15 signs the universe is trying to tell you something

Sometimes the universe is sending signs and symbols to get your attention. But if you don’t know how to read these signals, you won’t be able to get the message from the universe.

Understanding the signs that the universe is trying to tell you something will help you find out what kind of change is going to happen and what you should do.

So, if you notice some weird signals but aren’t sure what they mean, here are 15 undeniable signs that you’re receiving messages from the universe.

15 sure signs the universe is trying to tell you something

1) You see number sequences everywhere

You look at your phone screen and suddenly you notice it’s 11:11 am. You think it’s a lucky coincidence, but in 11 minutes, your friend asks you to go to the movie theatre in 11 days, which is 1/11.

You feel surprised. Try to make sense of it all, and then, your favorite actor suddenly releases a song called 11:11. That’s when you realize that this number is everywhere around you. Why?

Because that’s a sign from the universe.

Seeing the same sequences of numbers means that the universe is trying to send you a message. Such patterns of numbers are sometimes called “angel” numbers. Angel numbers mean that whatever is happening in your life, it was meant to happen.

What does 111 mean? Why do you keep seeing this number?

It means that you’re about to see a new beginning in your life, and the following changes will highly likely benefit you. Therefore, if you’re seeing the same number of sequences everywhere, it means that you’re on track. At least that’s what the universe is trying to tell you.

But what if you see different number patterns, such as 12:34 or 17:17?

It’s also a sign that the universe is trying to contact you by using angel numbers. Just try to find the meaning of these number sequences and listen to the universe to live your life to the fullest.

2) You experience a weird feeling of déjà vu

Do you feel like something that just happened has already taken place in the past? Do you feel like you’ve been here before but can’t remember the exact time?

The feeling disappears as quickly as it came on, but your confusion stays with you.

Then you’re probably experiencing déjà vu.

“Déjà vu” is a French phrase that means “already seen”. Most of us have experienced this weird feeling. In fact, two-thirds of people have felt déjà vu at some point in their lives. But what does it mean?

Does it have something to do with our memories? Have we really seen these things before?

The answer to both of these questions is “no.” This event has never really happened to you before, which means what?

You can’t forget things you’ve never experienced. Still, science can’t explain this weird sensation. All they can surely say is that the feeling of déjà vu is indeed related to our brains. So what? What if you need more certain answers?

Then you should turn to the universe.

If you feel like you’re experiencing something that has already happened at least three times throughout the day, then it’s a sign that the universe is trying to contact you.

Maybe you’re about to learn something important from this event. Or maybe you’re about to have a life-changing experience. In either case, try to pay attention because the universe does have reasons for telling you something.

3) You feel sudden emotions and can’t explain them

Feeling either good or bad emotions when something changes is usual. But if you notice that your mood changes a few times throughout the day without anything else happening to you, then it might be a sign that the universe is trying to tell you something.

Think about it. Do you feel overwhelmed by a sense of joy but you can’t explain it? Or maybe, you realize you feel sadness but nothing is wrong in your life.

Psychologists say that rapid mood swings are a sign of mental health conditions like depression. However, if you’re certain that nothing like this goes on with you, then these sudden emotions can probably be explained by the universe.

What is the universe trying to tell you with these changing emotions?

It depends on the circumstances. When do your emotions change? Whenever do you see a familiar face while scrolling through social media or when you hear someone else’s name?

If that’s the case, then the universe might be telling you important news about this one person. Maybe they’re in danger. And maybe you’re the one who can save them from this danger.

That’s why you should try to figure out the reasons for feeling sudden emotions throughout the day all at once.

But how is this possible?

Personally, something taht helped me realize what my feelings truly meant was speaking to a professional psychic.

I know you might be skeptical about these sorts of techniques. At least, that’s exactly how I felt before I accidentally for in touch with a gifted advisor from Psychic Source.

Aad you know what?

I was actually blown away by how kind, caring, and genuinely helpful they were.

The advisor I spoke to explained that feeling sudden emotions without any reason was a direct sign from the universe. Most importantly, they also helped me to understand the meaning of this message as well.

So, if you also want to get personalized guidance about the messages you receive from the universe, think about contacting those professional psychics.

Click here to get your own reading.

4) You meet people after thinking about them

You start thinking about your old acquaintance out of the blue. It’s been ages since you haven’t seen them and you don’t know why this person came to your mind at all.

But then suddenly, you see them on the other side of the street.

The other day, you think about this weird coincidence, and at the exact time, you receive a text from this one person.

Does this scenario look familiar? Then it means that this one person is a signal from the universe and you should pay attention to it.

Such kinds of coincidences don’t happen absolutely randomly. Most of the time, they do have a reason. And this reason is that the universe is trying to guide you.

So, try to figure out the meaning of these coincidences. And don’t think that meeting people the moment you’ve just thought something about them is normal. The truth is that it’s not normal. And you must discover the true meaning in order to interpret the message of the universe.

