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12 classic signs of a shamanic awakening 

If shamanism wasn’t passed down to you through your ancestors, you may wonder if it’s possible to become a shaman.

The truth is, shamanism is a calling, the spirits choose, and anyone can be selected – even you.

So if you suspect you have the healing, spiritual abilities of a shaman, here are 12 classic signs of a shamanic awakening to confirm your suspicions.

1) You have vivid dreams – also known as “journeying”

As you begin your shamanic awakening, you might become aware of dreams that appear to be out of the ordinary.

Instead of the usual randomness that our subconscious conjures up, your journeying may include messages, or symbols, which hold significant meanings.

They’ll be vivid enough for you to remember them, even if you don’t understand what they mean straight away.

The following might happen during these dreams:

  • You receive messages from spirits
  • You have visions of the future
  • You travel through different realms or time periods

This is the spirit world communicating to you, creating what’s called a “bridge” between you and the spirits.

These dreams will begin to guide you, giving you insights into the healing journey you’re about to undertake. With time, experience and intuition you’ll learn to understand their important messages.

2) Your psychic insights are growing stronger

You might have always felt that you had psychic abilities.

Your intuition is incredibly powerful, and deep down you’ve always had an inkling that you can pick up on otherwise undetectable things.

But now, as you experience your shamanic awakening, these feelings grow stronger.

Your awareness of your abilities increases. You’re conscious of the fact that you can help others intuitively through telepathy or clairvoyance. You might feel energetic power in your touch.

In addition, you might find that your connection with animals has strengthened – even to the point where you can communicate and understand with animals through telepathy.

And not only are you starting to harness these unique powers, but you feel a genuine pull to help others and use these abilities to do good in the world and ease suffering.

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3) You have an intense connection with nature

If it wasn’t already, nature is quickly becoming your “escape”. Away from the noise and distraction of the busy world, you can lose yourself in nature.

You might feel like being in nature is the only time you can truly be yourself.

You draw energy from every living thing around you. You feel at home in nature…the connection you share feels more than just superficial, it’s not a quick fix to clear your head.

Ever wonder why?

Well, shamans act as a bridge between the human consciousness and the consciousness of the universe. And all the information that’s passed between comes from nature – the mountains, river, stars, planets, and animals.

So quite often, being in nature is a chance for you to absorb information, messages, and energy, which then guides you on your shamanic journey.

4) You’re starting to become sensitive to the noise of the world

The chances are, you’ve probably never been an extremely social, out-there butterfly. Most shamans border on being introverted, tending to keep to themselves.

Part of the reason comes down to having always felt slightly different. You experience things that others can’t relate to or understand. You may have found it hard to fit in with the crowd growing up.

But it can also be that you might experience sensory overload.

Loud noises, hectic spaces, even spending too long on social media might overwhelm you and leave you feeling drained.

Until you recognize your triggers, you’ll likely suffer from:

  • Bouts of feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Bad habits like comfort eating, alcohol, or drugs

In some cases, you may have gone from one unhealthy relationship to the next, all because you want to numb the sensitivity you feel toward life.

These are short-term solutions that never leave you feeling at peace with yourself. You know there’s more out there than this.

As you experience your shamanic awakening, you’ll become more aware of these issues.

You’ll begin to unpick these feelings and their associated “distractions” which are leading you further away from your journey until you create a lifestyle and environment which suits you.

5) You feel a strong pull to help and heal others

From a young age, you may have felt an urge to work with people, the planet, animals, anything to do with the natural world.

And it makes sense – shamans are the healers of the world. They heal on a personal level, and a communal level.

But your desire to help won’t only lie in the physical, mental, and spiritual healing aspects of your fellow community.

You’ll also feel strongly about helping others connect and respect mother nature, again, being a bridge between the consciousness of the universe.

Your intuition will guide you, and you’ll begin to see the healing properties of plants, colors, energy, and more.

As all of this takes place, you’re beginning the journey into using your shamanic abilities to help others through soul work, restoring their balance within the world, and thus restoring the balance between humans, the spirits, and the cosmos.

6) You’ve experienced trauma and recovered from it

Shamans tend to go through periods of trauma before their shamanic awakening.

Quite often these are near-death experiences, that are called “death and rebirth”. Every shaman will experience this before actually becoming a shaman.

This could be anything from:

  • A traumatic event, like surviving a car crash
  • Going through serious life-changing health issues
  • Experiencing abuse or trauma as a child

Let’s touch upon the health issues – these can range from chronic fatigue, depression, to even high blood pressure and auto-immune disorders.

You may find that some of the difficulties you face, especially health struggles, will repeat themselves until you accept your shamanic path.

This, known as “shamanic illness”, is believed to be caused by the spirits who are willing the shaman to accept his/her true calling. They’re persistent, so if you’ve been experiencing any of the above it’s time to start paying attention!

7) You’re starting to detach from “shame”

As you move towards shamanism, you’ll begin to reflect and heal yourself of the constraints society has placed on you.

