15 signs from the universe someone loves you

When life gets hard, we all need to have a special someone to turn to and share our deepest fears and desires.

However, what happens if, for some reason, you haven’t found the one yet?

Well, even if that is the case, there is still hope. Maybe you just need to pay closer attention to your surroundings. Here are signs from the universe someone loves you!

1) You run into the same person all the time

If you are constantly running into the same person, again and again, don’t take it too lightly.

Maybe there is more than you may think. Imagine how many people pass you by on a daily basis, but somehow whenever you want to see someone, you cannot see them anywhere?

This is simply the sign that there is more to this world than we realize, so if you suddenly start bumping into your cute neighbor, start a conversation about everyday things. It may turn into a beautiful friendship or even love.

On the other hand, it can be a person who will challenge you so you can reinvent yourself and be ready when the right person comes along. There is a hidden sign in it, that’s for sure. It is just up to you to find out what it is about.

2) Love seems to be all around

Everywhere you go you see hearts? Red color pops up everywhere you turn? What about families and babies, kids laughing? Is it just you or did you suddenly fell into another dimension?

Not to worry, maybe this is the way the universe is telling you that you need to loosen up your attitude and start opening towards some beautiful things like having a family.

Being surrounded by people who spread positive energy and love will be beneficial for you on so many levels. Not only you will feel better, but you can also look at your life from another perspective. Maybe you are ready now to join the happy crowd?

Enjoy it to the fullest and maybe there is a friend’s friend you’ve never had a chance to meet before. Things happen for a reason and only when it is their time.

3) Your friends are noticing the change

If you are getting compliments that you look wonderful and that you are calmer than usual, you are on the right path. It is like the universe is lifting you and building your self-esteem all over again.

No one can start a quality relationship if they don’t feel good about themselves first. It is the journey you must take. First, go inwards, so it will definitely show on the way you look, feel and communicate with others.

4) Things happen right on time

You know how sometimes you get to a coffee shop and the waiter serves the last coffee to you? Or when you want to catch the bus and you get in the last minute? Well, getting these small treats from the universe is always welcome.

It makes you feel like you are being rewarded for the good work you’ve done. You can almost feel the energy around you like a blanket making you feel welcome, wanted, and loved. Well, it is the kind of attention we all want and need.

It does not happen often, but once you notice things going your way, appreciate it and know that someone is looking out for you. Synchronicity is the blessing from above and helps us feel connected with something larger than life.

5) The watch shows the same numbers

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Every time you look at your watch, you see the same numbers 11:11, 12:12, 21:21. Well, there is a belief that once you start seeing it, it means that someone is thinking of you.

It is nice to know that we are in someone’s thoughts. Who knows, maybe you will soon realize who is coming your way and wishing your presence.

6) You are in touch with your feelings

For most people, identifying feelings can be pretty challenging. If you haven’t been able to understand yourself for many years, but you are suddenly realizing that you can actually see through all the confusion, it can be a sign that you are ready for the good things coming your way.

Being able to completely connect with your inner world is a good start to connect with someone else. In order to feel happy and be in love, first you need to be in peace with yourself. It is the gentle push in the right direction from above.

7) You have gained clarity

Most people have too many obligations during the day which keeps their minds racing. When you are constantly thinking about what is coming next, it is hard to think about anything else.

However, on very rare occasions the time starts flowing slower than usual. It is the time when you suddenly start seeing life realistically without the pink glasses, expectations, or regrets.

It is a “window” when you can actually unclog your life and clear the old energy so something new can come. It is like the universe is trying to prepare your life for the love you’ve always dreamed of.

8) Your dreams are very vivid

Our subconscious hides everything that we have ever experienced in our lives and the dreams we have are a way of filtering and processing them so we can learn something from them.

However, some things can be too painful to process so we tend to push them deep in the subconscious to never think about it again. Once you are ready to go to the next level in your life, everything suddenly starts pouring back. The process can be pretty exhausting, but it is truly worth it.

The dreams can be so strong that they may wake you up, so you don’t even know if that was a dream or reality. Even though it can be scary, it is for your own good. It’s like the universe is saying “I got your back, let’s do this.”

