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15 warning signs of a phony person

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Do you know someone in your life that might be a phony? It’s hard to tell, right?

There are so many warning signs of fakeness out there. It’s easy to confuse someone who is just not always genuine with a person who is purposely deceptive.

Here are 15 signs that this person’s a phonyem.

1) They will never acknowledge any wrongdoing on their part

Even when faced with indisputable evidence that they were in fact wrong, a phony person will never admit it.

They will never apologize or accept blame. This phony person’s ego will never allow them to recognize that they’ve done anything wrong.

‘Cause you know what? They will just deny it, blame someone else, or even lie about it. This kind of person is very difficult to deal with since their behavior is based on the fear of getting caught.

In fact, they will always turn their attention to you.

When confronted on their misdeeds, the phony person will never take any ownership of their wrong-doing.

Instead of admitting the problem, they will begin to make excuses and justify why they did what they did.

Or they will just change the subject and start talking about something else entirely.

A phony person rarely takes responsibility for their actions or acknowledges them as bad choices.

2) They will never say they are sorry

Being able to apologize and let someone know that you are at fault makes you a more responsible person.

Everyone has done things in their lives that they should not have done. But this phony person will never accept responsibility for their actions. Instead, they’ll just keep on insisting that they were right all along.

So no… they don’t say they are sorry very often.

In fact, if you ask this kind of person if they are sorry, you’ll probably get the same story over and over again: “You’re wrong! I wasn’t wrong!” Definitely not a sign that this is a genuine person!

They avoid accountability and responsibility for their wrong actions.

A phony person will always defend themselves by trying to shift the blame to another party.

3) They always talk about what is wrong with you and your situation

Want to know something annoying? A phony person will always make sure to bring up your past mistakes, failures or shortcomings in conversations or private correspondence.

These behaviors show that this person can’t stand the fact that they are still stuck in a rut and is determined to drag you down with them.

A phony person will make sure you know what is wrong with your life and never talks about what’s wrong with themselves or their own life.

How annoying is it when you are with your company talking about great things and this one person suddenly brings up how you’re going broke, can’t find a job, or are depressed?

You know what it’s like to hear the same things over and over again… this is clearly a person who is not genuine. A phony person is always on their mission to keep the conversation focused on what is wrong with you rather than what is wrong with themselves.

4) They please people too much

The problem with an intense people-pleaser is that they don’t usually have the courage to be their true selves.

They only do the things that will make everyone else happy, thus rarely do they do what makes them happy.

People that are phony will always be your best friend when you need something from them. But as soon as you stop giving them attention or they don’t need anything anymore they will just disappear.

They will not remain true to themselves and are always trying to please someone else.

You never really know who the phony person is or what they are about.

5) They are dishonest

This is perhaps one of the major signs that this person might be phony.

Do you know someone who never gets busted for stealing? Or who always lies but never get caught? This is a sure sign that something else is going on.

A person can be dishonest when they feel like they will become the victim of being mistreated, especially their ego.

This kind of person won’t tell the truth even when it’s easier to just admit that they were wrong and apologize.

Being honest is not their way of living and if you are in a relationship with this kind of person, you know what it’s like to try and prove them wrong so many times… but at the end of the day, it’s just not worth it.

6) They say one thing and do another

A phony person will say one thing, but do another. This person will make promises that are never kept.

They may claim to love you, yet they will never be there for you through the tough times.

Truth be told, if it’s easier for them not to be there for you, and that’s what they’ll do. A phony person can be very convincing at times to others and they always seem to avoid taking personal responsibility for their actions.

They will tell you that they would never do something like this but it is easier for them not to be around you, they will definitely walk away.

This behavior is also a sign of dishonesty because it’s really just a way of avoiding being judged or held accountable for their actions. A phony person will always avoid being judged or embarrassed by their actions.

This is an easy way for them to make sure they don’t really have to follow through on a promise.

They are dishonest and can easily manipulate other people’s emotions towards them.

7) They talk about themselves a lot and yet never ask you anything about your life or interests

They are the kind of people who will give you a hug and a kiss on the cheek when they see you but they’ll always miss an opportunity to ask you anything.

With this kind of person, there is always an imbalance in conversations because they never talk about what interests you or what is going on in your life.

A phony person can also be very selfish. They will talk about themselves, their new car, their money or how great they are, yet they’ll never ask you anything about your life.

