15 definite signs he has feelings for you through text (complete list)

I don’t know about you, but I personally think it’s easier to figure out if a guy has feelings for you through text than it is in person.

You can re-read the texts he sends you, and analyze them for the indicators that his feelings for you might be growing.

But what exactly gives him away?

Let’s take a look at 15 definite signs he has feelings for you through text.

1) He sends you texts or replies even if he’s busy

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One of the first signs I would look out for is the fact that he makes time to text you even though he might be busy.

It’s one of the most telling signs that he has feelings for you.

Here’s why:

There’s a huge difference between a guy who has a lot of free time and a guy who works a lot, volunteers, and takes care of his parents at the same time

If he’s got nothing better to do, he’s probably going to reach out to you and send you long texts for hours in a row.

On the other hand, if he’s got a lot on his plate and he’s still texting you, it’s a sign he has feelings for you.

He is basically making you a priority in his life, even if his life is full.

2) He always asks questions about you

Want to know a secret?

You can tell how much a person is interested in you depending on how many questions they ask.

This applies to your friends as well, not only to romantic interests. And, in your case, it’s a really good indicator that he has feelings for you, especially through text.

However, there’s something else I usually consider and it’s whether he asks superficial questions or more profound questions.

And this is how I tell the difference:

If he’s asking things like “What are you wearing?” or “Where are you now?” or “What’s your favorite alcoholic drink”, they are superficial.

But if he asks “What are your hopes and dreams?” or “What are your biggest fears?”, then it’s a sign he wants to know you better because he is developing feelings for you.

3) He expresses gratitude through text

At a time when I was trying to figure out if a guy liked me more than a friend, I did some research and found that when a man expresses his gratitude, he’s more likely to have feelings for you.

In other words, if he says things like “I’m so glad we can chat so effortlessly” or “I really appreciate you being there for me” or “It means so much to me that you’re here” and the likes, it’s one of the signs he has feelings for you through text.

In my case, the texts that gave him away were: “Your morning texts brighten my day”, “Thanks for keeping me company”, “I really appreciate your well-thought answers” and many others that I cannot remember right now.

4) He always offers his help

During my research, I also stumbled upon another very interesting psychological concept about a man’s behavior in terms of how he responds to a woman’s needs and concerns depending on his feelings for her.

It’s called the Hero Instinct, and it was coined by James Bauer.

According to it, all men have an innate instinct to help the women they love and are interested in. And it usually kicks in when the woman needs help.

That’s when the man feels an intense drive to protect her, keep her safe, care for her and assist her with what needs doing.

Simply put, if he always offers his help through text, it’s a big sign that he has feelings for you. However, if he doesn’t, there’s something else you should know.

The Hero Instinct must be triggered. You may have not reached that part of him yet if he isn’t offering his help.

But if you’d like to, James Bauer made an excellent video teaching you how to trigger the Hero Instinct in your man.

You can check it out here.

To be honest, I didn’t think I needed his help at first, but I’m glad I watched his video because he gives practical advice on how to approach any man and get him to commit to you.

5) He gives you meaningful compliments

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Literally, any compliment that comes from the heart will relate to something meaningful about you and something true about who you are.

And when a guy texts you more than one of these, it’s a sign he has feelings for you.

In other words, if he compliments your smile or the way you won’t give up on your dreams or how much fun he has talking to you or whatever else is true and meaningful about YOU, it’s a good sign.

For me, the texts that gave his feelings away were “I like talking to someone who can think outside of the box” and “Your optimism brightens my day.”

However, before he mentioned these, he used to mainly compliment my appearance. He used to say typical guy stuff.

So, if your guy is at that stage, don’t worry. As he develops more feelings for you, he’ll shift his focus to complimenting your mind and personality as well.

6) He expresses his feelings with emojis

Now, let me just be clear:

If he sends you a winky face or a smiley face, that’s not really a big deal. It means nothing more than the fact that he’s feeling good and he wants to share it with you.

But what about the heart-shaped emoji? Or the other one, with the little hearts instead of eyes?

While that could express his love for something, he can also be sending you a message by using it.

He could in fact express his feelings for you. Yes, men can be that direct and childish.

However, if he sends you heart emojis right from the start, then maybe he isn’t really feeling that passionately about you or he is overusing it.

On the other hand, if he sends you heart emojis as time goes by and after some deep conversations, then it might be the sign you’re looking for.

7) He uses terms of endearment (in texts)

Here’s another of the definite signs he has feelings for you through text: He uses terms of endearment.

During my texting romance, I noticed that he was using more and more words that showed his affection for me.

In fact, when he said “sweetheart”, it made me shiver. It felt so intimate, so loving, and sexy.

And I immediatey knew he had feelings for me because that wasn’t a word he used to say all the time. I was reading it for the first time in his texts.

But, because I was skeptical and doubting my own judgment, I looked for psychological proof that was true and found it:

“My hypothesis is an extremely simple one. Couples, speaking this way, harken back to their own experience when they were infants and to their first love, their mother,” said Dean Falk, a professor, and author, for Broadly.

What she’s trying to say is that when someone starts having feelings for you, they also begin using terms of endearment to address you, just as they did in the case of their first love, who is most often the mother.

