14 surefire signs she likes you (even if she has a boyfriend)

A girl who already has a boyfriend but likes you can be hard to read.

What does she want? Does she like you or is this just a game? How close should you get?

Fortunately, there are some things that are dead giveaways that she likes you and that it might be worth your while to play along.

Check out these 14 surefire signs and see how they apply to your situation.

1) She will compare you to her boyfriend

She may not flat out say that you are better than him, but if she has to start comparing the two of you to each other, then it’s a sign she’s into you.

She may mention how the two of you do the same thing in different ways or how similar interests make you more compatible with each other.

Or she might say how her boyfriend lacks something that you have.

You might be wondering:

“Should I feel flattered by this comparison?”

Yes, you should.

She’s saying that you are a better match for her than her boyfriend and that something about you is more exciting or interesting.

But be careful not to get ahead of yourself and start thinking that you’re the center of her world.

To keep things on a level playing field, don’t do anything too extravagant that would make you stand out or draw attention to yourself.

2) She replies to any of your posts with a compliment

Another sign that shows she’s into you is that she replies to any of your posts with a compliment.

This might be in the form of a “like” or a comment left on your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook page.

She might say something like, “I love that shirt,” or “I like your new haircut.”

These little compliments are a nice way of saying to you that she thinks you look good and that she’s interested.

Although she already has a boyfriend, most girls are still open to the idea of a relationship and will seek role models for their future partners.

If she does this with you, then this could be an indication that you’re going places in her mind.

But don’t get carried away and start thinking that she loves you more than her boyfriend.

3) You catch her staring at your lips or quick glances away when caught doing so

When she catches you looking at her, does she get flustered and look away quickly?

Or when you catch her staring at you, does she dab at her lips with a napkin to make sure there’s no food on them?

This is definitely a sign that she’s into you.

She doesn’t know what to do because she has a boyfriend, so when the two of you are around each other it becomes an awkwardness that none of you really understand.

So what should you do from here?

Well, if you are open to the idea of exploring a relationship with her, then you could ask her why she has been acting shy around you lately.

You might say something like: “Something feels weird between the two of us lately. Is everything okay?”

If you bring this up, she’ll be flattered that you noticed and also relieved that she won’t have to worry about being sneaky anymore.

4) You are allowed into her personal space

When girls have boyfriends, they will keep their personal space private and think that no one can get close to them.

But in case you are the exception, then she might be signaling to you that she wants you to get closer.

When this happens, she’ll act like she wants to be around you and that she trusts you not to make her feel uncomfortable or out of place.

She might also touch her face and shoulders when she talks to you. Or she might lean in a little bit when talking to you.

I know how you feel, but remember that she already has someone who loves and supports her.

It’s not your job to make her feel uncomfortable by showing her attention and affection.

If you are being too close to her, she’ll know that you’re the kind of guy who wants more than a hookup. That’s why it’s better to get to know your own needs and desires first.

Understanding what you truly want can help you navigate tricky emotional landscapes like this one without causing unnecessary hurt or confusion for either party involved.

To get clear on these aspects, I personally benefited from taking the Love and Intimacy masterclass by the famous shaman Rudá Iandê. 

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5) She always says she’s just looking for “the right guy”

Even though she has a boyfriend, she still might talk to you as if she’s still looking for the right guy.

This means that she might act like her boyfriend isn’t “the one” and that there are better men out there.

She may say things like, “I’m just waiting for Mr. Right,” or “I still haven’t found the perfect guy for me.”

Or maybe she’ll complain about her boyfriend and say that the two of them have nothing in common anymore and that they’re growing apart.

This is the most obvious sign that she’s into you.

If she says any of these things, it means that she’s at least somewhat interested in you and she wants to get to know you better.

Forget what everyone else around you says and focus on listening to her words. You can’t go wrong following her cues.

6) She chooses to spend time with you over her boyfriend

Trust me, there’s no way to misinterpret this sign.

Most girls don’t like to spend time with their boyfriends when their feelings are so intense for another guy.

So if she is spending time with you over her boyfriend, it shows that she’s not okay with being in this relationship and wants out.

She’ll show this by saying things like: “I just can’t stand my boyfriend anymore,” or “I have to get away from him for a while.

She might also say that she wants to spend less time with him lately.

And if you’re wondering, “what’s the best way to respond to this?”

The answer is that you should be honest when necessary, but use your natural charm around her.

Let her know that you understand how she feels and that you want to be there for her.

Eventually, she knows that you are the kind of guy who only wants the best for her and who wouldn’t want to ruin her relationship with her boyfriend.

7) She likes to hear about your past relationship

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If she talks about how much she wants to be with a guy like you, then she might also talk about how much she loves hearing stories from your past.

Most guys don’t like talking about their ex-girlfriends and they aren’t usually interested in spending time talking about their relationship.

But when a girl likes you it’s a totally different story.

So if she asks about your past relationships, then you can say things like: “I’ve never been in a serious relationship before.

And she’ll be relieved that you’ve been honest with her and that you haven’t been with loads of girls.

And even though she has a boyfriend, she might ask you: “Why haven’t you found a girlfriend before?”

But keep in mind:

No matter what she says, the important thing is that you always keep things light and fun.

Don’t come on too strong, don’t make promises you can’t keep, and never act like you are more important than her boyfriend.

When you do this, it will show her that you’re not just another guy who’s trying to take advantage of the fact that she has a boyfriend.

And this will help get her thinking about what it might be like to be with a guy like you.