You realize that these expectations and ideals that have been set out under social norms are completely toxic. They’re limiting, while your shamanic path takes you on a journey of liberation.

And that involves ridding yourself of shame – especially shame over natural desires and instincts.

Shame comes in different forms:

  • Feeling ashamed of making a mistake or failing at a task
  • Shame over our sexuality
  • Shame over revealing our true selves to others
  • Feeling ashamed of our appearance/qualifications/standing in life

During your shamanic awakening, you’ll find yourself working on these areas in your life, letting go of your and society’s expectations.

After all, as a shaman, how will you heal others if you’re still clinging to society’s expectations and judgments?

This will be an important journey you embark on, for yourself and your future purpose in life. The sooner you rid yourself of these limitations, the quicker you can focus on your role as a shaman.

8) You feel the energy of mother nature run through you

As you experience a shamanic awakening, you’ll start to feel more in tune with the rhythm of the world, the cosmos, and the spirits.

You’ll feel this energy flow through you. As your soul moves throughout realms, time zones, the steady beating of the spiritual drum will keep you feeling aligned with your higher purpose.

And the more you accept your shamanic path, the more in sync with mother nature you’ll feel – now you know you’re on the way to becoming a shaman.

You’ll begin to see just how shamanism is relevant for modern life, and how out of touch we as societies and individuals have become lost from our connection with nature.

As you move become harmonious with the world, you’ll naturally start wanting to help others achieve the same.

9) There’s a constant tug to explore your purpose in life

And what’s more, during your shamanic awakening, you won’t be able to ignore the persistent pull from within to discover your purpose in life.

Self-development work will take on new heights, you’ll explore your abilities further, your curiosity in healing and spiritual work will soar.

Chances are, you’ve felt this connection for a while now. Give in to this tug. Embrace the inner voice telling you that this is for you – and close the door on self-doubt.

The truth is:

The very fact you’re researching this topic is a sign you’re experiencing that pull!

And if you resonate with any of the other signs on this list there’s a good chance you’re experiencing a shamanic awakening.

10) You naturally seem to know what’s good for yourself and others

Even before you had an idea of what shamanism was, you might have experienced times when a solution to a problem seemed to present itself innately within you.

Whether it was helping a friend, advising a sick family member, or pulling yourself out of a personal problem, something inside you told you the answers.

This will be especially true for finding natural remedies and cures.

By now, you might have identified the healing nature of plants and herbs, and how powerful they can be.

Maybe you recognize how an imbalance between a person’s mind, body, and soul, could be the leading cause of their persistent illness rather than a physical ailment.

11) You start picking up on signs and symbols from the universe

Do you ever find yourself finding meaning in the ordinary? Do symbols present themselves to you regularly, in reality, and through dreams?

You might find that you see spiritual significance in the most mundane moments. You’ll likely be drawn to the arts; music, dance, paintings, and stories.

This is another sign of a shamanic awakening.

Symbols and signs are a unique way in which humans have remained connected, and as we know, the collective consciousness is a key part of shamanism.

And not only that, you may experience messages being sent to you – sometimes in the form of symbols, and sometimes are loud and clear as a voice in your head.

Communication from the spiritual world can come in different ways, as long as you’re open to receiving it.

12) You experience deja vus

You know the feeling, you walk into a shop you’ve never been to before and you have this niggly feeling that you’ve been there before.

Or, you’re taking part in a ceremony, reading a book, practicing breathwork, visiting a new place, and you could have sworn you’ve done it all before. But you haven’t.

So why is deja vu a sign of a shamanic awakening?

Quite simply, shamanic beings tend to have experienced numerous “rebirths”, even before their shamanic awakening.

You may have a clear memory of a past life, or knowledge from a time before or after your years – this is normal for shamans to experience and it’s another sign of your spiritual calling.

Now the choice is yours, will you be ignoring your shamanic awakening? Or embracing the unique, sacred gift you were chosen to deliver to the world?


If you’ve experienced some of the signs above, you could well be at the start of your shamanic awakening.

It’s important that you follow this path as not everyone is chosen to take on this responsibility – that and the fact that the world is in dire need of such shamanic healing practices.

As healers of this world, shamans are invaluable. Ancient remedies may sound outdated, but they clearly make a difference, even reaching where modern medicine can’t.

And luckily, more and more people are starting to understand just how powerful shamanism is, and how it could be the answer we need in such a materialistic, detached world.

So, even if you feel afraid, don’t shy away from it.

Continue your research, follow the calling of your soul, work on yourself until you’re in a position to heal others. Be proud of the path you’re on.

Good luck on your journey!

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Written by Kiran Athar

Kiran is a foodie, writer and traveler. She considers herself a citizen of the world, who gets her inspiration from the people she meets along her journeys. She's currently living in Spain, where she spends her time writing, watching the shepherds and eating tapas in the mountains of Andalucía.

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