10 little signs you can trust someone completely

Trust is like glue in any good relationship. It helps us feel safe when we talk and spend time with others.

But when someone breaks this trust, it can make us feel upset and angry. We might even start to keep our distance from other people, even if they weren’t the ones who broke our trust.

It’s really important to know if we can trust someone. It can stop us from getting hurt.

So, before you trust someone fully, watch out for these small but important signs:

1) They Value Everyone’s Time

Time is precious because it’s limited. When someone consistently ignores the value of your time, it might be a sign they don’t care about you or your commitments.

People you can trust handle their time wisely. They think about how their actions affect others’ time – be it in their personal lives or at work. They avoid last-minute cancellations or being late because they don’t want to cause problems for others.

How a person values others’ time can show if they’re just looking out for themselves, or if they’re also considering the needs of those around them.

If they make sacrifices to be punctual, it shows they’re ready to support the people they care about.

Someone who respects your time is someone you can depend on, and is usually a sign they can be trusted.

2) They Open Up About Everything

Having someone you can be truly open with – someone to share your deepest secrets or even your everyday stories – is something we all need.

When someone is worthy of your trust, they seem like an open book, and you feel comfortable sharing anything with them.

Trust in a relationship means each person can meet the other’s needs – be it physical, material, or emotional.

It’s not always easy to share your innermost thoughts, but a trustworthy person will never hide things from you. They hope you’ll do the same.

Trustworthy individuals are consistent in their stories and don’t leave out big pieces of information.

Their readiness to discuss things and volunteer extra details without being prodded is a clear sign of their trustworthiness.

3) They Choose to Compromise Over Arguing

In any relationship, it’s normal for people with shared interests and viewpoints to disagree occasionally.

While some may insist on their way, those who can be trusted are more likely to find common ground rather than outright dismiss the other person’s view.

Trustworthy individuals understand that a healthy relationship often requires small sacrifices from both sides.

They’re willing to give a little more today, believing they may receive something in return in the future.

If they ask for a compromise, they make sure to express their gratitude.

When I find myself in disagreement with someone, I try to see things from their perspective first.

By understanding their viewpoint, it’s easier for me to find a middle ground.

I realize that always yielding might make me feel unheard, but always insisting on my way could just escalate the disagreement and strain our relationship.

Sometimes, the best solution is to agree to disagree, because the relationship is more valuable than winning the argument.

4) They Always Express Their Thanks

Trustworthy individuals have a deep understanding of honesty and are not afraid to ask for help.

They recognize that they can’t do everything alone and they’re always appreciative of anyone who offers assistance.

They make it a point to acknowledge others’ contributions, even if it means they’re not the center of attention.

A person you can trust values the effort others put into their work and will always recognize it.

They don’t falsely claim credit to boost their career or personal relationships, which makes others feel they can depend on them more.

Gratitude goes hand in hand with trustworthiness.

Not only does it earn trust from others due to their honesty and humility, but a grateful attitude also promotes a greater trust in the world at large.

Recognizing how much they depend on others shapes how they connect and interact with everyone – even those they’ve just met.

5) They’re Not Afraid to Speak the Truth

Speaking the truth can be tough at times, but those who can be trusted understand the importance of being honest straight away.

They avoid prolonging lies, knowing well that the truth has a way of coming out. When it does, it can be even harder for the other person to accept.

We often desire friends or partners who agree with everything we say because it makes us feel supported, loved, and validated.

But the reality is that we’re not always right, and sometimes, we need someone to point out our errors – avoiding this confrontation doesn’t help us grow.

Trustworthy individuals aren’t scared to tell you when you’re off track. It’s a positive sign that you can trust them.

They’re genuinely interested in helping you become a better version of yourself, even if it involves disagreeing with your point of view.

6) They Apologize and Own Up to Their Mistakes

Even the most reliable people aren’t immune to making mistakes.

They may often be right because they research before making decisions, but they’re also ready to admit and take responsibility for their shortcomings.

Owning up to even the smallest missteps – like unknowingly eating a snack their partner had saved in the fridge – showcases their willingness to be honest and vulnerable.

This level of responsibility in minor matters is a good indicator that they can be trusted with larger issues.

They understand that hiding or lying implies fear of openness – so instead of getting defensive, they offer sincere apologies.

When a trustworthy person errs, you can rely on them to admit it and make amends.

Not only do they express their regret through words and actions, but they also ensure they learn from their errors to prevent them from recurring.

7) They Make Extra Efforts to Make You Feel Comfortable

Those who are truly trustworthy are willing to go above and beyond to make sure the people they care about are comfortable.

In any relationship, it’s natural to sometimes need reassurance due to insecurity about other people around your loved ones.

Jealousy can quickly trigger disagreements among couples, but a trustworthy person will do their best to demonstrate their loyalty – be it through physical, material, or verbal actions.

They prioritize their partner’s feelings to dispel any insecurities or doubts.

Trustworthy individuals consistently work to make their partners feel cherished.

They shower them with praise, compliments, or gifts not only when they’ve made a mistake or their partner is upset, but every single day.

8) They Respect and Keep Other People’s Secrets

Many people enjoy sharing gossip or indicating they have privileged information others don’t. Having a secret known only to a few can make them feel important.

However, some can’t resist sharing because they love the attention that comes from being an information source.

Sharing secrets is a common way we test a person’s trustworthiness.

If they share someone else’s secret with you, there’s a good chance they might do the same with your secrets.

Trustworthy individuals refuse to share others’ secrets, regardless of how close they might be. It’s a sign of their respect for others’ private lives.

They understand the importance of the secret and are committed to safeguarding it.

9) They Make Conversations Flow Naturally

Conversing with a trustworthy person feels effortless because they’re transparent and don’t dodge topics.

Conversations with them naturally flow as they sincerely strive to be honest, even when it’s challenging at times.

They also create a space where others feel free to express themselves.

They set aside judgments, listen carefully, and don’t ridicule or overly criticize the speaker. Instead, they show support by encouraging them to voice their thoughts.

You can often identify a trustworthy individual during a conversation through their body language.

Those who have something to hide tend to avoid eye contact and appear restless, while an honest and trustworthy person appears calm and composed.

10) They’re Trusted by Others Around Them

A straightforward way to gauge if someone is trustworthy is by observing their relationships with those around them.

If their friends, family, and colleagues trust them with their deepest secrets, there’s a good chance they’ll be able to safeguard your secrets as well.

But trust goes beyond just confidentiality – it’s about being viewed as dependable by others, as they consistently show up and do a good job when needed.

While it’s important not to judge someone based on hearsay, positive stories about a person can indeed enhance their image in our minds.

There’s also a sense of comfort in being around someone who is genuinely trusted and appreciated by people close to us.



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