11 undeniable signs the universe wants you to be single

To be single, or to be in a relationship?

Sometimes you might feel that the only thing you want in life is to be wrapped up in the arms of an amazing significant other, and other times you might feel that you can’t stand the chains and trappings of a relationship.

You have no idea what you should do: keep trying to find your partner, or go be “you”.

Thankfully, the universe is throwing signs your way, even if you don’t always recognize them.

Here are 11 clear signs from the universe that you are meant to be single, at least in this chapter of your life:

1. None Of Your Relationships Are Working Out

Just because the universe seems to be doing everything it can to keep you single doesn’t mean you aren’t trying.

You’ve gone on date after date, and maybe you’ve even had a few very short relationships that, at one point might have felt like the best thing in the world, but soon became just another headache for one reason or another.

It doesn’t make sense, but none of your romantic relationships seem to be working out at all.

It’s almost like the universe is clearly trying to tell you: stop trying, it isn’t time yet.

If you end up liking someone, it might be better just to keep them as friends, so that the universe doesn’t find a way to screw up your relationship and alienate him forever.

2. You Still See Yourself As a Single Person

There’s a part of you that sees the perfect couple on the perfect date, and thinks, “God, I wish I had that.”

And you’ve tried to fill that lingering hole inside of you by swiping on dating apps or chatting with potential partners countless times.

But there’s a major difference between someone who is happily in a relationship and someone who is struggling to find happiness in any relationship: whether you see yourself as a single person or not.

So think about how you think about yourself. When you envision your best current self, do you see another person standing beside you?

Or does your “best self” have nothing to do with the idea of another person at all, and instead you’re happy to live and thrive on your own two feet?

When you think about your perfect vacation, do you see yourself waiting to find the perfect person to go with, or would you rather do it alone (or with friends)?

3. A Genuine Advisor Confirms It

The signs I’m revealing in this article will give you a good idea about whether the universe wants you to be single or not.

But could you get even more clarity by speaking to a real gifted advisor?

Clearly, you have to find someone you can trust. With so many fake advisors out there, it’s important to have a pretty good BS detector. 

After going through a messy break-up, I recently tried Psychic Source. They provided me with the guidance I needed in life, including who I am meant to be with. 

I was actually blown away by how kind, caring, and knowledgeable they were.

Click here to get your own reading.

A genuine advisor from Psychic Source can not only tell you about what the universe wants for you, but they can also reveal all your love possibilities.

4. You Barely Have The Time (Or Enthusiasm) For Dating

You just can’t really be bothered anymore.

You’ve tried putting yourself out there and it just doesn’t seem to work out.

Sometimes it’s because of them, sometimes it’s because of you, but more often than not, the reason is that you just don’t have the “time” for it right now.

You’re always running around from one meeting or chore or obligation to another, and while the idea of dating intrigues you, you just can’t collect together the enthusiasm to actually commit to someone you meet.

This is one of the clearest signs you can get, but too many people beat themselves up about it instead of realizing it.

If you really wanted to date, you would find the time and the energy to do it.

The simple fact that you always find yourself saying, “I just don’t have the time”, simply means it isn’t important to you, and that’s fine.

5. You’re About To Move Away

You are about to experience a giant change in your life: you’re moving away.

The universe might be telling you to let go.

Maybe you’re going off to university or you’re moving for work or for family, but whatever it is, you’re packing everything up and you’re about to say goodbye to your current home.

Now is not the time to force yourself into a new relationship.

Meeting someone right before you move across the country (or the world) can complicate everything, and it’s oftentimes more trouble than it’s worth.

Thinking about trying to do the long-term thing? Why strap yourself with more responsibilities right before starting the next chapter of your life?

If you’re about to move away, then it’s time to put a pause on the relationship hunt.

You need to prioritize your life and all the new struggles and challenges that will come your way.

6. You Are Emotionally and Socially Fulfilled In Your Personal Life

When you want a relationship, you know you will want it.

