9 signs a man will always love you, according to psychology

True love isn’t just an idea! It’s real and it can happen to you.

How else do so many couples live a happy life together forever?

When a man truly loves you, and that love is going to last forever, he won’t act like anyone else you’ve ever dated.

According to psychology, there will be signs.

1) He loves more than just your body

Love isn’t skin deep. Your appearance will change a million times in your life. Like if you have children, gain weight, lose weight, change hairstyles, turn gray, grow dimples, get wrinkles, or fall really sick at one point in your life.

But your personality and the fundamentals of who you are probably won’t change that much throughout your life.

Which is why everlasting love is about more than what’s on the surface! A man who truly loves you won’t just love you for your body.

The compliments he pays you won’t just be about how hot you look. He won’t be less attracted to you if something about your appearance changes. He’ll never say he “won’t love you if you get rid of your blonde hair” – or anything like that.

He’ll love you for you – and you’ll know it from how much he loves YOU as a person.

2) He finds you beautiful when you aren’t dressed up

Even though love isn’t skin deep, he’s still going to find you beautiful! But he won’t just find you attractive when you’re all dressed up and ready to go out.

He’ll find you beautiful when you aren’t “looking your best”. Like when you wake up in the morning and your hair is all over the place. Or when you’re sick and lazing around in your pajamas.

Basically, it won’t matter at all what you’re wearing or what you look like. He’ll find you beautiful and he’ll be attracted to you no matter what.

3) He genuinely compliments you

You won’t just hear him say how smoking hot he thinks you look or how great you are in bed. Of course, he probably will say these things at some point!

But mostly, you’ll get compliments from him that are so much more touching. Like how beautiful your smile is or how much he loves your laugh.

He’ll compliment your kindness and say how grateful he is to have you in his life. He’ll appreciate how hard you work and things like how nice you are to his family.

All in all, his compliments will be about YOU. And he’ll give them because he loves all of you – not just what’s on the surface or what happens in the bedroom…

4) He loves your eyes

Your body changes a whole lot throughout your life. But your eyes never do. They stay the same.

If a guy is madly in love with you – the kind of love that’ll last forever – your eyes will be the thing he’ll love most about you.

They’re what he’ll look into for guidance when he needs help. They’re what he’ll get support from when he’s going through a hard time. They’re what will make him fall even more in love with you every day he looks into them.

He’ll get lost in them sometimes, too, staring into your eyes way after you’ve finished talking to him. He’ll even look at pictures of you just so he can look into your eyes when he’s not around you!

5) He sees you as his best friend (genuinely!)

You don’t have to be “best” friends to be in love. But there is evidence to suggest that everlasting love should be built upon a solid friendship.

A study found that the longer couples had been together, the more likely they were to see each other as their best friend. You could say this is down to spending more time together, and therefore growing closer over the years.

But realistically, it’s likely due to how the couples found both friendship and love within each other.

So if a guy is going to love you forever, he should see you as his best friend. You should be the person he wants to speak to about anything. You should be who he wants to see after a bad day. You should be the person he relies on the most.

Even though he’ll have other friends and people he’s close to, you’ll be his best friend as well as them – and you won’t ever doubt it.

6) He’s always honest with you

signs you have an emotionally healthy relationship according to psychology 9 signs a man will always love you, according to psychology

True, everlasting love is built upon a deep respect for one another. Lying to someone you claim to love isn’t respectful – there’s no question about it.

Even white lies are a little hard to make when you truly love someone. So if a guy has everlasting love for you, he isn’t going to lie to you – for any reason.

He’ll tell you the truth even when he’s embarrassed about it. No reason will ever be good enough to lie to you – not because he’s “ashamed”, “felt awkward”, or “forgot”.

Lying to you will feel disrespectful and he’d never abuse your trust like that!

7) He likes making you happy (and goes out of his way to do it)

Can you imagine a love story where the guy claims to love his wife but doesn’t like seeing her happy? If she ever is happy, he brings her down or rains on her parade.

It wouldn’t be a love story, would it? You’d be expecting a breakup and for her to find someone who treats her nicer for it to be a love story!

Which is why a guy who will love you forever will only ever want to make you happy. Almost every day, he’ll go out of his way to make you smile.

Seeing you sad, hurt, or upset will be the worst thing for him. So if you’re ever feeling down, he might surprise you with your favorite chocolate or a hot date.

Even when you aren’t feeling down, he’ll do things to bring joy to your life – and not just for you, but because he LIKES doing them, too!

8) He wants to work through hard times

If you’ve ever spoken to elderly couples about how they’ve managed to stay together for so long, they always say the same thing.

They talk about how you have to work through hard times TOGETHER to make things work. They talk about how you have to choose each other every single day.

Many experts believe that love is a choice. Feelings come and go, so you have to choose to keep loving someone and putting the effort in.

Which is exactly why a guy who is going to love you forever isn’t going to run away at the first sign of hardship. He isn’t going to threaten a breakup or throw in the towel every time you disagree on something.

He’s going to stick by you no matter what. He’s going to work hard to resolve the issues you have. And he’s never, ever going to expect YOU to do all the work to make the relationship better.

9) He’s 100% himself around you

Have you ever been with your man around his friends and seen a totally different side to him? Or looked at his Instagram and thought that he isn’t the guy you know?

If he genuinely loves you (a love that will last), you probably won’t relate to the above at all. You know exactly who he is, and he knows who he is with you, too.

You don’t see a different side to him sometimes (or suspect there’s one). He never says that “he needs time” to be himself around you or that knowing him fully will come with the years.

Nope, nope, and nope. Instead, he’ll be 100% himself around you already. He won’t need another year to show you his full personality. He won’t hide parts of himself from you and say that it’s normal.

If he loves you like he wants you to be in his life forever, he’ll just be himself – completely and utterly. Because that’s the only sustainable way to be!

Final thoughts

Love doesn’t always last forever. Some love is only meant to be felt for a short time. Others are meant to last a little longer, but never forever.

But that doesn’t mean everlasting love doesn’t exist! It isn’t something you only find in movies and romance novels.

It’s out there and you just have to find it (and know when you’ve got it).

When you have these things and love him just as much, you really have found that everlasting love, just like in the movies. So hold onto it and don’t let go!

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