9) A feeling of joy becomes your default

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When you process all the hard emotions and the experiences that have troubled you, you will feel light and joyful. Maybe you will realize that it is time to let go of some old habits and shift the way you function.

As soon as you break the pattern, it will bring some new vibration to your life.

Noticing little things such as a beautiful flower or the shape of clouds will certainly help you appreciate your life in a different way. Your problems will become very small and the new perspective will certainly give you a chance to enjoy life on a different level.

10) The past seems very distant

When we are not at peace about the way our relationship ended, it can be pretty tiring and emotionally draining. That is certainly not the perfect time to start something new. Once you start feeling motivated to clear your mind from it and get closure, you will certainly make a progress.

Thinking about your past relationships, again and again, stops at one point; you just have to do the work.

Give yourself the chance to understand your past relationships and the problems that were always the deal breakers with your partners. By understating the pattern you repeat, you will be able to break it.

Be honest with yourself and make a list of things that you are not able to compromise and the things that can be negotiated. Seeing it on the paper will help you understand just how much energy you’ve already lost with people who were simply not good for you.

11) You feel ready for any outcome

Being at peace with yourself and the possibility to stay alone is an excellent starting point.

It means that the pressure is off. You are no longer driven by expectations and the image of a perfect person. You are now open to realistically look at the people you meet.

After meeting your fears face to face means that you will understand that being alone is not so bad and it is certainly not the end of the world. This is a powerful realization as we all must face this at least once in our lifetime.

Being in love is ok, being alone is ok. It is the moment when you will feel the balance and the power of the universe in you. You are enough. The universe loves you.

12) You are experiencing Déjà vu often

Déjà vu feels like a shift in time like it already happened before. It is like you are getting messages from your past life telling you where you should be. During one period in my life, I’ve experienced it almost on a daily basis.

It can be confusing, there is no doubt about that, but it is like some changes happen in the reality making it easier for the new, fresh things to happen. Perhaps your inner world is trying to tell you that you are ready.

13) You are done with “projects”

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Women tend to fall in men who are “projects under construction”, but men can also fall into this trap. You see a guy or a woman who is trying to succeed, but they are constantly complaining about not being able to make it.

The reasons he or she will tell you to go from “my parents don’t support me, I didn’t have enough luck” or anything else from the spectrum. Even though it is perfectly normal to support your loved one, it is not your obligation to drag, construct, advise or finance any of the “construction work”.

If you feel that you are done with investing in someone who is always unhappy, dissatisfied, or unwilling to try something else, it is the point when your focus will shift to people who stand behind their work and do their best to succeed.

14) Your feeling of self-love improved

All of the energy invested in the wrong people can be wonderfully directed towards one person who will appreciate it the most – you!

Taking a bubble bath, buying a book, watching a movie, preparing your favorite food, or simply staying offline will give you lots of energy and help you appreciate yourself more.

In order to be able to spend quality time with others, you need to learn first to be alone and enjoy it. It is a skill that can be learned, so don’t worry if this is not something that you do on a regular basis. Practice it and make it a habit, you will feel good and ready to take on the world.

15) The energy of the Universe embraces you

The mother’s womb is the safest place where a baby can be. Every time we are under a lot of stress we tend to curl up in the fetus position to feel that safe again.

However, from time to time, we can feel the energy of the Universe around us, feeling like a hug; comforting us and making us feel safe.

If you have been feeling that kind of energy lately, it means that you are becoming a darling of the Universe. However, you should know that this won’t last forever, so make sure you enjoy it to the fullest until it lasts.

It is comforting to know that there is a higher power larger than life that can actually help us sort out life together. If you open your heart enough, you will start seeing the signs everywhere showing you where you need to go.

Make sure you take a look at all the signs and think about their meaning. Every single one has a deeper truth behind it if you learn to appreciate them. The road to your soul mate may not be easy, but it will be worth it.

You will learn to value love more if your road to it was a little bit rocky, so open your eyes wide and see what the Universe is telling you!

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Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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