9 signs the person you’re dating has more money than they’re letting on

Our approach to money says a lot about who we are deep down. 

From modesty to stinginess to greed, it can reveal a number of defining personality traits. 

So if you want to know your date a little better, gaining more insight about their financial situation–and, more importantly, their attitude towards it–can go a long way. 

In this article, I’ll go through a few signs your date has more money than they’re letting on. 

Let’s dive in! 

1) They own some high-quality items

Maybe you notice your date wearing designer clothes or luxury watches, or maybe they drive an expensive-looking vehicle. 

If they casually and unassumingly wear or use items that most of the public can only dream about, then chances are they have a healthy savings account. 

People can act low-key and modest in conversation but their possessions can serve as dead giveaways. 

For example, I have a friend who will never talk or brag about his money. If you meet him, he looks and acts incredibly low-key and humble, even bashful. 

With the energy he gives off, you’d think he was flipping burgers at Shake Shack. 

The truth is, he drives the latest Audi model and only consumes top-shelf Japanese whiskey.

Go figure. 

2) They know about expensive hobbies or tastes

If the person you’ve been seeing seems to have an in-depth knowledge of the finer things in life, then this pretty much screams “I’m rich!” 

Perhaps they like to go sailing or play golf in their spare time. 

Maybe they vacation in Paris or the Amalfi Coast or ski in the north of Japan.  Maybe their idea of a fun dinner out is Michelin-starred sushi omakase with overpriced sake, not chicken fingers from the local Cheesecake Factory. 

A person’s core tastes say a lot about who they are internally. 

3) They’re generous 

Does your date race to pick up the tab without a moment’s hesitation? 

Maybe you’ll order the Kobe beef with a side of caviar, and they have a soup and salad but they’ll still consistently express an eagerness to pay. 

If they’re unusually generous, they’re not just trying to impress you, this often means they’re not overly concerned about money–something that ultimately suggests that they aren’t exactly broke. 

4) They are financially literate

The key difference between a rich and poor mindset? 

Well, from my experience, it lies in their understanding of how to handle money. 

If your date knows shows a strong interest in investments, real estate, interest rates, and financial management, this generally means they’re used to making sound, informed decisions with their money. 

They don’t spend recklessly, blowing their hard-earned money on things they don’t inherently need like an overpriced pair of trainers or the latest gadgetry from Apple. 

They don’t often fall for get-rich-quick schemes; nor do they put every cent they have into crypto (without fully understanding it.) 

Instead, they tend to make safe and smart choices, taking the occasional risk only once the appropriate due diligence has been thoroughly accomplished.  

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5) They have a bit too much (unexplained) free time 

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your date always seems to be free, pursuing hobbies or niche, new interests. 

Rather than slaving away at a 9-5 like everyone else, they live a comparatively stress-free, leisurely life. 

While you’re in the conference room meeting with your boss or in an intense Zoom call or waiting tables, you might see them on your Instagram stories day drinking on a Tuesday at noon. 

This preponderance of free time and schedule flexibility often points to one thing: financial independence

6) Their friends and acquaintances are rich 

They say you’re an average of the five people you spend the most time with. 

So if your date hangs around the country club set or people with impressive pedigrees and backgrounds, this says quite a lot about their own social standing and level of wealth–even generational wealth. 

Birds of the feather, after all.

7) They’ve traveled to exotic places 

We touched on travel earlier. Travel is generally a big deal for people with money.  And by travel, I don’t mean renting an RV in the Ozarks. 

Let’s say you’ve gotten to the point where you’re sharing life experiences. 

Perhaps, they might casually mention their trip to see the Northern Lights last year, or to Machu Picchu, or their road trip through the coastlines of Greece, without making a big deal out of it. 

It’s not rocket science: Exotic and expensive destinations almost always point to a comfortable amount of money. 

8) They discreetly own property or assets 

Some people, particularly people with newfound wealth, tend to be quite loud and showy when it comes to their money and assets. 

But those raised with money tend to be more discreet about it–not unlike your date. 

Maybe you’ll notice somehow that they own a property, a luxury car, or an expensive piece of art. 

Rather than using this as an opportunity to brag further, they’ll end up downplaying their value or ownership. 

Modesty, it’s a beautiful, rare thing. 

Green flag much?

9) They’re nonchalant about discounts or sales

You know those viral videos of crowds of shoppers fighting and trampling over one another as the mall opens on Black Friday? 

Yeah, well, if your beau quietly has deep pockets, then this is something they likely cannot relate to.

The term “sale” or “discount” isn’t something that particularly excites them like it does with the general population. 

They’re careful with their money, sure, but at the same time, they don’t mind shelling out and investing in products or services that are of high quality and value. 

Hence, they don’t jump at the opportunity to head to the latest sale. 

They don’t spend for the sake of spending. 

They’re happy to shell out only when it’s truly worth their time and money. 

Final words 

When it comes to dating, the contents of one’s bank account aren’t in itself a dealbreaker. It’s our attitudes towards money that speaks volumes. 

After all, money doesn’t define a person, their character does. 

So if someone you’re dating is quietly rich, then more power to them. Their humility is an increasingly rare quality in this world. 

Take things a step at a time. Try not to overthink it.  If they tick off a few boxes on this list, it sounds like you have a good egg. 

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