26 signs from the universe love is coming into your life

Love is a potent force that impacts every soul in a unique way. It is glue that keeps humanity together, and it propels the works of art, the music, our lives, and it is in everything that our eyes can see.

It’s not strange that each one of us wants to welcome their significant other and live a fulfilled life worth living. If you simply don’t know what kind of signs the universe may be sending to you and saying that love is near, here is a little help!

These are signs that love is coming into your life pretty soon!

1) You are ready to face the past

One of the first signs that the universe will send you to show you that love is on the way is the readiness to finally face the past. This is not easy, and it cannot happen when we want it, but when the time is right.

If you have started dealing with all the issues that you couldn’t overcome before, it means that you’ve started clearing the clutter and preparing room for someone new to come into your life. By clearing all the things that were on your way, you will notice that you feel better and that you are much calmer than before.

By facing the past, you will understand what belongs to your life and who should stay behind. This will give you an idea of what kind of relationship you want, and it can be a way that the universe is preparing you for the love that you will get.

2) You feel joyous

Once you do the work on acknowledging the past and putting it in the place where it belongs, you will also get rid of all the heavy emotions that were preventing you from feeling happy. Feeling joyous is one of the first things you will notice, and it will give you an opportunity to communicate with other people more effectively.

You will notice that you are able to understand other people more and that you have greater compassion for them. This will, of course, contribute to realizing what you need to do to find the love you’ve always dreamed about.

Enjoy this feeling because it is wonderful, and it will help you simply appreciate your life more. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and feeling lucky you are alive.

3) You are done with your past relationships

If you have been involved with someone in the past that you simply could not get over, and nowadays, you feel that everything that happened occurred for some good reason, then you are on the best path towards a more fulfilled life.

Sometimes destiny has some other plans for us that we simply cannot comprehend immediately, but after a while, from a safe distance, we can notice the reasons why something happened as it did.

Making peace with the way your relationships ended and your desire to make them longer will give you a chance to try something else. You will notice that you are getting more open to new people coming into your life.

Let those relationships stay in the past, and if you have to mourn for them, don’t be afraid to do it, but know that this period is a sign from the universe there’s something better coming.

4) A highly intuitive advisor confirms it

The signs I’m revealing in this article will give you a good idea about whether love is coming into your life.

But could you get even more clarity by speaking to a highly intuitive advisor?

Clearly, you have to find someone you can trust. With so many fake experts out there, it’s important to have a pretty good BS detector.

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I was actually blown away by how kind, caring, and knowledgeable they were.

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A gifted advisor can not only tell you if love is coming into your life, but they can also reveal all your love possibilities.

5) A new person is coming into your dreams

Dreams can be an excellent way for the universe to give us messages. If you notice that you constantly dream about the same person that you don’t know yet, that could mean that you will meet them soon.

In some cases, the person we start dreaming about can symbolize love and the changes coming into our lives. Think about all the details, so you can increase your chances of recognizing the love when it finally comes.

Don’t forget that dreams can hide some deeper meaning, and it doesn’t have to mean that you will meet the exact person you were dreaming of. The person can represent your true values and virtues you appreciate in a partner.

You can try to keep a journal where you will write down each dream and simply analyze every aspect to get a clear picture of the meaning of your dreams.

6) The timing is right

Sometimes we can notice that the things happen at the exact right time they should happen. This is the way that the universe uses to show us that things are starting to fall back to their place.

Once you see this in your life, you can expect someone new to come into your life or you will notice that you are seeing someone you already know in a completely new light. Bear in mind that this does not happen very often, so take advantage of the happy events coming into your life.


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7) You feel good by yourself

For most of our lives, we tend to look for the things that will entertain us. We feel insecure, and we tend to jump from one relationship to another just to avoid feeling lonely.

However, sometimes we notice that after we do all the necessary things to repair the damage caused by the wrong people we trusted, we start enjoying the time spent alone. If you’ve noticed that you don’t have a problem spending time without anyone else around, this is an excellent sign that things are finally starting to go in the right direction.