5) Positive coincidences happen around you

Speaking of coincidences, how many times have you noticed tiny positive things happening around you randomly?

Imagine you’re in an extreme hurry. You’re about to run, but all of a sudden, your acquaintance offers you a ride in their car. Although there’s a rush hour, you quickly agree and hope you won’t get stuck in traffic. And guess what?

Mystically, all the traffic lights you encounter along the way turn green. No, it doesn’t mean that you have supernatural powers or that you can control the traffic lights.

It means that the universe understands why you’re in a hurry. It tries to get you on time because something important is going to happen to you.

But that’s just one example of a positive coincidence. If you notice that something like this is happening more frequently than you initially thought, then it’s another sign that the universe is trying to reach out to you.

6) You hear a song and the lyrics is familiar

Who doesn’t like finding relatable phrases in the lyrics of their favorite songs?

Everyone does. Why? Because being familiar with the lyrics makes us feel special. It makes us feel like the song belongs to us.

Even more. Sometimes the song contains special messages that increase our well-being. At least, that’s what positive psychologists tend to prove.

But what if you notice that the lyrics of some random songs you hear at the malls or in taxis seem familiar?

You listen to them and you realize the song tells you exactly what you want to hear. Or you were just thinking about something and the singer says the same thing in the song. Is it a coincidence?

Maybe. But maybe it’s one more way that the universe is trying to help you be more attentive.

And you need to be more attentive because something unusual is about to happen in your life.

7) You hear the same word or phrase wherever you go

As we already pointed out, seeing the same symbols everywhere you go is a sign that the universe is trying to reach you. The same is true with words and phrases.

Sometimes it’s not very easy to notice because we use and hear thousands of words every day. However, if you notice that one particular word, such as a specific name, encounters you unusually frequently, then it might be a warning sign from the universe.

Why do you keep hearing this one phrase or word all over again?

The answer is simple – it’s another symbol from the universe that deserves your attention. And it seems like the universe uses other people and makes them say this one word in order to share its message with you.

So, try to take a note of this word whenever you hear it and remember important details.

  • Who said it to you?
  • What was the time?
  • What was their purpose?

Ask yourself these questions and try to find an answer.

In that way, you might understand exactly what the universe is trying to tell you.

8) You and someone else say the same thing at the same time

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How many times have you had an experience where you and someone else said exactly the same thing at the same time?

Probably a lot. The fact that you and someone else think in the same way is weird and exciting at the same time.

But do you notice these kinds of occasions happen too often? If it’s one particular person who says the exact same thing at the same time as you, then it can’t be a coincidence. It’s a clear sign that this person carries a message from the universe.

At first glance, there’s nothing really frightening about this. People do say the same things, they think like each other and look at each other at the same time when they’re in the same situation. Why? Because the environment has a great impact on our behaviors.

However, sometimes you think about something so strange that there’s no way someone can incidentally say the same thing out loud.

Imagine that one day you’re in the bust and thinking about something irrelevant, such as Ayn Rand’s theory of Objectivism or JFK’s assassination. And suddenly, you hear someone talking on the phone about the same topic.

That’s not a coincidence. That’s a certain sign that the universe has just connected with you.

9) You receive unexpected gifts

You need an additional $100 in order to buy an item you admire, but you have a whole month ahead before the salary. But guess what? Unexpectedly, your friend gives you exactly the $100 they borrowed from you the previous month.

You didn’t remember it. And now you have the exact amount of money you need to buy this one special item. Your current dream is about to come true. Why did it happen?

Because the universe realizes how important this item is to you. Maybe it’s something for your self-growth. Or maybe you need this thing in order to avoid a risk you can’t even imagine.

If this example sounds familiar, it’s probably just one of the many occasions you received gifts out of the blue recently.

The fact that people surprise you, buy you gifts, or return your money is absolutely pleasant. However, you should think about the meaning of this message from the universe.

That’s why you should connect all those unexpected surprises you’ve had recently with each other and try to make sense of them.

10) You experience recurring dreams

We all have dreams, but we don’t know much about them. No one has ever understood the exact meaning of dreams.

Sigmund Freud and the school of classic psychoanalysis believe that dreams are unconscious activities of our minds.

On the contrary, modern science proves that dreams represent our thoughts or events from the previous day. Besides, many people believe that dreams are clear signs that a parallel universe exists.

Regardless of what our dreams really mean and where they come from, one thing is for sure – that’s when the universe reaches us the most frequently. However, not all dreams are signs of the universe.

It’s true that the content of our dreams is most likely weird. Still, if we try hard, we can connect our dreams with our desires, impulses, or things that happen around us on a daily basis.

What if you’re seeing the same dream all over again? If you notice that your dreams repeat more than once, it means that you’re having recurring dreams.

