15 signs you’re a spiritual ninja

We tend to go through our lives by running around and chasing one thing after another. However, sometimes, when we are lucky enough to start our journey, we can truly become aware of the universe and our place in it.

If you are curious to find out if you are one of them, here are the signs of a spiritual ninja!

1) You notice a lot more things

The moment you stop and realize that your nutrition is not very good, that you are annoyed a lot, or that your sleeping pattern is hectic, you are on the good path. It means that you are able to stop and observe your life objectively.

It can start slow by noticing that you can do something about the lack of vegetables on your menu. That may be followed by the increased water intake.

After that, you may notice that your evenings could be better organized. All of these small moments of brightness may turn on the light fully in your mind and lead you to more conscious reality.

Being fully present at the moment is the goal most people never reach. If you are noticing the change in your behavior and actively looking for ways to change them, it is a good sign.

I’ve noticed this a while ago in my life. I used to take time from my sleep to work which reflected on my health a lot.

At one point, it was just like someone turned on the light. I started noticing and breaking one bad behavior pattern after another.

2) You are in sync with your community

Taking interest in the ways you can work on increasing the wellbeing of your community means that you want to make a difference and leave your trail. Helping by preparing meals, buying groceries, or cleaning outside their home can make a difference in someone’s life.

One good deed done with no expectations in return can make a whole sequence of other good things. It is an investment in good karma.

When you start working towards the better present of the people close to you, you can be sure that you are reaching higher vibrations and spiritual giftedness.

The process can also involve appreciating animals more. If you suddenly realize that you are feeding the birds, saving the snails, or talking to spiders, you are not crazy – you are just valuing life more.

This can go a long way. It can mean that you will suddenly decide that it is time to become a vegetarian and that throwing away food is no longer acceptable.

Being in sync with higher goals will certainly bring tons of positive energy.

3) You can see through the labels

We are all defined by our education, the house we live in, the car we drive and many other things that we sometimes think too much about. These things put us in certain frames and limit us.

Once you decide that you can make changes in your life and see some improvement, you will notice that you are not judging people. You simply see them as they are.

Being curious about other people and accepting them as they are is a step forward to a more fulfilled life.

If you noticed that you are simply unimpressed by the BMW your friend is driving, or the salary he simply won’t shut up about, you will see through all of it. The only things you will see are the need to impress and the insecurities he carries around.

You will also see through your own behavior and will learn to get rid of all the things that are becoming too heavy to carry around.

4) You see lessons in everything

If you suddenly started wondering about your Creator and the ways everything is connected, it is like you are suddenly given a chance to go beyond the ordinary things.

At one point, you won’t be so upset about being late. You will know that sometimes unexpected things happen and that you will get where you need to be.

Thinking about your life will be clearer now since you will notice some things you haven’t thought about before. You will understand why you’ve had to suffer and how meeting some people helped you become a better person.

Even hardships become logical, so you will use everything you’ve learned as guidelines to create a better reality for yourself.

5) Your reactions become moderate

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I used to have anger issues. As I’ve realized, later on, the problem was not in the events, but my understanding of them.

This is not a cliché. It took a while before I understood that I could have reacted differently in my past and that the problem was not in the people around me or the things they did, but my expectations.

Once I’ve worked through my insecurities and learned to build better boundaries, I’ve noticed that I am not so mad anymore.

I’ve learned that when I react on time by showing people when to stop with their rude behavior, I am not upset as I used to be. My composure is better now.

However, you should know that this is a process. At first, you will recognize what pushes your buttons and disturbs your peace.

As time goes, fewer things will be able to impact you in a way that you cannot continue functioning normally in just a few moments.

Takes time to become a spiritual ninja. Be gentle to yourself when you don’t manage to react calmly to something you perceive as injustice.

6) The volume on intuition goes up

If suddenly you realize that one day you think about your friend you haven’t seen in a long time and you see them the next day, you will probably think that is weird.

Your loved one wants to tell you something and you instantly know what before they even start.

How about thinking about a job that would be perfect for you and you get it? This is the law of attraction together with the intuition working full time to get you what you need.

Listen to your inner voice and you will surely benefit from it on many levels. If you get a feeling that you shouldn’t go on a trip because of your gut feeling, there is something more to it.

Feeling connected to the universe is an extraordinary feeling. It also means that you worked your way through the negative emotions that were clouding your life and your judgment.

Once you start cleaning your life, it will only open up new things you should work on.

7) You are releasing all the baggage

We all have baggage. Some people have more, some have less.

The fact is, there is no person in the world that hasn’t felt pain and suffering at one point.

Noticing that you are bitter and full of negative energy may be your starting point to open that can of worms and start throwing one at a time. Look at every event that hurt you and give yourself time to heal.