No one can start a good relationship without being on good terms with their own personality. In case there is anything that bothers you, dealing with it will surely help you feel good about yourself.

That is a great starting point for a successful relationship, there is no doubt about it. We cannot feel good in a relationship if we don’t feel good when we are alone.

This is why we should make some effort in this direction to be the best we can be and feel good even when no one is around. Behaving like our perfect partner would and fulfilling our own wishes is one step further to visualizing what we expect from the love of our life to do.

It can certainly make things easier, and this is how we get prepared by the universe to be fully ready for the moment when our soulmate actually comes.

8) Sequences of numbers keep appearing around you

Sometimes the universe starts sending us small hints that we need to decode. They can come to us in the forms of the angel numbers that will continuously appear around us.

Pay attention to the time you see on your watch, and if it shows the same numbers, such as 11:11 or 12:12, it certainly has some deeper meaning. Each number you see will tell you more about the steps you should take to be able to get to the future you’ve always wanted.

Don’t take these signs lightly because they can be great guidelines for you so you can finally get the love you were searching for. Stay alert for all the sequences of numbers because they usually come in groups.

It is a way that we can learn more about the plans that the universe has for us and simply prepare ourselves slowly for what is coming next. Besides, you may notice that you are ready for a spiritual awakening and that you may start receiving the energy of your soulmate.

These are all signs of love coming very soon.

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9) The signs of love surround you

If you’ve noticed that everywhere you go, you see happy families, couples in love, red hearts, roses, and everything else that symbolizes love, then you should know that this is a great sign that love is on the way. Embrace this energy because when your soulmate finally comes into your life, you will be ready to start a good relationship.

It will be powered by happiness and joy which will certainly have a positive impact on your future partner.

Take a good look at all the signs you may see because not only is it nice to see happy people, but it will also open your mind and your heart towards starting a meaningful relationship that may grow into something serious.

Feeling ready to acknowledge that there is true love is already great progress, especially for people who tend to avoid symbols of love in all forms. When the first symbols start appearing, you may even ignore them, but once you notice that they are all around, you will realize that there is more to it than you once thought.

10) Your purpose in life becomes clear

If you have wandered from one goal to another one for years and you simply couldn’t see the purpose in your life, gaining clarity is a wonderful sign that things are changing. Don’t be surprised if you realize that you should be more modest with your goals.

Sometimes, your personal purpose can be very simple but acknowledging it will give you the freedom to simply let go of all the things that are too burdening for you. You don’t have to be a wizard and resolve all the problems in the world.

Instead, that can be helping people or making your family happy. The fact that you are gaining clarity is a sign that you are slowly learning what is truly important in life.

11) You’re crossing paths with the same person

Have you noticed that you keep running into the same person all the time? Well, there may be something more than pure coincidence.

Perhaps you could make some effort to start a conversation and see if something more could develop from these encounters. The fact that you are seeing this person very often means that the energy of the universe is giving you a slight push in the right direction.

Open your heart to love, and you could be surprised how close it was all along. It sometimes occurs that we keep seeing a person, and we simply don’t put much thought into it, but once we are ready, the universe may reveal to us that this is actually the love that we were looking for.

12) You are open to new experiences

Most people repeat the same behavior patterns all the time because we tend to get scared in front of the new things that we are not used to. This trait of personality can be changed and we may start feeling the fresh energy coming and pushing us to try new things.

This could be a way that the universe is saying that it is ok to start something new. Take some risks, read new books, change your daily routine, and you will notice that you are starting to feel completely different.

Strive to set a few goals for yourself. Perhaps you can beat a certain fear, or you can go to a new country, meet some new people, learn to play an instrument, or do anything else that can help you go out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes even the smallest change can lead to a series of events that can change your life completely.

13) You feel ready for a change

If you were holding onto your dear life for a very long time and preferred leading a boring life that was safe, instead of exciting life that made you fearful, feeling ready for a change may surprise you. However, we all need a change from time to time because it is the only way to live a meaningful life that we are excited about.

