8 signs that you’re a positive influence on someone’s life

Ever wonder if you make an impact on somebody’s life? Whether you’re really a positive influence or just an arbitrary passenger, tagging along on their journey?

These 8 unmistakable signs prove that you are a positive force in that person’s life story.

1) You’re their biggest cheerleader

You’re the one who’s there on the sidelines, waving the pom-poms and shouting, “You’ve got this!” 

For example, your friend, Jake, decides to learn salsa dancing. He’s got two left feet, but you? You’re his biggest fan.

Every time he stumbles in practice, you’re there with a high-five and a, “Hey, progress takes time!” 

When the big dance night arrives, he’s got the jitters, but you’re like, “Jake, remember all those practice hours? You’re ready!”

Being a positive influence means celebrating people’s victories like they’re your own

When Jake dazzles everyone on the dance floor, guess who’s the loudest clapper? You, of course. 

Your cheers give people the confidence to tackle challenges head-on. 

So, remember – being their cheerleader in both small victories and big dreams? That’s a clear sign you’re rocking the positive influence game.

2) They seek your advice and trust your input

If you find yourself in the “trusted advisor” zone, you’re a positive influence for SURE

Your buddy, Emily, is facing a crossroads in her career. Who does she turn to for advice? Yep, you guessed it – you.

She knows you’ve got a knack for giving solid suggestions, and she values your input like gold. It’s like having your own advice hotline. 

From job interviews to relationship hiccups, she’s there in your DMs, seeking your wisdom.

When Emily got a promotion after following your career tips, you both did a virtual happy dance. 

And that time when she asked about her crush? You gave her heartfelt advice, and she confessed it made her feel way less lost.

Being a positive influence means your insights are people’s compass. It’s like having a signpost that points them in the right direction. 

So, when folks trust your advice and genuinely value your input, you’re nailing that positive influence game once again.

3) You boost their confidence

This time it’s your friend Alex, a talented artist who sometimes doubts her skills. But guess what? You’re her personal confidence coach.

When she shows you her latest masterpiece, even if she’s all, “It’s not that good,” you’re quick to counter with, “Are you kidding? It’s amazing!” 

Your belief in her shines brighter than a neon sign.

Remember when Alex was nervous about showcasing her art at that gallery? Your pep talk was like a shot of espresso – she went for it and rocked it. 

Did that boost her confidence? Yep, that was you waving your magic wand of positivity.

Being a positive influence means reminding folks of their brilliance, even when they forget. 

Your words are like a shield against self-doubt, and they draw strength from your unwavering support. 

So, when Alex walks tall and proud, thanks to your confidence boosters, you’re definitely winning the positive influence game.

4) You inspire them to grow

signs that youre a positive influence on someones life 1 8 signs that you’re a positive influence on someone’s life

Your buddy Mia is a bit hesitant to take risks. But your adventurous spirit is rubbing off on her like a good luck charm.

You’re always up for trying new things. And Mia’s always right there with you, thanks to your infectious enthusiasm. From that hiking trip, you convinced her to join that cooking class you both signed up for. You’re the driving force behind her daring leaps.

Remember when she was on the fence about applying for that job abroad? Your tales of personal growth and success abroad had her saying, “Why not me?” 

And when she got that job offer, it was like fireworks.

Being a positive influence means you’re like a compass pointing towards new horizons. Your courage becomes a fuel that powers people’s ambitions. 

When Mia spreads her wings and soars, thanks to your inspirational nudges, you’re definitely hitting those positive influence high notes.

Your impact encourages people to chase dreams and expand their comfort zone. That’s how you win the positive influence game – by helping them grow, learn, and conquer new heights.

5) They feel empowered and valued

You’re always making your peeps feel like superheroes – it’s all about empowerment. 

Your bestie Max used to second-guess every decision. However, your unwavering support is like a shield of confidence around him.

Whenever Max talks about his aspirations, you’re his biggest cheerleader. Your belief in his potential makes him feel like he can move mountains. 

