11 subtle signs she regrets marrying you (and what to do next)

You thought your marriage was going well.

You thought your wife loved you as much as you loved her and that you’re ready to face life together till the end. You thought.

But now, it’s as if you don’t recognize her anymore. She’s becoming distant. She’s often frustrated with life, but you don’t understand why.

She might slowly be coming to the realization that your marriage was a mistake.

You might have married too soon, or that you actually aren’t meant to spend your lives together.

These can be heartbreaking truths that are difficult to confront fully.

To be certain, here are 11 signs that tell you she might be regretting your marriage.

1. You Barely Have Meaningful Conversations Anymore

When she comes home and you ask her how her day was, it’s as if she barely notices you.

She might give you 2 to 3-word, vague replies.

She answers you in a monotone way, “It was okay,” or “Nothing much happened.”

When you ask her more about it, she says it’s nothing.

These conversations might make you miss the engagement and honeymoon days.

Now, you can barely get through to her when you’re having a meal together at home.

This might mean she isn’t feeling excited in the marriage anymore and possibly rethinking everything.

2. She Seems Distant

When you were newly married, you couldn’t wait to come home and yell, “Honey, I’m home!”

You’d both then talk about each other’s days; she would listen as you shared all the stressful things that happened, then you would listen while she would rant about frustrating things at work.

You’d comfort and support each other while the other is experiencing something difficult.

But gradually the conversations started happening less and less often.

When you each came home, you’d chuck your bags on the couch and head straight for a warm shower.

It’s like you barely know her anymore.

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3. You Barely Have Sex Anymore

Physical intimacy is one of the hallmarks of a healthy marriage.

While it may not be what the marriage is entirely built on, spending a sexy evening together often brings the fire back into a relationship.

Before you might have been going at it like rabbits. But that has since slowed down, almost drastically.

When you get to bed at night, she might have consistently been brushing you off; she’s busy or too tired.

Then when you sleep, you both face away from each other, creating a physical distance in your relationship, potentially symbolic of what is actually happening under the surface.

4. You Rarely Spend Time Together

You were both inseparable at the beginning of your marriage.

You’d always be by each other’s side.

You’d pick her up from work and she’d spend time with you and your friends.

But other priorities might have started to creep in, such as her career or personal growth.

Now, when you ask her out on a date night, she declines in favor of focusing on doing something else – usually without you.

5. Her Body Language Says So

During the honeymoon phase, it was like you couldn’t get enough of each other.

You were always together, side by side, and holding hands.

These are common non-verbal ways to tell someone you love them and that you want to keep being with them.

As the honeymoon phase began to fade, your physical intimacy might have also slowly changed too.

Now, when you sit beside each other, she tends to face away from you.

When you’re speaking to one another, she might hunch her shoulders, cross her arms, or avoid eye contact with you while you’re talking.

These actions tend to communicate that she’s feeling more closed off from you, possibly rethinking your relationship.

6. She Doesn’t Seem as Happy

At the beginning of your marriage, it was all smiles.

You couldn’t help but feel so amazed at the fact that you get to wake up next to your wife everyday.

Everything seemed to be going well at home – until some day it wasn’t.

On the fewer and fewer days that you might have had a nice conversation going, she didn’t seem too excited.

It might be the deadpan, halfhearted way she reacts to you sharing good news.

Or how she’s much quieter now, her mind clearly somewhere else while she stares out windows or just at random things at home.

7. She’s Often Annoyed at You

You thought you both found a working balance with who does which chores and how you both want to organize the house.

But now it’s as if she’s started nitpicking the job you do.

The floors aren’t as polished as she wanted them to be, or you accidentally spilled a drink.

These things might not have been that big of a deal before, but now it’s a cause for an all out fight between you two.

8. She Spends More Time Away from You

She seems to be barely home anymore.

When you call her, she tells you that she wants to work late at night or grab a couple of drinks with her friends.

While at first this was nothing much to worry about, it might have become a trend with her.

Now, you find yourself eating at home alone more times than you eat together.

And when you do get the chance to eat together, she’s either in another room, on the couch, or doing something on her phone.

9. She Doesn’t Update You about Her Life

You might be going about your day at home when you suddenly see her all dressed up and ready for a night out.

This might catch you off-guard since she never mentioned anything about leaving for the night; you might have even planned to order take-out and watch a movie together like you always did.

Since you barely speak anymore, it’s as if you’re both living your own separate lives together.

You never know what she’s up to anymore; you might suddenly see her leave and come back some time in the early morning, or receive a large package at home that she shrugs you off about when you ask what it was and how much it cost.

10. She’s Seldom on Your Side Anymore

When you’re out with your friends together and someone disagrees with you, it might shock you to see that she disagrees with you too.

It might even be disheartening for you.

Back then, she might have defended your ideas and your actions with others.

She used to always be on your side and it was the two of you against the world.

But now, it’s different.

She’s started criticizing you as if she were someone outside of your relationship. This might mean that she’s slowly seeing you less as her spouse and more as just someone else.

Her love for you might be fading, and so might be her patience for your marriage.

11. She Keeps Complaining About Her Life

When she rants to you, her rants seem to be oddly hitting close to home.

She might have seen a job opportunity to work somewhere abroad, but she knows she can’t because that means having to make a drastic change in her life right now.

So she complains to you about how bad the timing of the opportunity was or how much she wished her life was more exciting.

These rants might be indirectly telling you that her marriage with you isn’t as fulfilling for her as it might be for you.

She might be feeling held back because of her marriage, and might start wishing things were different.

Mending Your Marriage

As significant as getting married is, it is still no substitute for working hard to sustain the relationship. In fact, it might mean you’d have to work even harder to keep the relationship going strong.

The first and most important thing to do is to talk to her about it.

Open and honest communication especially during difficult times in a marriage is crucial to getting you both back on track.

Tell her how you feel, apologize for your past actions if you did something wrong, and mean it.

Be more attentive to her needs.

Don’t be afraid to give each other space; often, putting some distance in between the two of you could give you both the clarity you need to improve your marriage.

If it really is difficult to get through to her, then you might want to also consider visiting a couple’s therapist.

They will help guide the both of you on how to keep your marriage going strong.

Hopefully, by now you’ve got a better idea of how to deal with your wife regretting marrying you

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