You’ll feel those sudden pangs of loneliness and emptiness from time to time, the feeling of wishing you had someone to share certain moments with, instead of just having a number of platonic relationships surrounding you.

No matter how happy you might be, you will feel every now and then that something is missing, and that you aren’t complete.

But you don’t feel that way right now, do you?

If the universe wants you to be single, then the universe will give you a life where you are both emotionally and socially fulfilled, with no need for anyone else.

Your need for a relationship comes from external factors rather than internal ones; pressure from your friends and family, the worry that you might be getting “too old”.

But those aren’t enough to change what really makes you happy right now, which is being single and free.

7. You Keep Seeing Those Around You Breaking Up

When was the last time you went an entire month (or even a full week) without hearing about someone in your various networks and social circles breaking up with their significant other?

If the universe wants you to be single right now, then chances are, you are seeing signs of failing relationships everywhere you look.

Listen to the signs.

You’re being reminded that relationships have their bad sides, that they’re not all sunshine and rainbows and smiles.

Now is the time to be thinking about other things; your passions, your career, your family, whatever else is most important to you.

Don’t fall into the cycle of getting together with someone you will probably break up with in a few weeks or months.

The universe is telling you to use your time more productively, at least for now.

8. You Are Incredibly Sexually Charged

While there may be some unorthodox relationships out there, most relationships are still pretty simple: two people in love with each other, having monogamous sexual relations.

And if you were to find yourself in a relationship tomorrow, that means committing to being sexually active with just one person; do you think you’re ready for that?

If the answer is no, then it’s clear: you’re better off being single right now anyway.

Don’t stress about finding the perfect girlfriend or the perfect boyfriend if you’ve still got the college wandering eye (and the libido to match).

Get it out of your system — explore, have fun, and meet and engage with as many people as you like.

The last thing you want to do is jump into a serious, monogamous, committed relationship before you’ve properly scratched your sexual itch, only to end up regretting it or worse, hurting the person you should be loyal to.

9. You Keep Seeing Your Ex In New Dates

How many times have you gone out on a date with a completely new person, only to say to yourself by the end of the night, “God, they’re so much like my ex!” (and not in a good way)?

If the universe keeps setting you up with people who have the same qualities you hated in your ex, then the message is loud and clear: it doesn’t want you to find your perfect match right now, because you should be doing something else in your life.

And it’s not a matter of quantity; dating more people doesn’t necessarily mean you’re giving yourself more chances at finding the love of your life.

This is just a period of your life where you shouldn’t be thinking about relationships, and you’re better off cultivating your own strengths and talents in your single life.

10. New Opportunities Keep Showing Up

New unexpected job offers? Check. Amazing projects coming your way? Check. Everything you’ve been working towards for years now falling into your lap? Check.

The universe is finally giving you everything you’ve been asking for — now more than ever you should be focusing on everything that isn’t a relationship because a relationship would just be a distraction from you achieving your true potential.

11. You LOVE Your Freedom

And the final but most important sign that you should be single right now? You absolutely LOVE your freedom.

You love having the freedom to disappear from your routine for a day or two without feeling guilty about leaving your partner behind.

You love knowing that the world is your oyster, and every person you see could be an interesting new experience or opportunity waiting for you.

You’re at the part of your life where you want to embrace the unknown, jump into everything head first, and just see what happens.

Stepping into a relationship would ultimately be the wrong move for you because that’s just not the kind of person you are right now.

In Conclusion

We’ve covered 11 undeniable signs the universe wants you to be single, but if you want to get a completely personalized explanation of this situation and where it’ll lead you in the future, I recommend speaking to the folks over at Psychic Source

I mentioned them earlier on; I was blown away by how professional yet reassuring they were. 

Not only can they give you more direction on what the universe wants for you, but they can advise you on what’s in store for your future. 

Whether you prefer to have your reading over a call or chat, these advisors are the real deal. 

Click here to get your own personalized reading.

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