15 surprising signs of a male empath (complete guide)

Do you happen to know a male empath?

Most people would think of empaths as women.

It’s true that so-called “male empaths” are much less common, but they’re out there.

And they may be the most difficult to spot if you don’t know what to look for.

But we have your back!

Here’s a list of some 15 surprising signs an emotionally sensitive man might exhibit that will help you identify him in your life!

1) He’s a great listener

A male empath is an excellent listener.

He attentively treats everyone as an equal, without judgment or prejudice.

Good listeners are often misjudged because they don’t talk much themselves.

He doesn’t just hear and listen to others; he takes in everything about them as if it were his own experience.

He’s able to feel what the other person is feeling without necessarily being in their shoes.

Empathy isn’t just “feeling another’s pain. It’s also about experiencing joy and gratitude.”

So how do you detect one?

He’ll let you talk about your day and really delve into what’s going on with you.

He’ll ask questions, too, and follow up with the appropriate sympathy and concern.

In fact, he’ll probably be more interested in you than in telling you about his day.

How this surprises people is that he won’t just sit there passively.

He’ll be urgent about getting your story out of you.

And you may feel so comfortable opening up to him that you don’t even realize how much he knows about you!

This is just one of the many reasons women love male empaths so much.

2) He’s a “yes” man

An emotionally sensitive guy might not always say “no,” but he never says “yes” unless he actually wants to do whatever it is that you’re asking him to do.

And why is that?

This is because he understands that it’s not about keeping his word or giving in, but about what makes sense for everyone involved and how much effort is involved.

He won’t hesitate to do any task that you may need help with.

He empathetically puts himself in your shoes and feels compelled to help you out.

However, as helpful as he may seem, he won’t say yes if he really means no.

He’ll be honest with you and find an alternative solution instead.

This is because, as we said earlier, he’s an excellent listener.

He knows how to read people in an unjudging way and figure out what’s best for everyone involved (including himself).

Sometimes, he’ll even try to protect you from harm by stepping in as a savior when an uncomfortable situation arises.

Even if he can’t help out, he’ll stay by your side as much as possible and reassure you that you’re not in danger.

This is just one more example of how empathetic men are.

3) He’s a good conversationalist

We already agreed that an empath is a good listener and knows how to listen.

But he’s also a good conversationalist at the same time because he “knows” how to listen while also knowing what to say at the right time.

He’ll listen attentively and attentively ask questions, too.

He won’t feel the need to dominate the conversation by saying things that he thinks you might want to hear.

If he’s not sure of what you want, he’ll feel compelled to ask.

But if he knows what you want, then he’ll feel more empowered to say it for you.

He’ll speak with empathy and concern and really understand you on a deeper level.

This is part of his nature, and he’ll never do it just to please or impress you.

And if the conversation starts to die, he won’t try to make things worse by desperately trying to keep it alive.

He knows how to initiate one-sided conversations that you feel comfortable with.

For that, he will take on the role of a good listener who knows when to ask questions and when to keep them passive.

4) He’s protective

Men, in general, tend to be protective of their loved ones, but empaths are even more direct about it.

They are especially protective of women they care about because they know how vulnerable they can be.

Empaths, therefore, have a hard time backing down from anyone that they feel poses a threat to them and their loved ones.

This is how an empath knows how to protect you from harm.

He will know when to step in and stand up for you and when not to get involved.

And if he does get involved, he’ll only do so based on his understanding of the situation, not out of desperation or fear.

He’ll be conscious of his actions and will not just react. Instead, he’ll observe and think before he acts.

He’ll be cautious and deliberate, not just reactive.

He’ll always know when to be emotional and when to be cold.

5) He’s very sensitive socially

Most men aren’t very receptive to emotional women.

They can get easily offended and negative by the way that they’re perceived.

But empaths have an especially hard time with this because they understand their emotional nature better than others do.

They’re always aware of how they come across as too sensitive, and they’ll work to keep a very close eye on their emotions in social settings.

Empaths are generally very sensitive to social cues and body language.

They pick up on the mood in a room, they know what they’re supposed to do, and they keep those things in mind.

The way they pick up on these things has been compared to a “sixth sense.”

They can tell exactly how you’re feeling even when you may not be able to.

The fact that an empath is emotional means that he’s more sensitive than average concerning social interactions.

He will enjoy closeness with others as if it were a comfort zone and won’t be able to function properly without this sensibility.

He’ll feel closer to you when he’s with you than he would be with anyone else, and he won’t have much need fo the kind of closeness and comfort that comes with relationships.