Sometimes change can be good and welcome, especially if we are stuck in a rut for a very long time. When you start feeling ready, do the things you have been scared to do and simply change your life the way you want to.

You may start with small changes and listen to the way your body reacts to them. After implementing one change after another slowly, you will notice that your life is starting to change for the better.

We cannot expect that our lives will be different if we keep doing the same things over and over again. This is why it is necessary to do something different so we can actually get the reward for making an effort.

The reward will come in the form of love that you are yearning for so much.

14) It is easier for you to walk away from negativity

When we don’t appreciate ourselves enough, we tend to accept whatever we are offered. This is not healthy at all, but after we start paying attention to our surroundings, we will notice the way people affect us.

This is the first step towards recognizing who is good for us and who affects us negatively. If you start walking away from negativity almost instantly, this is a great sign that you are ready for a change and that you will be ready when the love of your life comes.

It will help you set healthy boundaries from the very start, which will increase the chances of a successful relationship later on. Besides, letting go of all the resentment and disappointments will do a lot for your mental health.

When the time is right, allow yourself to feel the happiness and enjoy the connection completely. Releasing all the negative emotions will help you feel better about yourself and about your life.

Learning to appreciate your time more and not give it to the persons who don’t deserve it is a huge step towards building a life full of appreciation, love, and positive energy.

15) Your boundaries are healthier

As mentioned before, setting boundaries is very important. When we don’t appreciate ourselves enough, we put the needs of everyone else first.

However, once we start putting our needs first, we will notice that other people are appreciating us more. Boundaries protect us and help us to build the life that we will enjoy.

By doing this on a regular basis, we create loving relationships. Healthy boundaries help us feel better about ourselves, and they contribute to better relationships with others, including romantic ones.

It takes practice, and it’s not easy, especially if you learned to cross them easily or you are too caring to set the boundaries to protect yourself. If you notice that it’s getting easier for you to set healthy boundaries and enjoy your life more, it means that the divine power is preparing you for love coming your way.

It is surely a positive sign that the universe loves you and wants the best for you. It is a way for you to toughen up and appreciate your time and efforts more.

16) You are taking responsibility more

People tend to blame everyone else for everything that’s wrong in their lives. We all do this because it’s easier, and it helps us retain the perfect Image we have about ourselves.

However, there is no real progress without taking responsibility for our actions. By feeling ready to take responsibility for everything, good and bad, you will become wiser, stronger, and more mature.

This is the magic ingredient for a successful relationship, and it is certainly something that we all must go through before we let love into our lives. If you notice that it is getting easier for you to fully acknowledge your responsibility, you are on the right path towards welcoming love into your life.

17) You feel you’ve proven your worth professionally

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We all have certain goals in life. Most of those goals refer to professional development and reaching certain goals in a career.

If you ask anyone, they will tell you that they don’t want to get married before reaching a certain milestone in their career. If you’ve done everything you could so far to reach the goals you have set for yourself, you will probably start giving yourself permission to explore ways to enjoy love more.

This is a hint that it is time to enjoy life more and enjoy the closeness with the person that the universe is sending to you. The only thing you can do is to simply let go of all the control and see where will the universe take you.

18) There is synchronicity in everything you do

Usually, when we want to do something, there are numerous obstacles preventing us from reaching our goals. However, very rarely, the universe starts sending us a fortune in the form of synchronicity.

If you’re getting everywhere just in time, you are gaining attention and help even when not asked; it means that your luck is turning, and perhaps the universe wants you to know that you will get the help in whatever you do.

19) The power of the universe becomes obvious to you

There is something bigger than all of us, there is no doubt about it. Once you notice just how powerful the force of the universe is, you will see that somehow everything is just as it’s supposed to be.

Once you start paying attention to all the signs that appear, it will become comforting, and you will notice that the universe wants well for us and helps us in multiple ways. When you start noticing little hints from the universe that help you stay optimistic, you can be sure that there are some bigger plans for you.

Love is on its way, and you can be sure that it will come soon.

20) You don’t feel the need to rush anything

When we feel insecure, we want everything right now. When we don’t get it, we feel disappointed.