When he’s doubting himself, you swoop in with a, “Come on, you’ve got this!”

Remember that time Max aced a presentation? He gave you a nod from across the room, silently thanking you for being his rock. 

Your positivity created this aura of trust and empowerment that Max carries like a secret power.

Being a positive influence means he feels valued and capable whenever you’re around. You’re like the wind beneath his wings, giving him the courage to face challenges head-on. 

When Max takes on new challenges and conquers them, thanks to your empowering vibes, you’re absolutely winning that positive influence game.

Your impact transforms his doubts into determination. That’s how you know you have a positive influence – you make people feel empowered, cherished, and ready to take on the world. Think about it.

6) You encourage their self-expression

Lily’s been your friend since kindergarten. She’s into quirky hobbies that not everyone gets. But you’re her #1 fan, and you love that she’s a unique individual.

From collecting vintage stamps to trying out experimental cooking, you’ve always encouraged her to chase her passions. 

Whenever she excitedly tells you about her latest quirky adventure, your response is never short of enthusiasm. “That’s awesome, Lily! Embrace your awesome uniqueness!”

Remember that time she was hesitant to showcase her abstract art? You were there, saying, “Lily, your art is a reflection of your amazing creativity!” 

Your encouragement was like a gentle nudge to confidently express herself.

Being a positive influence means creating a space where people feel safe to let their freak flag fly. 

You celebrate their quirks and hobbies, no matter how offbeat they may seem. 

When Lily boldly embraces her uniqueness and rocks her passions, thanks to your unwavering support, you’re scoring high in the positive influence stakes.

Your impact empowers people to embrace their individuality and celebrate their interests. 

7) You offer constructive feedback

Your buddy Alex is an oddball. She’s always looking to learn and grow, but she doesn’t like listening to the advice of other people.

But you’re a different story. Your honest feedback is like a treasure trove of wisdom for her.

When Alex shows you her latest project, you don’t just nod and smile. You dive in with genuine observations and suggestions. 

Your feedback is like a roadmap to improvement, and she knows she can count on you for the truth, even if it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Remember when Alex was working on that writing piece? Your suggestions for enhancing the plot and characters were like puzzle pieces falling into place. She admitted that your constructive input pushed them to craft a better story.

Being a positive influence means helping people become the best version of themselves. 

You’re not afraid to point out areas for improvement because you know it’ll lead to their growth. When Alex takes your feedback and transforms it into progress, thanks to your guidance, you’re definitely hitting those positive influence high notes.

Keep offering those pearls of wisdom, feedback-maestro!

Your impact is like a springboard for their improvement and development. That’s how you rock the positive influence game – by helping them learn, evolve, and continuously aim higher.

8) You’re a source of comfort in tough times

We all go through tough times. And we all have people in our orbit who go through tough times.

In this case, it’s Sarah. She’s going through a rough patch. But your unwavering support is like a warm blanket on a chilly day.

When Sarah’s feeling low, you’re there with a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on. 

You don’t just offer generic advice; you truly understand what she’s going through. Your empathy makes her feel heard and valued, even when the world seems overwhelming.

Being a positive influence means being a steady rock when life gets stormy. When Sarah finds solace in your companionship and feels stronger to face her challenges, thanks to your unwavering support, you’re undoubtedly a positive influence in her life.

Keep being that safe harbor. Your impact helps people weather life’s storms with a bit more courage and a lot less fear. 

That’s how you conquer the positive influence game – by being their pillar of strength when the going gets tough.

If you can identify with any of these scenarios, rest assured – you’ve got your positive influence game on. And that means you’re contributing. Not only to one person’s life but to the whole world around you.

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Rick Brune

After making adventure documentary films in Africa, a stint as a radio talk show host, and a foray into the advertising industry, Rick has settled down to write full-time. His African exploits have been covered by international travel magazines, and as a life coach, he has been widely published on the Web.

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