15 undeniable signs he wants you to leave him alone

Sometimes a guy just isn’t happy in a relationship and wants to be left alone to think about what he wants to do moving forward with his life.

When he starts talking about how he needs to focus on himself, how you’re too needy, and other things like that, there’s a good chance he wants to be left alone.

Here are 15 undeniable signs that your boyfriend wants you to leave him alone:

1) He says that he needs some space

One of the most common signs that your boyfriend or husband wants to be left alone is if he tells you that he needs some space.

He may need to put some actual physical distance between you, or he may need to put emotional distance.

Either way, he’s probably saying that he needs alone time before he can be with you again.

He may also ask you to stop being clingy because he just needs some time to himself. He wants to find himself again and make his own decisions.

2) He says you don’t understand him

If your man is saying that you don’t understand him, it could be a sign that he’s unhappy, either with life in general or your relationship.

Here’s the deal: he probably feels like you don’t understand his point of view, or he feels like you don’t support him the way he wants you to.

He may tell you that your needs are making it hard for him to focus on himself and find himself again.

Ultimately, he’ll want you to leave him alone because he’s tired of being misunderstood.

3) He says he needs time to think and clear his head

When a guy says that he needs time to think, it’s usually because he has some important decisions to make about his future.

He may want you to leave him alone so that he can really focus on himself and not worry about anything else.

If you try to press him about what he’s thinking about, or if you try to push your own point of view on him, you’ll end up pushing him further away.

He just wants some time to think without distractions.

4) He tells you that he wants to take a break from the relationship

If he says that wants to take a break from the relationship, then it’s pretty clear he wants to be left alone.

Now, maybe he’s not happy with how things have been going with you or maybe he’s not sure how he feels about things.

He may also say that he wants to take some time to think about you and what his future plans are with you.

Some guys think that a relationship will be the solution to all their problems and then they get disappointed with reality.

It’s also possible that he’s curious about what else is out there and wants to date other women.

5) He starts ignoring your texts, calls, and other attempts at contact

If your man is really busy and swamped with work, he may be too busy to respond to your texts, calls, or other attempts at contact.

This is perfectly normal in some cases.

However, if he’s usually very responsive to your communications and all of a sudden he starts ignoring you, then it’s probably a sign that he wants you to leave him alone.

He just doesn’t want to talk right now because he just needs some space.

6) He hardly ever talks to you

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7) He spends more time with his friends than with you

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If your man is spending a lot more time with his friends than with you, then it’s probably because he wants to be left alone.

Clearly, he feels more comfortable with his friends than he does with you right now.

Or, he may want to be left alone to hang out with his male friends and enjoy doing the things that guys enjoy doing without a girl around.

Either way, you should respect his decision and give him some space.

8) He gets into fights with you over small things

If your guy starts getting into disputes and arguments over every little thing, then it could be a sign that he’s unhappy in his relationship and just wants to be left alone.

Most of the time, even though these fights seem to be about small things, they are actually an indication of something bigger and more serious.

The truth is that he might not feel like you’re giving him enough space or freedom to do the things that make him happy.

9) He stops caring

He stops reassuring you when you’re anxious or upset.

If he usually shows that he cares whenever you’re nervous or upset, but has recently stopped doing that, then there’s definitely something going on and he obviously doesn’t want to deal with your emotions right now.

It’s possible that sometimes your emotions are too much trouble and they make it hard for him to think straight.

10) He stays late at the office

On the one hand, if your man starts working overtime and staying late at the office, then it’s probably because he needs to work on an important project or because he’s not managing to get his work done on time.

On the other hand, it could also be that he’s trying to hide from you because he’s not happy with how things are going with you at the moment. In other words, he wants to be left alone and the only way he can achieve that is to stay at the office.

If I were you, I’d keep an eye out on how often this happens and try to find out what it’s all about.

11) He hints that he’s unhappy in the relationship

If a guy starts hinting that he’s unhappy in the relationship, it could be one of two things:

  • First, he’s trying to tell you that things need to change and he’s willing to work to make the relationship better.
  • Second, it could be his way of saying that he wants out. He’s not happy in the relationship and just wants to be left alone.

12) He doesn’t include you in his plans for the future

If his plans for the weekend don’t include you, or he’s planning a short trip without you, it’s his way of saying that he wants to be left alone and that he doesn’t want you around.

But wait! It doesn’t mean that you should panic just yet.

You see, when people spend a lot of time together in a relationship, they may need some time to themselves.

It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you, it just means that he doesn’t want to spend 24 hours a day with you.

You should be patient and realize that he doesn’t mean any harm and will probably end up missing you while you’re apart.

13) He hardly ever talks to you

When he’s so quiet and withdrawn most of the time, it’s probably because he wants to be left alone.

If he’s not saying much and he seems like his mind is somewhere else all the time, then it’s probably because he just wants to be by himself.

He may also feel like there’s nothing left to say.

14) He’s withdrawn at home

He starts making excuses after he gets home from work at night and early in the morning when you’re trying to get him to come out with you.

Now, if a man wants some space after getting home from work, then it probably means that he needs some time by himself before things become stressful again.

He also needs time by himself every morning when you wake up for work because that’s when he has his most important decisions about work going on in his head.

15) He stops being interested in doing things with you

If your guy starts losing interest in doing things with you, it could be because he’s not happy being around you anymore.

He could be tired of going along with your plans all the time and doing what you want to do.

Why not try and organize something that he wants to do one of these days?

He’ll appreciate it and you’ll be able to spend some quality time together.


By now you should have a good idea of the undeniable signs that your man wants you to leave him alone.

So what can you do to resolve this?

Well, I mentioned the unique concept of the hero instinct earlier. It’s revolutionized the way I understand how men work in relationships.

You see, when you trigger a man’s hero instinct, all those emotional walls come down. He feels better in himself and he’ll naturally begin to associate those good feelings with you.

And it’s all down to knowing how to trigger these innate drivers that motivate men to love, commit, and protect.
So if you’re ready to take your relationship to that level, be sure to check out James Bauer’s incredible advice.

Click here to watch his excellent free video.

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