But if he wants to have those feelings, they’ll come from his empathy towards others.

And that’s how he can be such a great boyfriend.

6) He’s caring and compassionate

An empath is compassionate to friends and strangers alike because he understands the significance of living in a world full of people with different needs and expectations.

He knows how to be direct and sympathetic with loved ones, but is also a good listener.

He’ll be able to keep your best interests in mind while also being mindful of your feelings.

For that reason, it won’t take much for him to get you out of a sad mood or cheer you up when things aren’t going so smoothly.

Being an empath means he feels the pain of those who suffer, but it also means that he’s able to take pleasure in life with those who appreciate it.

He’ll feel closest to you when you’re thinking about what you want or when he’s helping others.

But he’ll feel that same sense of closeness with those who genuinely appreciate him, too.

This would seem to be the most common trait of all empaths because they care so much.

However, they’re also very capable of being detached in certain situations.

For example.

They can detach themselves from their emotions and not feel compassion for others if they’re trying to think “logically” instead of feeling “emotionally.”

But they’ll have no problem putting their inner emotions aside and becoming compassionate towards someone when they feel touched by them.

In this case, they’re able to detach and stay wise with their compassion.

7) He’s highly intuitive

Empaths have a highly developed intuition.

Not only do they pick up on things that other people don’t, but they can see into the future on a deeper level than others.

They can always “sense” situations before they happen, and they can tell how you’ll react based on what’s happening in your life at that time.

This is the most common trait of empaths, but it’s also one of the most mysterious.

How do they do this?

We don’t know.

We assume it has something to do with their emotions and their ability to detach from them for a minute.

What this means for an empath is that he’s very aware of his surroundings and often feels “out of place” in them.

He’ll feel disconnected from the world around him even if he’s very skilled.

Even when people are trying to help him, he’ll feel as though they’re not trying hard enough.

Since he’s capable of seeing into the future, he doesn’t have to rely on others to know his next move.

He feels that it’s his responsibility to make the right decision for himself and will do so without much help from others.

It’s how empaths try to feel in control of the world around them even if they feel as though things are out of their hands.

As you can see, being an empath is what makes you a natural leader and motivator.

People are drawn to this kind of personality because it’s so challenging and fascinating.

And when you’re dating an empath, it’s especially challenging because he’ll bring all of these traits with him into your relationship.

chander mohan 69MkQHA2inc unsplash 15 surprising signs of a male empath (complete guide)

8) He’s selfless

Selflessness is one of the most common traits of empaths and empath relationships.

They don’t care about themselves because everything they do is for the benefit of others.

They’ll always put your needs before their own, and they’re extremely protective of you and your feelings.

For example.

If you were upset at something you did, he’d make sure that he’ll be the one to take the blame and step in to help you fix it.

He’ll be very concerned with what will happen if you end up in an argument, and he’ll want to prevent that from happening as best as he can.

He’s deeply selfless, so this takes a huge toll on him if it’s something that happens often.

It’s hard to imagine, right?

Even if it’s not the most common trait of empaths, it makes them so great at getting along with others.

It’s also what makes them such good boyfriends.

Empaths have a very strong sense of morality which makes them feel like they have to do right to feel right with themselves.

9) He’s always the first one to help

Empaths are very compassionate and helpful people who’ll often put themselves in harm’s way to protect others.

This is how they show their selflessness in every situation, and it’s also how they can make such great boyfriends.

They’re willing to help everyone and also want to step in when it needs to be done.

A male empath is not selfish and will not hesitate to lend a helping hand whenever you need him.

Whether it be at home, at work, at school, etc., he comes quickly when someone calls for help!

The male empath cares so deeply about everyone in his life that he will drop anything and everything that he is doing to help out a friend or loved one.

This man must be the perfect friend, partner, child – all in one!

Read along.

10) He’s affirming

An empath is a positive person by nature.

He’ll see the world as beautiful and filled with the best intentions and will always want to share these vibes of positivity with others.

He wants to inspire, comfort, and encourage people in an empathetic way that encourages them to do better things as well.

He’ll want to nurture people and help them grow as individuals.

This is a very winning trait in a relationship because it shows how much he cares about you as a person.

And not just as his girlfriend or his wife, but as a unique human being with her thoughts and opinions.

An empath is always right there to affirm what you’re thinking or feeling when you’re the one who needs it most.

He becomes the light in the dark times.

He makes people feel cherished, heard, and validated.

