15 signs you have a powerful and captivating presence

Do you think you are a captivating person? Maybe you’re hesitant to admit it, but people do stop and stare at you when you enter a room…

And it’s not for nothing. There’s just something about you that people gravitate towards, but you’re not sure what.

Here are 15 signs you have a powerful and captivating presence, so you’ll know what’s up next time.

Let’s get into it!

1) You notice people staring wherever you go

The first sign that you have a powerful and captivating presence is this: people stare at you wherever you go!

For many, that’s probably the first time they realized that there’s something different about them. I mean, why else would other people bother to give them a second look?

We’ve all got things to do, but sometimes, we can get inspired by someone interesting when we least expect it…

And you’re that person – people can tell when you’re not quite like everyone else, for the very simple reason that you carry yourself differently.

Maybe it’s the way you walk: confident and powerful. 

Or it could be the assured grin on your face; it shows that you have it all figured out.

2) You help others freely, and they listen

Next up on the list: you help others freely, and they listen to you – that’s because they know it’s valuable advice!

You’re probably someone who’s been through a lot in life. Here’s what I mean.

Maybe you’ve had a divorce, been laid off multiple times, and moved too far from your family to feel supported!

And yet you’re always keeping a positive spirit and hoping for the best; you work hard for the future, and you inspire others to do the same. 

That’s likely a reason you have a powerful and captivating presence: you’ve been through some real sh*t but you’re still standing!

People know when they’ve met someone who’s seen the worst of everything…and if they’re genuine, they’ll want to hear all about it. 

3) They want to become more like you

That’s because they want to be more like you…knowing what you’re capable of.

Well, not the “down on your luck” bit, of course…but many people wish they could have that mental fortitude you’ve built your whole life!

It might be hard to believe, I get it. And you’re probably your own worst critic if you’ve been through that much.

But that’s why you have such a strong presence; it’s like when a celebrity walks by at the supermarket and you can’t take your eyes off of them!

We all have our idols to keep us going in the game of life. And well, you might not be a superstar, but you might actually be someone else’s role model…

4) You feel like you were born to lead

This one’s a big sign, and I don’t know if you’ve often felt that way.

If you find that people look up to you and you don’t know why, it might be because you’re someone with great leadership skills!

You’re probably the one who gets people excited to give their best on a project, or the person who chases everyone to meet their deadlines! 

Hell, maybe you thrive being a cheerleader for others.

And maybe you never always had a powerful and captivating presence. But through your professional experiences, you’ve developed it pretty much from scratch!

5) You talk openly about your feelings (even the bad)

art of living in the present moment 1 15 signs you have a powerful and captivating presence

Now this is an important yet overlooked sign of someone with such a presence: you talk openly about your feelings, the good and the bad.

But mostly the bad, I have to say. And that’s because it’s not easy to be vulnerable with others about the things that make us feel small…

We all want to feel confident in our lives and to get past major milestones with as little setbacks as possible. 

As I mentioned earlier, though, you’re probably someone who’s been through hell and back!

That’s why it’s no big deal for you to share your experiences: you even hope that they can inspire someone to keep going during hard times…

6) You share your hopes and dreams with others

…and that’s a reason why you share your hopes and dreams with them. You want people to know what’s possible.

And you want them to know that achieving their dreams takes effort. After all, you’re a self-made man/woman who credits their success to hard work!   

Here’s why sharing your hopes and dreams with others is a sign of a powerful and captivating presence: you’re someone people look up to, like I mentioned earlier.

Everyone struggles – life is not a bed of roses. But you know how to get out of the mindset that everything sucks; and that’s what people want to learn from you!

7) You don’t need anyone’s approval (and people can tell)

Let’s talk about this next sign of a powerful and captivating presence: you live by your own rules.

In other words, you don’t need anyone’s approval to live your life. You only do things the way you see fit!

See, this isn’t easy to get into. Many of us are held back by the rules in society, such as:

  • Needing to earn a high salary despite hating our job
  • Marrying the right man/woman without knowing what “right” means
  • Having kids before a certain age because it’s a “competition”
  • Mixing with the right group of people in order to succeed

All of this just bullsh*t to you, because everyone’s circumstances are different – including yours…

After all, you’re the only one who can make the best decisions for your life. Not society. And people can see that; they want to know just how you got here!

8) You’re the person people go to for advice

That’s why you’re the person everyone goes to for advice. Are you nodding your head right now?

It doesn’t matter who: your friends, family, and maybe even your colleagues. They all know that you’ll give it to them straight, which is what many of us need these days… 

9) They feel intimidated when they see you

That said, people do feel intimidated when they talk to you! Why?

Well, we’ve talked about how your experiences led to who you are today: someone who’s knowledgeable and unafraid to face life’s challenges!

People wish they could be that courageous, and so, speaking with you makes them shake. Hopefully not too much!

10) You feel that you can easily influence others

This is another sign that you have a powerful and captivating presence: you feel like you could easily influence others.

But of course, as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. And you’re always making sure that you’re influencing others in the right way.

Here’s an example of how you do that. 

By sharing stories about how life has kicked your a**, you’ve decided to help others reach their fullest potential!

11) You try to lead a meaningful life (and it shows)

habits of confident woman 15 signs you have a powerful and captivating presence

And that’s how you try to lead a meaningful life: by giving back to others…

That’s what also gives you a captivating presence – you’re someone who believes that life shouldn’t be complicated. It should consist of the simplest things: love, generosity, and kindness!

I know what you’re thinking: that’s bull. And maybe it’s far too optimistic considering the state of the world today…

But you’re someone who keeps the faith, knowing that each one of us deserves to lead a life we fully believe in!

12) You’re someone who doesn’t take b*llshit

As I mentioned earlier, someone with a powerful presence doesn’t take b*llshit. And well, why would they?

We’ve already explored how someone like you probably spends their time helping others, not giving in to drama…

And that’s why people admire you: you don’t care for social niceties, which is…

13) You never, ever waste anyone’s time 

…a waste of time! That’s right, you’re someone who makes sure to never waste anyone’s time.

But it’s not as simple as keeping to a schedule. You know that time spent with others is precious, and should be meaningful…

So here’s how you do it: you let people know what to expect when you’re together so no one’s going to get into something they didn’t agree to.

It could be anything from a quick date, to a serious business meeting…

Nothing can get in the way of the boundaries you’ve set in these situations!

14) You’re meticulous in what you do

Of course, since you’re someone who believes that time is precious, you’re meticulous in everything that you do. 

When you get into the zone while working at your passions, nothing can stop you. And nothing can take you out of it for long…because you’re anchored to your life’s purpose

And people can see that – it also makes them gravitate towards you…

15) You don’t have to try (all you do is be yourself)

Last but not least, you don’t have to try at all! Your powerful and captivating presence is simply a result of you being yourself.

You know what they say: some people just have a “je ne sais quoi” about them, and you can’t fake it.

Keep embracing your truest self and pay no mind to the haters!

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