This person is always focused on themselves and only think of themselves. This is why they are phony… they always think the world revolves around them.

8) They spread gossip

A phony person will always “talk behind your back”, since there is no way they can do it to your face.

They like to spread gossip and rumors about others.

This type of person is also very judgmental and is quick to pass judgment on others when they know absolutely nothing about them. They make assumptions based on what others have said about someone else which causes them to spread gossip and rumors.

So, if you know a person who never runs out of stories about other people, they are definitely phony.

9) They have so many excuses

Excusitis is a form of manipulation used by phony people. It’s a way that they use to avoid accepting personal responsibility for their actions.

A phony person will always find excuses rather than taking responsibility for their actions and this is why they are fake or not genuine people.

They might say:

  •  “I didn’t have time” or
  •  “It’s not my fault” or
  •  “The traffic” or even
  • “The dog ate my homework”

You’ve probably heard these kinds of excuses before and you know what the end result is… they never take responsibility for their actions.

They become a very manipulative person as they can just get away with everything and wind up not taking responsibility for anything.

10) They are emotionally unavailable

A phony person usually has low self-esteem or is insecure about themselves.

This is why they will rarely talk about themselves and what makes them happy. This is also a major sign that they might not be genuine… because the only way they can feel good about themselves is to make other people feel bad.

Usually, a phony person tries to avoid recognizing their own emotions and may project their feelings onto other people in a negative way towards them. They will whine, complain, and be negative about everything.

The worst part is? They are very negative people who never think positively about anything or anyone.

This certain person will never think of themselves as being good enough to do anything. So when they see someone else that is better than them at something, they’ll have to bring them down or make fun of them in a negative way.

11) They are very insecure

A phony person will never accept compliments easily. They won’t say thank you and they might even deny that the compliment is anything special.

They don’t like themselves very much and what makes it worse is that they don’t think other people love them either. This kind of person will always question others if they really do care about them or if they really love them.

Get this: they will always be worried that they are not good enough for others.

They feel like they are not good looking, or that they don’t have the right clothes on, or even that others don’t like them for who they are. This is why a phony person never accepts compliments easily.

12) They create drama in their lives and make everything more complicated than it needs to be

Do you know who likes to create dramas and be on dramas? A phony person.

They will always create dramas and conversations about other people when there is no need to do it.

They may be the ones that likes to gossip, but they do it in a sneaky way where they aren’t even being honest with themselves by saying “Oh! I didn’t mean to say that” or “I didn’t mean for you to hear that” or “I just said it because I was joking around. ”

They will always be the one that likes to play games, but he or she doesn’t want you to know. He or she will keep playing games just so that you can’t see through him or her.

13) They have a fake life online

If you notice the posts they have on their social media accounts, you will see something strange about their lifestyle. You may notice that there is something “fake” about the things they post.

While it could be interesting to look at his or her Instagram account, you’ll notice that he or she is always posting selfies and pictures of them and some other friends on vacations… but never really spending time with their family.

If you notice this trend of their posting patterns, you’ll more than likely see a big difference between their online profile and how they live in real life. If this is the case, they might be using social media as a way to make themselves look better than they really are.

14) They are constantly changing their stories

A phony person is very good at changing the story mid-conversation.

They will never admit the truth or they always find a way to make it not your fault by switching around what they said and making it all about you.

They will do this in a way that makes it seem like they were just kidding or that you misunderstood them. They will say things that are completely the opposite of what they said earlier that day.

Not only that, they might talk about having a busy night the night before and then later, in the afternoon say that they didn’t do anything all day.

A phony person is very good at making up to stories and changing their stories when it fits their needs.

15) They are poor listeners

A phony person has a habit of not being attentive to what the other person is saying.

They don’t take a lot of interest in what you are saying because their mind is always somewhere else.

Always, they are thinking about themselves and how they can do better and make excuses for everything they do.

In this way, they won’t be as attentive to the things you say… so don’t bother opening up to them or even share just trivial stuff with them.

What you say will just go to their left ear straight out to their right ear.

Final words

When you have a phony person in your life, it will be hard to know what is going on in their mind.

They can’t be trusted and they will never tell the truth about anything since they always want to be right and make it seem like they’ve got nothing to hide.

They’re afraid that someone might see things in them that are bad or bad qualities.

People like this do a lot of damage and hurt other people with the way they treat them. They are impossible to trust since, they are far from being reliable.

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