11) He’s naturally submissive

Submissiveness is a quality that is innate in a male empath.

It has nothing to do with the way he was raised or the people he grew up with.

He was made this way, and it makes him a natural submissive partner to women.

Empaths have a very natural sense of submission, and they have no problem yielding to others when necessary.

This makes them such great partners when you’re in a relationship because they’re willing to give everything they have in every situation.

They know that sometimes their partner will need to take over, but they’ll be ready for this!

They’ll always listen to what you’re saying, and if you ask for his help or guidance he’ll be there for you.

He’s naturally submissive because he wants to relinquish control of his life to someone who needs it more.

He might not always like to be in charge because he doesn’t feel that it’s his responsibility.

Instead, he feels that it’s the other person’s responsibility to make their own decisions and lead the relationship.

He takes on a follower role simply because it makes him feel comfortable and safe.

As an empath, he’s a very spiritual person who feels connected to the world around him.

He has a deep understanding of things that others don’t, and he feels like it’s his responsibility to share this knowledge with them.

He’s able to sense things before they happen, and he tries to use this as a tool to help people make the right decisions every time.

He lets other people lead and he gives his full support and trust that they will do their best.

He is a team player and follows authority as a sign of respect.

12) He’s highly sensitive to the feelings of others

Isn’t it nice to have someone aware of your feelings?

A male empath knows how to read the people around him, especially those with whom he is close.

He’s always sensitive to the feelings of others and understands exactly what is going on in their minds.

And that’s why he’s so attractive as a boyfriend!

Empaths are usually the people who can remember everyone’s birthday and are very caring of their friends, family, and coworkers.

They often feel things ‘intensely’ as they take on others’ feelings as their own.

When you’re around an empath, how you feel is like a barometer for him.

He can tell immediately when something is bothering you or if there’s something wrong with your mood.

He understands that he knows someone’s feelings and what they’re going through better than they do.

He can pick up on the slightest changes in their mood and behavior to help them make the right decisions.

His intuition and sensitivity are his strongest traits, and he makes sure that he uses them at all times because of how much they mean to him.

13) He’s compassionate and insightful

Like I said before, empaths are very kind and compassionate people who want to help others in any way they can.

They’re much more interested in others’ feelings and needs than they are in their own.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t know what’s best for them, but first and foremost, they want to care for others.

In the realm of relationships, this is a winning quality because it shows how much he cares about you as an individual.

He knows that he doesn’t have to worry about his feelings because he knows that you are going to take care of yours.

But there’s a reason for this trait that you need to understand about empaths.

They’re highly sensitive to the feelings of other people as well as their intentions.

This is a part of their innate nature, and it makes them more intuitive than most people around them.

14) He’s absolutely loyal

He’ll never give up on you.

An empath will always be there for you through thick and thin.

He won’t leave you when times get tough because he knows exactly what it’s like to be broken-hearted in a relationship.

A male empath has been hurt countless times in his past, and yet he remains loyal to anyone who has captured his heart.

A sensitive guy will be extremely loyal because his empathy makes him feel responsible for the happiness of those around him.

He’ll do anything to help them out and go to great lengths to ensure their well-being.

Do you know someone this loyal?

If you do, don’t let this person go- as a friend or as a partner.

And the last sign of a male empath,

15) He’s genuinely happy

An empath feels more genuine happiness in his life than anyone else.

This is because of his natural ability to sense the emotions of others and how genuinely happy he is with himself.

He’s secure in who he is and what he has, and this makes him a very happy person overall.

He might be a little too happy for someone else’s liking, but this doesn’t stop him from being content in life.

He truly feels like he lives a perfect life, and everything he does seems to make him happy.

It’s something that you need to understand about empaths to truly appreciate them.

They’re not the people for everyone, but if you do meet one, know that he has won your heart without you even realizing it.

This is what many people look for in a boyfriend or partner because it shows that he cares about them and will always root for them.

He truly wants to be happy for you.

Your happiness becomes his happiness too!

Isn’t he amazing?

We have reached the end of this article.

I hope you enjoyed it.

I hope that you now have a better understanding of just how empathic males are.

They’re compassionate, loyal, sensitive souls who would do anything for the people around them- even if this means that they put their happiness aside.

They’re wonderful boyfriends, husbands, and friends with a unique aura about them that makes them stand out from other men.

They’re sensitive, but they are also deeply caring people who will always love you no matter what.

They could be the perfect partner you are seeking.

What sign of an empath were you most surprised to learn about?

Do you know any males like this in your life right now?

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