9 signs someone is a genuine free spirit (not just a reckless party animal)

When we think of a free spirit, many of us tend to imagine a party animal, a wild child, a rule-breaker. 

But being a genuine free spirit is about so much more than just living a wild, unrestrained life. It’s about being true to yourself, living life on your terms, and embracing a sense of freedom that comes from deep within. 

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into nine signs that separate genuine free spirits from reckless party animals. Let’s get to it!

1) They value authenticity

From my observation, a true free spirit cares deeply about authenticity. They strive to stay true to their core, irrespective of societal norms and expectations. 

They might dance to their own rhythm in a world that’s marching in formation, but they do so with grace, not recklessness.

Take, for example, my friend Jack. 

A genuine free spirit, Jack refused a lucrative corporate job offer after college because he believed it didn’t align with his passion for environmental conservation. 

Despite facing criticism and concern from those around him, he followed his heart and began working with a non-profit. 

It wasn’t an easy choice, but for him, staying authentic to his beliefs was more important than taking a cushy corporate position.

Staying true to themselves is something the free spirit embodies, as it indicates genuine freedom. 

This brings me to my next point… 

2) Freedom is their mantra

Here’s the thing: free spirits aren’t tied down by conventions or norms. They’re not reckless; they simply choose to live their life in a way that is consistent with their personal beliefs and values. 

They enjoy their freedom and wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Remember the movie ‘Into the Wild’? The protagonist, Christopher McCandless, represents this spirit. 

He relinquishes a life of comfort for a life of genuine freedom, fully aware of the inevitable challenges.

3) They are not afraid to stand alone

Real talk: Free spirits do not need the validation of a crowd to feel secure. They’re comfortable with who they are and have no issue standing alone if need be. 

This doesn’t mean they are antisocial. On the contrary, they often attract people with their magnetic and distinct personalities.

My neighbor, Lily, a solo traveler and free spirit at heart, is a perfect example of this trait. 

She often embarks on her adventures alone, preferring to meet new people along the way rather than having a companion from the start. 

Some might view her travels as risky or lonely, but for her, it’s about celebrating her independence, making stimulating connections, and enjoying her own company.

4) They embrace change

signs someone is a genuine free spirit not just a reckless party animal 1 9 signs someone is a genuine free spirit (not just a reckless party animal)

From my experience, I’ve noticed that genuine free spirits thrive on change. They aren’t rash; they simply have an inherent ability to adapt, to flow with life’s ebbs and flows. 

They see change not as a threat but as an opportunity for growth.

To illustrate, consider the life of a digital nomad. This modern tribe of workers has made flexibility and adaptability their way of life. 

They move from country to country, adapting to new cultures, languages, and ways of living. 

They represent the free spirit’s embrace of change, viewing each new location as an opportunity to grow and learn.

5) Their curiosity knows no bounds

A true free spirit is endlessly curious. They’re explorers at heart, always ready to learn something new, to step out of their comfort zone, to broaden their horizons. 

They ask questions, seek answers, and find joy in the unknown.

Free spirits like GOAT scientist Albert Einstein, known for his insatiable curiosity, have made remarkable contributions to the world.  

His curiosity led him to question established notions of physics, ultimately leading to groundbreaking theories that have shaped our understanding of the universe.

6) They follow their intuition

Guess what? Free spirits are intuitively driven. 

They have a strong inner compass that guides their decisions, and they aren’t afraid to follow it. 

They listen to their gut and trust it, believing in the power of their intuition.

Let’s consider the story of Steve Jobs. He dropped out of college, a decision that appeared reckless at the time. 

Yet he attributed this decision, guided by intuition, to his eventual success. 

Jobs trusted his gut and believed in the unconventional path he was forging, which was a stepping stone to co-founding one of the most successful tech companies in history.

7) They nurture their creativity

Fun fact: creativity is the lifeblood of a genuine free spirit

They revel in expressing their unique perspective, be it through art, music, writing, or any form of creative expression. They don’t just engage in creativity; they live it.

For instance, Georgia O’Keeffe, a prominent artist known for her revolutionary contribution to modern art, lived her life in complete alignment with her creative spirit. 

She broke away from the norm and focused on painting objects close up, eventually creating an innovative style that resonated with millions.

8) They love without restriction

Free spirits love deeply and freely. Their love isn’t the reckless kind; it’s rooted in understanding and acceptance. 

They love people for who they truly are, not for who they want them to be.

Imagine a person who accepts you, with all your quirks and idiosyncrasies, never attempting to change you. 

Free spirits offer such an unrestricted form of love. 

They understand and appreciate individuality, offering love that is genuine, accepting, and occasionally, unconditional.

9) They value experiences over possessions

Finally, free spirits often place a higher value on experiences rather than material possessions. 

They cherish the memories made, the people met, and the lessons learned in their journey through life.

Millennials and Gen Z are increasingly valuing experiences over material possessions, a tendency closely aligned with the free-spirited mindset. 

Think about those who choose a minimalist lifestyle, who opt for a backpacking trip over buying luxury items.

These are the individuals who recognize that special memories and rich experiences outweigh the temporary happiness of material possessions–a telltale sign of a free spirit. 

Final thoughts

In essence, being a free spirit isn’t about reckless abandon or non-stop partying. As you now know, this is a flat-out misconception. 

Instead, free spirits tend to have a deeper understanding of life, one that values authenticity, courage, and individuality. 

They remind us that being a free spirit is less about conforming to societal norms and more about being real and genuine with oneself


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