12 signs you have a magnetic personality that draws people in

If I asked you to describe your personality in three words, what would you say?

Chances are that the word “magnetic” might not be one of the descriptors you would use. 

But the truth is that some people are far more charismatic than they realize. 

Are you one of them? 

Let’s take a look. 

1) You’re a natural leader

The first of the signs you have a magnetic personality that draws people in is that you’re a natural leader

At work and in your personal life, you’re the one who’s skilled at making decisions and taking action. 

People turn to you for answers when there are tough choices ahead, and you are the person who can buckle down in times of stress and produce results. 

Your competence definitely matters depending on what you are taking charge of, but it’s about more than just your skills or competencies. 

This kind of natural leadership doesn’t happen by accident and it means that you’re a charismatic individual. 

2) You motivate people 

Next up in the signs you have a magnetic personality that draws people in is that you motivate people. 

If you look around you, motivation is about far more than just words. 

You can read the words I’m putting down on this page and still feel nothing, but it’s the energy and sincerity you can feel behind the words that moves you. 

It’s even more impactful in person, which is why you can know you’re a magnetic person when you’re successful in motivating them. 

No matter what setback comes, you urge those around you to get back on their feet and try again, and unlike with some other people’s encouragement, they actually listen to you

3) You help folks face their fears

Next up in signs you have a magnetic personality that draws people in is that you help folks face their fears. 

You respect that people have things they truly fear and some people or places they want to avoid. 

But in terms of the challenges in their lives and the things that they thought they could never do? 

You’re out there showing them how powerful belief can be, especially when somebody else believes in you. 

You’re able to provide that push and encouragement to others in a way that makes a difference in their lives, which is a significant power to have. 

4) You have a strong purpose in life

Part of the reason that you help people conquer their fears and get motivated when they’re down is because you have a strong purpose in life

No matter how smart you are, how handsome or beautiful and how high status, nothing can replace having a purpose. 

When you know your purpose in life it serves as a kind of homing beacon. 

People are inherently drawn to somebody who knows what he or she wants out of life. 

That’s because so many other people don’t know and the world is so full of confusion and mixed messages. Finding somebody who seems to truly have their priorities straight is very inspiring for people. 

5) Your life philosophy fascinates and galvanizes others

It’s not just your strong driving purpose that inspires people and helps them, it’s also your life philosophy. 

This may be your religious and spiritual beliefs, or your life philosophy more generally. 

We can all think back to certain people, particularly in our childhood and formative years, who had a way of looking at the world that really made an impression on us. 

For better or for worse, their ideas and convictions implanted themselves in our head and convinced us of a deeper truth. 

This is how it is to be a person with a magnetic personality: what you believe and how you see life makes a big impression on people. 

6) You’re the one folks turn to when a crisis happens

Next up in the signs you have a magnetic personality that draws people in is that people turn to you when there’s a crisis. 

Whether it’s a medical emergency, an economic collapse or a personal crisis like depression or anxiety, they come to you to ask what to do. 

You may have no idea and no expertise. 

But something about your presence and the effect you have soothes people in crisis and they trust you to at least know who to contact or what to do. 

This is a big responsibility and can also be a real gift.

7) People remember what you say and even repeat it to others

Next up in the signs you have a magnetic personality that draws people in is that people not only remember things you say but actually repeat it to others. 

This could be a point of view you have on an important subject, a funny joke you tell or an anecdote. 

It could just be a saying you say a lot that’s unique to you. 

If you notice that people are remembering what you’ve said to them and even repurposing your statements around other people then you know you’ve had a big effect on them. 

As Tony Ewing writes:

“When someone repeats to others what you’ve said as a line of reasoning, it suggests they not only paid attention, but they placed high value on what you said.”

8) You’re able to defuse tense conflict situations and arguments

Next up in the important signs you have a magnetic personality that draws people in is that you’re able to defuse angry and tense situations. 

People could be in the middle of an awful argument, but when you intercede the tension somehow dies down. 

You may not even know the people arguing or fighting very well, but something about your presence or the way you say “enough! Break it up!” and step between them has an effect. 

You can watch as other people try and nothing happens. 

But when you step between people they stop the madness. There’s definitely something to this. 

9) People are drawn to you when they need help in their career

Another of the key signs you have a magnetic personality that draws people in is that people come to you when they need help in their career. 

You may have a lot of folks on your rolodex and be a help in hooking them up with the right people. 

But even if you have nothing to do with their sector or business they come to you. 

Something about your insights, reassurance or general presence appears to make folks feel like they can get a handle on their career objectives and challenges. 

That’s definitely a good thing! 

10) You’re extremely successful at networking

Part of the reason that people come to you for career advice and support, or even just to vent, is that they know you’re a networking guru. 

You may not even be very involved in the business world, but your magnetic personality means you can form a quick connection with just about anyone. 

As a result, you end up being the locus point for a lot of valuable connections. 

Even if you don’t personally know someone in a given industry, there’s a good chance you know someone who knows someone. 

People realize this in you and turn to you for everything related to their career or opportunities that might come up. 

They trust in you to be someone who might know about opportunities or answers in a given field and turn you in the right direction. 

11) People come to you for answers about their love life 

Another area that you find people drawn to you is in the area of their love life. 

Whether they’re up or down in love, they want to share that with you. 

Family members, friends and even strangers come to you and share the news and trials they’re going through in their personal life. 

This can be overwhelming at times or get to the point of “too much information,” but the bottom line is that it’s something you experience. 

People seem comfortable and even eager to share their triumphs and tragedies in romance with you, and you seem to have a big impact in any advice or support you give. 

Fair enough! 

12) You’re often the nucleus of family and friend get-togethers

Lastly is that you are often the center of get togethers and social events. 

Things seem to revolve around what you are organizing or what you want to accomplish. 

It’s all about your plans and your place in whatever event is being planned. 

It could be a class reunion, a family get together, a bachelorette party, you name it!

Somehow it always becomes about what you’re doing or what your place is in the planning of this thing. 

That’s because people naturally look to you and are drawn in by your magnetic presence

True magnetism 

True magnetism doesn’t always put you on the cover of a magazine or leading a company. 

True magnetism takes place in your day-to-day life and in the way you interact with others. 

When you’re magnetic people trust you, like you and seek your approval. 

This gives you a lot of power and it also gives you responsibility: use your charisma wisely and for the betterment of those around you! 

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Paul Brian

Paul R. Brian is a freelance journalist and writer who has reported from around the world, focusing on religion, culture and geopolitics. Follow him on www.twitter.com/paulrbrian and visit his website at www.paulrbrian.com

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