Even if it hurts, you can take it. If it’s happening now it means that you are strong enough to do it.

Releasing one thing at a time will help you feel lighter and more open to the world. It doesn’t have to mean that you will wear your heart on a sleeve.

It just means that you will be able to look at your life realistically, without the filter of pain.

At a certain point, remembering some things won’t be an issue for you anymore. It will just be a memory, nothing else.

8) There are fewer conflicts

When you are peaceful, you don’t have the need to fight every chance you get. It will get easier to react with a smile, a friendly gesture, or calm departure.

Simply put – it will bounce off you. The thing with boundaries is that your thicker skin will enable you to protect yourself and feel better in general.

Working on your spiritual side will certainly free a lot of space in your life. You will learn not to get emotionally involved in every situation that used to upset you.

9) You appreciate life more

When we are in the middle of problems and our life seems chaotic, we won’t sit and think “oh my life is so great”, right?

Well, doing the work on clearing the mess in your life takes time. Once you are done with facing the problems that used to drag you down and get closure, you will start enjoying moments of joy.

Drinking coffee can be a true bliss when you are completely “awake”. Clean air, having pure water to drink, food on the table, and a family is the biggest wealth anyone can have.

10) There is no resistance

When we are in a dark place, we tend to push our life where we want it to go. We struggle and we lose so much energy on the things that are obviously not going the way we want to.

Once you reach the new spiritual heights, you will notice that there is no more resistance to the life you have. This doesn’t mean that you will take whatever is thrown your way, but you will accept the things as they are.

Do you know how former addicts repeat the same mantra frequently about accepting the things that cannot be changed? Well, it applies to all of us – we all have something that we simply need to accept.

It is so hard sometimes it takes a lot of struggles to actually come to the point when you will say to yourself “that’s it, it is what it is”.

Our struggles sometimes seem like we are grasping for air underwater. It takes a tone of energy that can be used in million other ways.

The thing that we don’t realize in those moments is that if we let go, we won’t drown. The weight won’t pull us down anymore and we will float on water.

11) Alone time won’t bother you

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When we push problems under the carpet, we tend to get busy. We will stay on the phone for hours, watch TV, do anything but stay alone with our thoughts.

This happens because we tend to avoid the pain as much as possible. However, working through the pain leads to peace.

Suddenly, being quiet and sitting alone doesn’t feel like torture anymore. It is pure enjoyment.

You will notice that you are happy to hear your thoughts instead of running from them in fear. The great thing about this is that you won’t spend time with people just to fill in the void.

Instead, you will nourish the friendships that are valuable to you and simply avoid the people whose energy is not beneficial for you.

12) You recognize the energy of people

Every person carries certain energy with them. Depending on the personal level of consciousness, it can vary from being very heavy and dominant to light and easy-going.

After processing the variety of emotions that you used to carry around, you will start noticing the energy of other people. You may not be skilled at it at first, but you will soon notice that the moment someone starts talking you will know what kind of issues they have.

This only means that you are knowledgeable enough to separate the image they want you to see and what they really are.

13) The laugh comes from the heart

Being burdened by heavy emotions certainly impacts our ability to laugh and enjoy the moment. However, after releasing one emotion after another, the laugh becomes truthful and honest.

There is no sweeter sound than that especially if you haven’t been able to laugh in a long time.

14) You are ok with not knowing

When we are so eager to be on top of things, we want to know everything. It gives us the impression that we are in control.

However, that is one of the biggest deceptions of them all. We can never know everything.

There are only small pieces of information that people give us and every person tells their story from a personal angle.

No one can truly know anything for sure. Do you know the story about the numbers 6 and 9? Two men were fighting who is right watching the same number from different angles.

Both were sure they were right, and the other one was wrong. The fact is – they were.

They were just looking at it from different perspectives. This is a great truth about anything else in life.

When we reach the higher spiritual level, we give up the need to know everything and be right. When someone claims that they are right, we will simply nod.

This is not the win of the person who is louder, but honoring the need to preserve your peace. There is no price on that.

15) Forgiveness is your personal imperative

Holding a grudge can harm us more than anyone else. People who are awake know the importance of forgiveness.

It is not just about saying it. It means believing it from the heart and letting a higher power deal with everything beyond our interference.

Forgiving everyone who wronged us gives us a clean slate to create a better reality that we will enjoy.

Final thoughts

There is doubt that life is much better when we get to this point. The path is not easy, but it can be helped by practices such as yoga and meditation.

Paying attention to breathing and the way your body moves will certainly help remove the burden from your soul as well.

Do the work and clean your aura from all the negativity. Help people, but still protect your energy.

Share the love and it will come back to you!

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