share comfortable silences

The ability to be comfortable in silence speaks volumes about the connection you have with your partner.

It’s a sign that you don’t feel pressured to perform or fill every moment with words. As well as how at peace you feel in their presence.

These moments can be hard to embrace if it’s difficult to quiet your mind. And of course, our relationships in life are reflections of the ones we have with ourselves.

So in conjunction to simply being with your partner, try being in an energy of allowing

After you make the conscious decision to do so, it will be much easier to determine how your partner’s energy affects you.

2) Your chemistry is stable but never gets old

Chemistry is everything from sexual attraction to a desire to be invested in each other in the long-term.

It’s simply that feeling you have with your partner that sets them apart from a friend or acquaintance.

While stability is crucial, a “perfect” relationship also involves a dynamic that keeps things exciting and fresh.

So when your relationship is in a good place, it will feel effortless to want to put in the effort. Because make no mistake, relationships are hard work! 

But if you are having to delude yourself into feeling attracted to your partner or a life together, that’s unnecessary energy being required of you.

So despite the routine, if your relationship has a spark that’s hard to smother, don’t do yourself a disservice and doubt it.

3) You both put in effort to spend quality time together

Quality time is essential for anyone who wants to build a relationship that will last the test of the time.

It involves making a conscious effort to connect, create memories and strengthen the bond despite life’s tendency to get in the way.

So even if things get a bit “boring” there is an energy of maintenance that stems from a place of commitment.

And of course, sometimes life’s tendencies do require us to take a break from relationships. Like if a relative gets sick, for example.

But instead of completely abandoning their responsibilities in the relationship, a reliable partner would see this as a situation to discuss and communicate potential solutions with you.

4) You communicate with one another effectively

Communication is one of those things that can be complicated, yet simple at the same time.

Because while it’s a skill that you can improve with your partner, sometimes your communication styles can be incompatible.

So no, you don’t need to have a telepathic connection with them. But I would say that if your relationship is bordering on “perfect,” there will be very few verbal misunderstandings.

Which you could very well consider “telepathic!”

Meaning they won’t misconstrue something you said because of insecurities they have. And they also won’t make assumptions without asking you for clarity.

It goes both ways, so you should feel comfortable speaking without having to overthink your words or explanations.

5) You emotionally support one another

A strong emotional connection will provide everyone involved a safe haven where they feel supported.

A place where vulnerability is met with understanding and warmth.

So if you are ever questioning if you are doing enough, ask yourself how you feel in the relationship!

Do you and your partner both feel comfortable being your authentic selves? Do you both feel encouraged to try new things and live life to the best of your abilities?

Do you talk about these things?

Though we all have our anxieties, a strong relationship will allow you to feel less daunted by life’s unknowns.

pic2128 12 signs you have a perfect relationship, even if you don’t think so

6) You encourage each other’s individual growth

Being able to titrate your relationship with yourself and your partner is necessary for maintaining both.

So if your partner is aware of this and takes care of themselves to show up for you better, honestly I could end this article right here.

Because that shows that they have the emotional intelligence to navigate life’s triumphs and challenges with empathy.

Sometimes for anxious attachers, independence can feel like a threat to the relationship. 

But it’s quite the contrary. 

And if you want to be able to hold space for a strong, long-lasting relationship, it’s important to maintain this boundary.

7) You share responsibilities with each other

A relationship that has enough space for both individuals to explore themselves will require you to share responsibilities!

Think of this as the both of you maintaining and practicing your individual powers in the relationship.

That you view each other as equals!

For example, having designated chores in the household and not putting them all on one person to take care of.

Or how you make decisions as a couple in terms of where you want to live in the future because you prioritize each other’s goals.

8) You make decisions together

Speaking of everyone feeling empowered enough to work as a team…

If your partner always considers you before making any major calls and you do the same for them, it means you share long-term visions for the future.

That they see you in their life for as long as they live!

This requires a high level of vulnerability because you have to get practical – meaning there aren’t any secrets that can harm or compromise the integrity of your bond.

For example, you are both aware of each other’s financial habits. 

Or there is plenty of trust without anyone having to breathe down anyone’s necks.

9) There is financial harmony in the relationship

Yes, a whole section dedicated to money.

Because the reality is: you need money to build a life and future together.

Especially because money matters can be a source of strain! But a near-perfect couple finds harmony even if you come across difficult financial times.

It’s all about having open communication

And then working together to save up or invest in shared goals. Which is something that requires an us versus the problem mindset.

You don’t need to be rich in order to be happy together, but you definitely need to have a plan that you can both stick to.

This way, even if you do come across hardship, there is a safety net you can fall back on – together.

10) You have respectful disagreements

It’s unrealistic to expect relationships to be without disagreements.

So it’s not about not having them, but how we go about them. 

Besides, if you are on the same page about the bigger things in life, all the ups and downs in between won’t be deal breakers.

Also, how your partner acts when you are on different pages will show you a whole lot of their true colors.

So with all that being said, if you both understand that differing opinions can co-exist, disagreements should allow for greater understanding of one another.

11) You forgive one another

In order to foster growth, you must be prepared to forgive each other.

While it should never come at the expense of your relationship with yourself, make sure that you aren’t expecting perfection from anyone.

There is direct correlation between having realistic expectations, and extending a responsible level of empathy to another person.

Because in order for you to use any sort of misunderstanding or disappointment to strengthen the bond, you must be able to put yourself in each other’s shoes!

Through empathy, those moments will then no longer impose a shadow on the relationship. 

But rather, milestones where you grew closer together.

12) You share core values

If you can relate to all or almost all of the above, you most likely share core values with your partner.

These values are what drive us in life so that we don’t get caught up in all the petty things that distract us from the big picture.

So perhaps you’ve had in-depth conversations about your values, or perhaps you discovered them together, individually.

No matter your story, these values can serve as extra foundations that help you to find common ground during conflict.

As well as offer you a sense of peace that embraces the “monotony” of routine.

When I start overthinking, I ask myself: do I deserve all this stress?

Because the reality is, no amount of overthinking can control the outcome of your relationship.

But do you know what we can control?

How much we are grounded in our reality so we can make decisions that are in our best interests. 

As well as being present in our relationships so we can make decisions with our partners to benefit both of us in the now and the future.

I hope this list can help you do just that!

I just know that eventually, it will become a part of your everyday psyche, so you can breathe a little easier without thinking twice about it.

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