22 definite signs he regrets hurting you (complete guide)

On some days, it seems like everything is going fine in your relationship or marriage, as nothing could possibly go wrong, while on others, you may be fighting like cats and dogs.

After months of hurt and resentment, the person who originally hurt you might start to feel responsible for their actions and change their tune toward you.

If you began noticing that the guy you love started changing his behavior, here are 22 signs that will show you he regrets hurting you!

22 definite signs he regrets hurting you (complete guide)

1) He is more considerate of you

Have you ever wondered why things sometimes get so messy between two people who are in love?

Well, being together means that you also need to open up about the things that hurt you in the past.

If your partner was upset with you before, then he must want to make up for all the pain that he caused you, and what better way to do that than by showing you how much you really mean to him.

When you notice that he is being more considerate of your feelings, it is a good sign that he is changing for the better.

2) He tries to make up for the wrongs he had done to you

If your lover suddenly starts to be a little too caring and generous towards you, then he might actually want to make up for the wrongs he had done to you.

Perhaps he said things in rage that he didn’t truly mean.  Maybe he also reacted badly when you made a simple statement.

These things happen, but making an effort to make it work is what’s the most important.

3) He is more sensitive to your feelings and wants to avoid hurting you in any way

There is an enormous difference between being considerate of your feelings and being sensitive to them.

It is obvious that the guy who once cared about you before might want to be extra careful in order to avoid hurting you, so he might be trying his best to avoid saying something that could cause any sort of distress in you.

4) He is more understanding of your moods and wants you to understand his as well

At times, you can get caught up in your own thoughts and forget to pay attention to your partner’s.

If this happens, it is important that he understands your feelings and needs as much as he can.

This way, no matter what is said or done by either of you, at least one of you will know that the other person was listening with an open mind.

5) He tries to give you space if that’s what you need

It is important that you both respect the fact that while you are dating, it is okay to enjoy each other’s company and be apart sometimes, as well.

This can make a big difference in your relationship.

However, that is necessary in the marriage as well, which people often forget and it leads to all kinds of issues.

But what if you have trouble figuring out whether you actually need more space or you’re looking for more engagement in your relationship?

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Surprisingly, they gave me a unique insight into the dynamics of my relationship, including practical advice on how to understand whether I required more private space.

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6) He shows you more attention and affection when you are together

When things get rough, you can both turn to each other for support and comfort.

Having someone by your side who will accept what has happened and try to make it better is a great feeling.

If he tells you he loves you more often than before, it means that he is ready to work on your relationship and make it better.

I know it may sound ridiculous, but I also know how hard it is to tell your partner how much they mean to you until they finally do.

When you constantly hear that he loves you, first and foremost, it means he doesn’t want to see you hurt.

7) Your relationship has become better than ever before

When the air is cleared up, and you manage to discuss all the things that once hurt you, you will notice that it is so easy to be together.

You no longer have the need to point out every single thing you are unhappy with.

Instead, you can now focus on the things that matter in your relationship, and this will make it so much better than before.

8) He is more affectionate with you and touches you more often

When your partner is not showing all of his love for you, it can be very hard to see that he cares about you.

But when he begins to express how much you mean to him and how sorry he is for having hurt you, it means that the love you once felt is still there.

9) He makes a point to take care of your needs

If your partner tries to do something nice for you, even if it is something small, things look pretty good in your relationship.

This is a classic sign that someone really cares about you and wants to make you happy, and it is absolutely necessary if you want a relationship to work.

Sometimes men can’t fully commit or talk about their feelings which can be an obstacle to a healthy relationship.

If you care about someone, you want them to be happy and want to provide for their needs.

10) He says sorry for the wrongs he did to you

In any relationship, apologies are crucial.

It shows that your partner is sorry for the things that were hurtful for you, and he wants to make sure you understand how much he loves and cares about you.

Ever noticed how your stress level drops when you hear an honest apology?

Well, it’s because we all need to be appreciated and recognized for what we truly are.

An apology means that someone cares about our feelings and is willing to let of their ego for us.

If your partner apologizes and he tries not to make the same mistakes again it is something that can make every relationship stronger.

It is important that your partner does not keep making the same mistakes he did in the past because it is the only way to truly take your relationship to a new level.

11) He is more open to what you have to say

This has a lot to do with listening to your partner and trying to understand where they are coming from.

If your partner is willing to listen to what you have to say even when it makes them uncomfortable, it means they care and are finally ready to put in the effort to make things better.

12) He tries harder to make things work in your relationship

When you have been through a lot together, and your relationship still continues, this is a good sign that your partner does not want to give up on it.

The fact that he wanted to make things work even when he thought it was impossible means he really cares about you and that you share a true connection.

Once you see him truly making an effort, it is the point when you will realize that your love is stronger than any obstacle you may face.

This is just a bump on the road, so you can be sure that you will overcome it if he is making an effort to show you that he cares about you.

It is crucial that you work on your marriage because it is not easy to find love, and you don’t want to lose it just because of a small misunderstanding or fight.

If your partner truly loves you, he will make an effort to show you that he doesn’t want to lose a second of his time with you.

13) He tells you how lucky he is to have you

If your partner truly means it when they say these things, and if they truly believe it, then there is no place for a doubt in your mind that your relationship is in a much better place than before.

