15 signs an older woman wants to be with you

Do you get the feeling that an older woman might want you, but you’re not sure?

This can be confusing, especially considering the age gap.

Lucky for you, there are 15 signs that will indicate that an older woman would love to be with you!

1) She flirts openly with you

The first sign is probably the most obvious, and it’s open and blunt flirting.

You see, when a woman, especially an older woman, doesn’t hold back on flirting with you, she is making it pretty obvious that she wants you badly.

These can be comments that will leave you choking on your coffee because they are so out of the blue and to the point.

Or it could be subtle comments that you might not notice, but she makes a point of mentioning to you every time she sees you.

That brings me to my next point:

2) She flirts with you in public

Another sign is that she flirts openly in public places.

You see, not only does she not hold back on her flirtatious remarks, but she also doesn’t shy away from making them in public.

This is an especially big sign given that many older women care what others think about them, so if they ruthlessly flirt with you in public, they really want a piece of that pie.

Think about it: blatant public flirting couldn’t make it any more obvious that she wants you.

3) She doesn’t hesitate to show a desire for you

A woman who is interested in you won’t hesitate to show her interest, especially if she’s an older woman.

She will make it clear that she is down to be with you.

You probably won’t be confused because she asks about you often and tells you what she thinks about it.

You can tell that she is getting comfortable with the idea of having a man around her, and it’s only natural that she would want to be with you.

But if you’re interested in more serious relationships, you should know that showing desire doesn’t add up anything to the intimacy level you have.

I learned this from the world-renowned shaman Rudá Iandê, in his incredible free video on Love and Intimacy

The truth is that when it comes to romantic relationships, instead of focusing on showing the desire you have for others, it’s more important to focus on the relationship you have with yourself.

I know this sounds confusing but I’m sure Rudá’s teachings will also fill you with new insights.

Click here to watch the free video.

4) She is very honest with you

If there’s one thing that older women tend to be, it’s honest.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but if a woman is being completely open and honest with you, she wants something from you.

She may want to get closer to you, or maybe she wants to make her intentions very clear if you know what I mean!

The thing is, you probably won’t be left guessing where you stand when it comes to older women, if they want sex, they’ll say it outright!

5) She acts like a kid with you

Now: this one might come as a bit of a surprise, but when an older woman wants you, she might act like a kid when she is with you.

This is because she is letting out her playful side, the one other people rarely ever get to see!

When she’s in that mood, she will joke around, be silly, and sometimes even act like she has a temper tantrum.

Whether or not that’s endearing to you is another question, but it’s definitely a sign that she craves you.

6) She wants to know about you

The next sign an older woman really wants you badly is when she wants to know everything about you.

This could be asking about your profession and where you currently are in life, but it could also stray over to your interests and hobbies.

You see, older women are known to be busy and to have a lot going on, so when an older woman takes the time to actually inquire about your life, something is up!

When she not only asks, but also remembers all the details you tell her, then you can be sure this woman wants you.

7) She asks you if you care about age differences

pexels mike jones 9050623 15 signs an older woman wants to be with you

Age matters to many people, others couldn’t care less.

If an older woman asks you whether age matters to you, she definitely has something in mind.

Big age differences are not usual in many parts of the world.

Sure, in some places, couples may have a 25-year age difference or more, but it’s not very common.

When there is a huge age gap, it’s usually the man who is older.

In some places where the man is older, there is a cultural expectation for him to provide financially for his wife much more strongly than she would be expected to provide financially for him.

Now: there aren’t many couples where the woman is much older than the man, so it’s understandable that the woman you are trying to figure out might want to inquire if you care about age.

And frankly – what other reason could that woman have to ask you that kind of question except for really wanting to be with you?

8) She goes out of her way to spend time with you

Older women are known to be busy, so when she goes out of her way to spend time with you, something is up.

You see, women (especially older women) will usually go out of their way to spend time with a man they are interested in.

Does she free up her schedule just to accommodate yours? Does she cancel plans in order to be with you instead?

These seemingly little gestures actually say a lot about what this woman is thinking.

Simply put, an older woman who wants to spend time with you because she is interested in you will usually go out of her way to arrange for time together.

9) She lets you know about her relationship status directly or indirectly

The next sign an older woman wants you badly is when she directly or indirectly mentions her relationship status to you.

You see, women don’t usually do this without having an ulterior motive in mind.

When an older woman casually mentions that she is single or makes a side comment about how much she’d love to have company to go to the movies at some point, she wants you.

If that’s the case, don’t hesitate! I mean, if you are attracted to this woman, too, use your chance and ask her out right away!

10) She ignores other men

Do you notice that an older woman talks to you a lot but seems to ignore all the other men that are trying to hit on her (and that might be in her age range)?

Well, I have to break it to you: this woman wants you badly.

You see, when an older woman is interested in someone, she only has eyes for him.

It doesn’t matter who tries to contact her, her focus will be solely on you.

Turns out that’s actually pretty nice, isn’t it?

11) She texts you late at night

Okay, we don’t want to generalize, but many older women like their sleep and will not stay up very late, let alone text someone at those unholy hours!

So, if she hits you up at 11pm or later – this woman wants something from you and it’s not your raspberry jam recipe.

You see, those texts don’t even have to be sexual in nature, the mere fact that you are on her mind this late tells you enough, doesn’t it?

12) She tells you dirty jokes

This one probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you, but when an older woman tells you dirty jokes, she really wants you badly.

You see, jokes are one thing, and can definitely already be considered banter and flirting, but when the jokes are dirty??

That’s how you know this woman really wants you.

Think about it: older women are often all about keeping up an elegant facade, so when she tells you dirty jokes, you’ve already won her over.

13) Her voice changes when she speaks with you

The next sign that an older woman really wants you is when her voice changes as soon as she’s around you.

You see, when people speak with each other, their voice actually says a lot about their feelings.

When a woman likes a man, her voice tends to get a little softer, higher, and just in general sweeter.

Older woman often have their voices under control much better than young girls just starting out dating, so when her voice changes, you really struck a cord with her and she wants you badly!

14) She dresses differently around you

Have you noticed that this woman dresses differently whenever you are around?

This could mean wearing shorter skirts, tighter clothing or more cleavage.

You see, when you notice these differences, it’s a huge sign that she really wants you and is trying to convince you to sleep with her.

Now: this only applies if her style noticeable changes, because frankly, every woman has her own style and some women just like to show their bodies off!

15) She mentions that other men are interested in her

If an older woman mentions that other men are interested in her, she’s secretly hoping that that’s the thing that will push you to want to be with her.

You see, men love competition and they love “the chase”, so she is trying to let you know that if you want her, you’ll have to work for it and not wait too long!

Now the ball is in your court!

What do you want?

These are all pretty big signs that an older woman wants you really badly.

What do you want?

If you’re attracted to her, there is no reason not to follow that instinct. Age is just a number, after all, and if you’re both consenting adults, who cares how old you guys are!

And if you really want to get her to like you?

This brings me back to the incredible advice I learned from Kate Spring.

She’s a relationship expert who has transformed dating and relationships for thousands of men.

One of the most valuable things she teaches is this:

Women don’t choose the guy who will treat them the best. They choose guys they are deeply attracted to at a biological level.

Women don’t like assholes because they’re assholes. They like assholes because those guys are confident and they give off the right signals to them. The sort of signals a woman can’t resist.

What if I told you that you could quickly learn the right signals to give to women and you absolutely don’t need to become an asshole in the process?

Check out this free video by Kate Spring.

She reveals the most effective method I’ve come across to make women obsessed by you (whilst remaining a good guy).

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