10 undeniable signs a married woman is into you (and what to do about it)

If you’re looking for the girl of your dreams, you might come across a lady who is happily married.

You might have even become friends with her before considering a relationship.

Regardless, you’re probably wondering whether she likes you or not.

Here are the top 10 signs that indicate a married woman likes you but is trying to hide it:

1. She gives you compliments.

If she likes you, she will compliment you.

Not only will she compliment you, but also she will give you even a lot of positive feedback.

Everything from your clothes to the way you look will get a positive comment from her.

You might be confused why she wants to give you compliments when you have expressed no interest in having a relationship with her.

She does this to keep you interested and make you feel good about yourself.

In return for giving you compliments, she is hoping that one day, you will notice her back and become interested.

2. She asks about your other women (meaning other girls) or your last girlfriend or wife.

With this one, it’s pretty obvious what she wants to know.

If she asks you about your last girlfriend and how long you two were together, then she is wondering if you are over that girl.

She wants to know if you are ready to start dating again.

What’s more?

If she asks about your other women, then she is making sure that you are not involved with someone else.

She also wants to know if you can move on from a relationship and be with other girls in the future.

She wants to know when she will be the main person in your life.

If she makes you feel uncomfortable about that, then she probably likes you and is keeping her feelings a secret.

3. She gives you a lot of attention.

She will be in your face all the time and not only that, she will also make it seem like you are the only man she is talking to.

She will not care if you are a married man with three kids, she likes you and will make it her mission to make sure you know it.

She makes it seem like no one else matters around her besides you.

If she is interested in being with you, then she shows it by giving you all of the attention.

She will constantly be talking to you and trying to figure out if you are really interested in her.

She does this to make sure that you do not forget about her and that she will continue to be on your mind.

If she keeps showing interest in you, and you cannot get her off your mind, it means that she likes you and wants to be with you.

4. She is not afraid of expressing her feelings.

If she likes you, she will not be afraid to show her interest.

She will let you know that she wants to be with you, even though she is married.

She wants to make sure that her husband knows she is not interested in him, but she is interested in you.

She will let her true feelings out regardless of the consequences.

In addition to that,

If she likes you, her goal is to make sure that you are attracted to her and also make you fall in love with her.

She knows that if she makes herself interesting enough, then there is a good chance of getting what she wants.

She sees it as something normal and not weird at all, especially when she sees that you do not want her in that way either.

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5. She offers to do things for you.

When someone is interested in you, they will do anything they can to make you happy.

She will offer to help you with your problems by listening and just talking it out with you.

She will be there for you and see that you need to be happy.

If she is interested in you, then she will make sure to take care of you and make your life better.

She will be there for you in the good times and the bad.

If she offers to help you out, then she is hoping that you will realize that she is there for you and that she can make a difference in your life.

6. She gives attention to your friends or family.

If she likes you, then she will also invest interest in your family, friends, and other things that are important to you.

She will want to make sure that they are all happy and comfortable.

She will want to make sure that they understand her and her feelings for you.

Besides, if she likes you a lot, she will try to get them on your side and make them feel good about you and your relationship.

She will do anything in order to make sure that their opinions of you change for the better.

She will also look out for your family’s needs and do anything she can to make sure they are taken care of.

7. She asks you to do things with her.

She will ask to go places with you and hang out with you, especially when she is not around her husband.

She will ask to go shopping with you instead of her husband and she will even take separate cars just so she can spend more time with you.

If she wants to hang out with you, then she is interested in you and wants to be with you.

She will also want to make sure that she has your attention and that you are committed to spending time with her.

She knows that if more time goes by with the two of you together, then there is a good chance of getting what she wants.

She wants to make sure that you are really interested in being a part of her life.

8. She spends more money on you than she should.

If she likes you, then she will spend unnecessary amounts of money on you and make it so that the two of you can go out to eat even when it is not a special occasion. .

She will make sure to take you out to give you a good time and show that she cares about what you want.

She will also spend so much money on gifts for you, such as jewelry or expensive dinners and things that do not need to be done for your relationship.


She will do this just because she enjoys being around you and does not want to be away from her for any other reason than being with you.

She will also spend money on you to make you feel important and special because she likes you and she wants you to be happy.

The best way to gain your attention is to do something big for you.

9. She acts like a child around you.

When she likes you, she will act like a kid who just got a toy and cannot wait to play with it.

She will not care if you are too old for her, or married with kids, she will still be interested in you.

She will be flirty with you and make jokes that are hard to follow.

This married woman will try to get your attention and please you in every way possible.

After all, she wants to feel wanted by you and that she is a part of your life.

She will act silly around you and make sure that everyone knows she is interested in you.

Furthermore, she will make you feel at ease and comfortable because she wants to be with you and have a good time.

10. She wants you to know that she is not interested in anyone else.

She will let you know that she is not interested in any other man because she wants you to feel secure and comfortable.

She wants you to feel like you are the only one that she is interested in and that you do not have to worry about other men.

She will let you know that she is all yours and that no one else has her attention.

If she sees that you are not feeling comfortable or secure in your relationship, she will do everything possible to let you feel at ease and happy again.

The cool thing is:

If she likes you, then she wants you to feel like a king, even if it is only a figure of speech.

She will let you know that she is interested in only you, so there is no reason for you to worry about another man trying to take her away from you.

She also does this because if she does not have anything on her mind besides you, it will show how committed she is and how serious she is about spending time with you.

What to do when a married woman is into you

1. Don’t start a relationship.

Even if you are attracted to this woman, you should not start a relationship.

You may find yourself in a situation where you are sleeping with her behind her husband’s back and this could get very complicated very fast.

Your involvement with another man’s wife will also damage your relationship with him.

In addition that, if she is unhappy in the marriage and looking for someone to be her friend, then you can offer support and friendship.

If she is looking for sex or an affair, then you should let her know that you are not interested and walk away.

If you want a relationship, then search for a single woman.

2. Stay away from a sexually explicit conversation.

If you want to start an online friendship with a married woman, it should be based on meaningful conversation.

If she is sending you sexually suggestive pictures or telling you that she wants to have sex with you, then you need to tell her that this is not appropriate.

This woman may feel desperate and if this happens, she may try to entice you into having an affair.

You should tell her that you will not respond to these types of messages.

You need to remind yourself that this kind of relationship cannot work out in the long-run.

Do not talk about sex. This will only cause tension.

3. Suggest counseling for her.

You may be able to encourage her into talking about her unhappiness in the marriage and help her find a resolution with her husband.

You can also suggest that she contact a counselor and help her talk through her situation.

A counselor or pastor could offer an unbiased view of the situation and help get her some perspective about the situation.

What’s more?

You should tell her that this could just cause more problems for your spouse and make him more suspicious about you.

It is simply offering an ear to listen and encouraging her to speak with her husband before pursuing anything further.

If you are getting into a relationship with her, then you may be committing adultery. If this is the case, then you will be breaking the law and can face serious legal penalties.

Final thoughts:

If you have a woman that is interested in you, she will make sure to show it.

She will do whatever she can to make sure that you are happy and are comfortable in your relationship.

She will make time to go out on dates with you, but she will also make time to hang out with your family too.

Even when her husband asks her to do something important, she will put him off until later because she knows how important it is for her and you to still spend time together.

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