But, once we reach maturity, we can understand and fully accept the things that happen at the exact time they need to happen. Once you notice that it is getting easier for you to handle the disappointments and that you can wait for the things to happen when it’s their time, this is the perfect moment for love to come.

Being able to accept our destiny peacefully means that we can also appreciate and embrace the love that we are blessed with.

21) The word “single” doesn’t bother you anymore

Up to a certain point, we all have a problem with hearing the word “single.” It can remind us of all the efforts that were in vain.

If you simply gave up and you started accepting the fact that you are enough, you are on the right path. We don’t need anyone to complete us.

Reaching this point means that the universe is preparing you to be one whole part of the pair and not blend in into the relationship and lose yourself entirely. It means that you are learning how to love yourself and simply enjoy every aspect of your life.

It is the point when life starts getting better because the pressure is gone, and you will be able to see things more realistically. It’s the way of the universe to prepare us for the good things coming our way.

22) You have invested time into developing as a person

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Quality people don’t become like that by accident. It’s takes lots of hours, dedication, strength, and money to become the person you want to be.

It takes a lot of courage to leave behind all the negative traits that were holding you back. It is not easy to face all the difficult experiences that were haunting you from your past.

If you have done all the work and dedicated hours and hours of your life to become the person you are today, that already shows just how persistent and willing you are to make a good life for yourself.

All these efforts must be rewarded at a certain point. Be grateful for what you have achieved so far and put your trust into the divine energy protecting you and guiding you on your path.

If you’re are just starting to see all the fruits of your labor, and you like what you see, this is the time when you will get the icing on the cake in the form of love coming into your life and changing it for the better.

23) You are at peace

Going through all kinds of hardships through life leaves a trail in the form of feeling anxious, desperate, restless, and dissatisfied with one part or our entire lives. Reaching a peaceful stage in life takes time, and it does not come without the price.

Once you finally accept everything in your life, good and bad, it is surely a sign that better things are coming and that you are ready now to live your best version of your life. The path towards this realization is not easy, and it can be quite painful, but it is definitely worth it.

You will learn who deserves to be in your life and receive your love and attention and who is only disturbing your peace.

24) You are ready to embrace your destiny

Sometimes accepting all the possible outcomes of your life could be the best thing you can do for yourself. However, keep in mind that we cannot be pressured to do it.

It comes naturally after a number of hardships and problems when we want to control everything and give our last breath to turn things in our favor. The moment when you realize that every outcome is fine and that you will be alright is an incredible moment that you need to celebrate.

It is a sign that you have matured enough to be ready to make peace with life and do the things necessary to be calm and peaceful, no matter the outcome. When you reach this point, you can be sure that lovely things will be on their way.

25) You feel light

When we do our best to change our circumstances, to start a relationship, to struggle with the disappointment of not being able to do what we want, all of that leaves a trail on us. However, when we do all the work, and we face all the possible challenging experiences, that is when we start feeling peaceful.

Once you start feeling like you’ve removed the burden from your chest, you will feel ready and open to start something new that will give you a chance to see love from a different perspective. This is when lightness will come.

26) You can feel it

The last sign that you may notice that love is coming your way is that you will simply feel it in your gut no matter what other people or circumstances say. Intuition is the most powerful tool that we can use to sense the things that are invisible to our eyes.

You will surely know when the time is right to meet the right person. The energy will shift, and you will recognize your soulmate.

It will feel like you have known each other for ages. Trust your intuition and listen to what your gut is telling you because it is always right.

It can be your navigation system towards the true destination – the love of your life.

Final thoughts

We’ve covered the signs from the universe that love is coming your way but if you want to get a completely personalized explanation of this situation and where it’ll lead you in the future, I recommend speaking to the folks over at Psychic Source

I mentioned them earlier on; I was blown away by how professional yet reassuring they were. 

Not only can they give you more direction on your love life, but they can advise you on what’s in store for your future. 

Whether you prefer to have your reading over a call or chat, these advisors are the real deal. 

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