8) She will ask for advice about her relationship with her boyfriend

Even though she has a boyfriend, she might still want to talk about him when she’s with you.

I know that this sounds weird, but I’ve seen it happen again and again and it’s one of the easiest ways to spot a girl who wants you and is trying as hard as she can to get your attention.

When a girl has a perfect guy she likes, then she usually doesn’t ask friends for advice about her relationship because she thinks that her boyfriend is perfect for her too.

But when she’s feeling insecure about her boyfriend or she likes a guy like you, that’s when she’ll ask for advice about her relationship.

This is also your chance to show her your maturity and attract her even more in case you’ve developed feelings for her.


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9) She will show signs of jealousy when you talk about other girls

Girls who like you will want you to be focused on them and not have other girls come between the two of you.

When this happens, they might show jealousy by saying things like:

“Don’t talk to her anymore,” or “You shouldn’t be talking to her at all.”

This is another way that she’s trying to let you know that she doesn’t want any competition for your affection even though she already has a boyfriend.

But the bottom line is this:

No matter what she does, it’s important that you don’t let her make you feel like you’re second-rate.

And remember this:

When you show women your true self, they will see that you’re a man who is comfortable with himself and not someone who tries to fake anything.

That’s how to be the best guy for this girl. And that’s how to win her over and bring her feelings for you into the open.

10) She will often text first

Are you tired of girls who never text you first?

Are girls from your past always the ones who were always the ones to initiate a conversation?

Then you might be amazed when a girl who has a boyfriend texts you first.

You’ll also know that she wants your attention when her texts are long and she often asks questions.

And most of all, she doesn’t wait for you to answer right away before sending another text.

You will know that it’s a sign that she wants to talk to you and that she’s really into you.

When you see that she wants to talk to you – and not her boyfriend – then this means that you’re getting closer and that you have a chance of winning her heart.

11) People often ask if she’s dating you and she never says no

If she likes you, then people will often ask her if she’s dating you and she’ll never say no or act like you’re not a part of her life.

Maybe she just simply changes the subject when people ask about you because she doesn’t want anyone to know that you’re in her life.

This is another indication that she might like you and wants to be exclusive with you.

And it’s also a sign that people are feeling insecure about her relationship with her boyfriend.

So what should you do when people ask this question?

You’ll want to be careful with what you say because if she has a boyfriend, then you don’t want to lead her on or make her feel uncomfortable.

You need to make sure that you avoid saying anything that might make her think you’re just another guy in the mix.

So I’m not telling you to lie about it and say she’s not seeing anyone.

All I’m saying is that you don’t want to cause her any additional stress or worry when she already has a boyfriend.

12) She will make excuses to hang out with you more often

One of the clear signs that a girl wants to be with you is she makes excuses to hang out with you even though she has a boyfriend.

On the surface level, it might appear like she just doesn’t want to be alone with her boyfriend, but that’s not the case.

She wants to be around you, so when she has a busy schedule it’s easy for her to make excuses and come hang out with you.

Watch out for this sign and make sure that you’re not pressuring her into doing anything.

If she’s overwhelmed with her boyfriend then that’s not a good sign either, but usually, it’s something else going on.

Maybe she’s just not in a good mood or there’s something that she’s dealing with.

If that’s the case and you’re not interested in pursuing her, then there’s no harm in being honest with her.

13) You see signs of jealousy from her boyfriend when he sees the two of you together

Are you tired of being second-best to her boyfriend?

Do you want to be the man in her life that she depends on and shares plans with?

Then watching out for signs from her boyfriend is a great way to know if something is going on between you two.

There will be times when you two might get a little close and her boyfriend might show signs of jealousy.

If he’s acting like you’re bothering him, then I would take a step back and figure out what he’s doing.

If you want to pursue her, then you need to make sure that everything is cool between her and her boyfriend.

In a nutshell:

This is a sign that her boyfriend knows her feeling and behavior towards you is different than she normally is.

You’ll be able to understand this when her boyfriend starts to show signs of disapproval whenever he sees you two together.

14) She starts bringing you up in conversations with her friends

You’re probably tired of her boyfriend always coming up in conversation whenever she’s with her friends and family.

So when you notice that she starts bringing you up in conversation and talking about how great you are, then you know that she’s giving you a chance.

So what does all this mean?

She doesn’t hide anything from her friends and she wants to make them extra comfortable around you.

The atmosphere is relaxed and you’ll be able to tell that she has a good time hanging out with you.

In short:

This is another sign that she wants to be with you and doesn’t have any reservations about you being around her friends.

Final thoughts

We have covered all the signs that you need to watch out for to know if a girl who has a boyfriend likes you or not.

But before we go, I want to make something clear.

These 14 signs don’t guarantee that she’s going to commit and start a new relationship with you. So what if you want to make her yours?

Well, the first step is always self-awareness.

Before you act on any signs or make any moves, it’s crucial to understand your own emotions and motivations.

What are you truly seeking? Is it love, companionship, or something else?

I know it’s hard to explore what’s going on inside your emotions, but as I mentioned above, one resource that has personally helped me immensely is the Love and Intimacy masterclass by Rudá Iandê.

Simple questionnaires as a part of this free masterclass helped me to delve deeper into my own emotional landscape and understand what I truly want in a relationship.

So before you decide to make any move, why not invest some time in understanding yourself better?

It might just save you a lot of heartache down the line.

Here’s the link to the free masterclass again.


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