It takes courage and strength to be able to open up and admit when we are wrong.

14) He tries to spend quality time with you

When you are with your partner, it’s important that he does his best to make sure things work out for the best.

The fact that he tries to make this happen means there’s a lot of love and trust running in the relationship.

If he’s actively trying to spend quality time with you, it means nothing will stop him from giving you the time and care that you need.

As I mentioned earlier, when you are hurt and unhappy, it can be hard to see how much someone really loves you – especially when they say so many hurtful things in the beginning.

But, as soon as they realize what they have done, concern and affection are shown in the form of hugs and kisses.

15) He shows you that he cares about you by doing something nice for you

It is always a good idea to show your partner how much you appreciate their effort in trying to make things better.

If he does something nice for you – maybe takes care of your children so that you can go out shopping or take you out for a fancy dinner – it means he loves and cares about you.

16) He stops complaining and blaming you for all the trouble he faces in his relationship with you

When your partner stops blaming you for all the things that are going wrong in your relationship, it is a clear sign he is ready to make things right.

If he has realized that the problems are caused by the behavior of both partners, it is a great start towards a more fulfilled relationship.

Taking responsibility for the problems you face in your relationship is an important step towards a happier and more meaningful life.

Your partner should be able to recognize what he has done wrong so that he can make it up to you.

As long as you and your partner are willing to work on things, there is definitely hope for your future.

When both of you realize that there’s no way of escaping one another because of strong feelings you have for each other, everything will start shaping up and working out for the best.

17) He is willing to listen and hear the reason why you were upset in the first place

This is a very important step in patching things up.

When your partner is willing to listen and hear why you were upset, he is showing you that he respects your opinion and needs.

It also means that he sees you as a person, not just an object or someone who has to be agreed with at all times.

It is crucial that your partner shows some signs of wanting to make things right, but it is not just up to them, and you should take action as well.

Make sure you let him know how important it is for you to get back on your feet and feel the same way you did before all the trouble started.

18) He takes it upon himself to improve his relationship with you

When you are talking to your partner, he should be ready to listen and understand what you are saying.

This is very important because it shows how much he cares about your relationship.

He is willing to do whatever it takes to make things better because he loves you, and he wants the best for you.

19) He is more patient and appreciates the way you view him

The fact that he is more patient with you is a good sign that he respects and cares about your opinion.

If he is willing to listen to your side of the story and arguments or discuss things in-depth, it means nothing will stop him from making things right.

This is already a great start and can make a huge difference in your life.

When you start noticing that he is ready to put the relationship first, you can be sure that things are starting to get better from here.

It is never a good idea to be selfish.

If he puts himself first and not you, the relationship will inevitably deteriorate further, and things will get even worse than before.

On the other hand, if he is willing to make things better for you because it matters to him, don’t take it for granted.

The fact that he puts you first means he really loves you and wants what’s best for you in your future.

20) He tries harder to change the things he dislikes about himself for your sake

All of us have some personality traits that we want to change, but we hardly ever do.

It can be hard to see how much someone cares in the beginning and then starts to lose interest in making your relationship better.

This is the point when he will either stop trying to make things better, or he will do everything he can to make it right.

If he tries harder to change the things that he dislikes about himself because he wants to keep you in his life, it means he really cares about you.

21) He apologizes for the things he does or says that hurt you

Apologies in a relationship are crucial because they can form the foundation of your happiness.

The fact that he is willing to apologize for the things he does or says that hurt you means he sees the pain behind his mistake and wants to keep you by his side.

He is willing to take some time to make things right and come up with a solution that he believes is better for everybody.

He will be ready to do what it takes so that you feel about him the same way again like you used to when you first started dating, and this is something you should not underestimate.

You both may have different ideas on what the future holds and how you want your relationship to evolve, but it’s always good if both of you are willing to compromise when necessary.

22) He no longer tries to control every aspect of your life

pexels chermiti mohamed 9425023 22 definite signs he regrets hurting you (complete guide)

Jealousy is a weird thing.

It usually starts appearing during the initial stage of the relationship, but some people never learn to get over it.

This can result in enormous pressure to be in control of the partner’s life.

It is hard to see how someone can truly love another person if they are trying to control every aspect of their life.

This can lead to constant fights, which can only make the relationship worse.

However, if your partner wants to make things better, you should show how much it means to you.

The fact that he no longer tries to control you or asks you to change shows that he cares about your opinion.

It is one sign that he loves and respects you. No one wants to be controlled, so the willingness to overcome it is a wonderful sign of love and affection.

Final thoughts

It is inevitable to get hurt in a relationship because being close to someone always carries a risk of being exposed too much.

However, the most important thing is to see that the person you are with is willing to make an effort to make things right.

By now you should be able to recognize the definite signs he regrets hurting you, and know what to do when you start having problems in your relationship or marriage.

But if you’re still unsure of how to go about resolving your marriage issues, I’d recommend checking out this excellent video by marriage expert Brad Browning.

He’s worked with thousands of couples to help them reconcile their differences.

From infidelity to lack of communication, Brad’s got you covered with the common (and peculiar) issues that crop up in most marriages.

So if you’re not ready to give up on yours yet, click the link below and check out his valuable advice.

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