Experiencing recurring dreams is a sign that the universe is trying to tell you something. It tries to make you realize how important this one particular thing, person, or event is to your life and future.

So, try to recall your dreams the moment you wake up. Write them down or tell your dream aloud so you don’t miss out on a special message from the universe. That way, you’ll reveal the meaning behind this dream and understand why the universe is keeping in touch with you.

11) You are surrounded by obstacles

Getting positive messages or receiving surprising gifts are common signs that the universe is trying to reach out to you.

But sometimes all we repeatedly receive are obstacles and boundaries, yet we still feel the universe wants to connect with us.

Surprisingly, this is completely normal. The way the universe delivers its message depends on the meaning of the message. If it tries to stop us from doing a certain action, then you might encounter more obstacles.

Imagine the scenario:

  • You want to call a friend, but they don’t answer the phone.
  • You write down a message, but guess what? You’ve run out of text messages.
  • You try to reach them through Messenger, but they’re not online.
  • Angry, you leave the house and try to get to the palace where they work, but you find out that your friend isn’t working today.

And there’s no way you can reach them.

This example is a sure sign that the universe is telling you to stay back. This means that contacting your friend at this given moment is risky for an unknown reason.

However irritating these obstacles may seem, try not to overcome them and change the direction of your actions. Just wait for the universe to give you signs about the right time.

12) You encounter familiar scents

Have you ever heard anything about “fragrant flashbacks”? It’s a phenomenon when you smell a familiar scent and it reminds you of someone or something.

The reason behind fragrant flashbacks is that our memory and smell are connected to each other. Just like everything else, we remember smells and recall associations whenever we smell something familiar.

What if you notice that you encounter a particular smell everywhere and this scent reminds you of one person? You don’t like this scent. You haven’t thought about it before. It just doesn’t seem important to you.

Yet you keep smelling it wherever you go.

You can’t explain it. You don’t know what this scent means. But you remember the associations connected to it.

This means that the universe is trying to remind you of that one person or event associated with that smell. Even if you don’t understand now, you’ll probably realize that this person is relevant to your future.

13) You feel pain in a particular area

Do you notice that your hands hurt without any reason? You think that you’re too tired, but you’ve been lying down all day.

You go to bed, but the next thing you know, you wake up and the pain returns. You start Googling symptoms. You find out it might be a sign of arthritis. You visit the doctor, and they say there’s nothing wrong with your joints.

What is going on, then?

Feeling pain in a specific area without any reason is another not-so-pleasing way for the universe to keep in touch with you.

No doctor will be able to explain your pains because that’s the universe trying to deliver a message to you. Therefore, don’t try to look for answers in modern medicine.

Try to look for answers inside your body and mind to figure out what the hidden message from the universe is.

14) You break down things randomly

Who hasn’t broken glass or a plate at home? We’ve all broken down things, but usually, it doesn’t happen very often.

If it does happen often, it’s either because we’re too inattentive, we’re angry and want to express our feelings, or we’re too clumsy.

Now you notice that you’re neither clumsy nor angry or inattentive. Still, things are breaking down randomly around you.

You can’t turn on the TV, but suddenly the remote control stops functioning. You click the “start” button on your laptop, but it never turns on. Disappointed, you try to heat your dinner in the microwave, but you hear a strange noise and it stops working as well.

What can you do?

Nothing other than identifying the exact message the universe is trying to give you. What if you encounter someone on the way to fixing your laptop? Or maybe a broken microwave will make you go to the grocery store and see a person you haven’t seen for ages.

In any case, it’s a clear sign that the universe is trying to tell you something.

15) You’re meeting a particular animal everywhere

Not only people, but sometimes we also see specific animals everywhere around us. Of course, if you have a pet, you’ll see them every day, and it’s normal. But what I’m trying to explain is different.

It’s an occasion when you notice a sign of one particular animal everywhere. Let’s say it’s a deer. You can’t see deer every day on the street, right? Still, it’s everywhere.

  • You decide to watch a movie, and you randomly choose “The Killing of a Sacred Deer.”
  • You go to the mall to buy new clothes, and you notice your favorite skirt has a deer mark on it.
  • And then, your friend suddenly gets you a deer necklace.

It’s too early for Christmas. But you’re still receiving signs of deer everywhere you go. Then it probably means that a deer is your spirit animal. And the universe is trying to send you signals using your spirit animals to tell you something.

What signs are you getting?

artem kovalev fk3XUcfTAvk unsplash 1 15 signs the universe is trying to tell you something

How many of these 15 signs seem familiar to you?

Maybe you just encounter a particular person, see a number of sequences like 111, or experience recurring dreams.

However, if you don’t carefully consider the signs of the universe, chances are high that you’ll keep getting other signs too.

So, it doesn’t matter how many of these signs exactly you’re getting, the universe is indeed trying to tell you something.

All you should try to do is listen to the universe and make sense of these signs.

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