So, you can take this as a sure sign he has feelings for you.

8) He never sends you texts meant for someone else

So far, this guy may seem dreamy and he may seem like he has feelings for you, at least through text.

But let me ask you this: Has he ever sent you texts meant for someone else? And then he made a lame excuse to explain it?

If not, that’s excellent. It probably means you’re the only woman he’s texting right now.

However, if you’ve received any texts like that, you should consider that he might be a player.

This actually happened to me. Once, his phone was running out of battery, and he sent me a text meant for someone else.

As you can imagine, I was really disappointed and looked for advice. Carlos Cavallo, a leading expert on relationship psychology, explained to me how to handle it.

He said that men are unnecessarily complicated when it comes to committing to a relationship, and it takes them a long time to do it.

But, luckily, he also provided excellent guidance on how to make a man commit faster and how to stop him from being a player.

If you want more details, check out his free video here.

9) He texts you regularly

A man’s consistency is vital for building trust, especially in a new relationship.

And that’s, even more, the case when you’re trying to determine whether he has feelings for you or not.

If he texts you every day, then there’s a good chance that he does. However, if his interest in you is only superficial, then he won’t text as regularly.

Now, there are exceptions to everything I’ve said, and his texting you every day could be one of them. Some guys may only text you every other day. Or even every 3 or 4 days.

But if he generally texts several times a day, then that’s a good sign he has feelings for you.

It’s not guaranteed though, and you’ll have to pay attention to the things he’s saying and how he says them.

Nonetheless, if he texts you regularly, it’s a good sign that he has feelings for you because, when we’re interested in someone, we want to talk to them often.

10) He is trying to make you laugh

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Another sign he has feelings for you is if he’s trying to make you laugh.

If he’s sending you funny texts, that’s a good sign. After all, humor is the no.1 ingredient of intimacy in relationships.

According to numerous experts, humor adds spice while also making people feel loved and cared for during disagreements or arguments.

It also helps people feel less lonely and isolated. And when you have someone who makes you feel less lonely, it’s safe to say that he must really care about you.

And it works well for guys too:

The earlier you make him laugh, the more likely it is that he’ll develop feelings for you.

Because then, he’s going to enjoy spending time with you and be grateful for having someone around who makes him happy.

11) He talks about seeing you in person a lot

One of the great signs that he has feelings for you through text is if he talks about seeing you in person a lot.

Do you want to know why?

It’s because he’s trying to make plans and because he wants to be close to you physically.

Both are good signs that he has feelings for you because they mean he wants you in his life and would like something more to happen between the two of you than texting each other.

He’s trying to get closer to you, and that’s a great sign that he has feelings for you.

12) He admits that he misses you

Well, this is the ultimate sign because it means he’s really attached to you. Here’s how he’ll admit that he misses you through text:

He will either simply say “I miss you” or find an indirect way to express the same thing, such as, “I wish I was with you right now.”

When I received texts like that, it made me feel special and it made me believe that he had feelings for me.

But not necessarily because he misses me. After all, if he’s interested in me, then he will probably miss spending time with me if we hadn’t seen each other in a while.

13) He shares his secrets with you

What does it mean when he shares his secrets with you through text?

This is absolutely a good sign because it is often the first step in developing emotional intimacy with another individual.

Simply put, when we’re feeling close to someone, we want to share our secrets with them.

And when he shares his secrets with you through text, it’s a sign that he has feelings for you.

14) He asks you for advice

When he asks you for advice through text, then it’s a good sign that he has feelings for you.


Simply put, he wants to know what you think and how you feel about something, as well as to know if you have any suggestions for him.

Overall, it means that he’s gradually becoming closer to you and is interested in your opinion.

This is exactly the reason why I believe that getting advice from someone close to us is so powerful because we want to validate or invalidate our own thoughts and feelings by seeing if that person thinks the same way as us about a specific issue.

Whether it’s through text or during an actual conversation, seeking advice from another individual is always very telling.

15) You simply feel he has feelings for you

Leaving all the psychological reasons behind, if you have a feeling that he has a thing for you, and it doesn’t go away no matter how much time goes by, then it’s safe to say that he might have feelings for you.

You’re the only one who knows how he makes you feel when you text and talk to him, so if it feels right to you, then you have good reason to believe he has feelings for you.

Trust your intuition because it’s a big part of who you are and what you feel.

Is he in love with you or not? Take matters into your own hands

While there are numerous signs that he has feelings for you through text, there are still many others that you can’t see and that you may not consciously know.

That’s where you have to take matters into your own hands and take action to make him fall in love with you.

If what you truly want is for him to develop feelings for you, then take the necessary steps to seduce him and show him what a great woman you are.

You can try to trigger his Hero Instinct, or make an honest man out of him with the help of Carlos Cavallo.

Or, you can continue to focus on your self-development and he’ll follow you like a magnet. You see, a confident, powerful, and strong woman is the most attractive thing in the world for a man.

So, be that woman and you’ll be leading him right to your door.

The bottom line

Finding out if he has feelings for you through text is easy if you know the right signs to look for.

When in doubt, weigh in the pros and cons and trust your intuition.

It can’t lead you wrong… most of the time!

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