10 signs your ex-girlfriend regrets dumping you (from personal experience)

Are you missing your girlfriend?

Wondering if she regrets dumping you and might want you back?


It sucks when a girl you love dumps you, but it doesn’t mean that’s always the end.

My wife dumped me three years ago. It was soul-destroying.

But while we spent three months apart, I still managed to get her back.


Because I picked up on the signs that she regretted dumping me, I took action to get her back.

Now we’re happily married, and she’s expecting.

Here is a picture of us now. Fair to say, we’re pretty damn happy we gave it another shot!

Screen Shot 2022 09 27 at 15.02.16 10 signs your ex-girlfriend regrets dumping you (from personal experience)

So let’s figure out if your ex-girlfriend regrets dumping you and if you still have a chance.

These are the signs my wife showed when we broke up. If you can relate to these, you’re probably still in with a shot.

1) She Actively Tries to Contact You and Is More Caring Than Before

Does your ex-girlfriend still contact you?

Does she seem kinder and more caring than she used to?

Then that’s a pretty big sign that she regrets dumping you.

Take it from me:

My wife would contact me weekly after she dumped me.

We would text back and forth for hours, just talking about the smallest things.

If she truly wanted to break up with me and move on with her life, there’s no way she would have contacted me so regularly.

She also made an effort to be extra kind and caring. She’d often ask me how I was feeling and what was going on with my life.

It didn’t seem evident at the time, but now that I look back, it’s clear she still had feelings for me.

So watch out for how often your ex-girlfriend contacts you and how kind and caring she is.

You never know; it might be all part of her grand plan of getting you back.

I suspect that was the case with my wife.

She showed me much love and attention, which eventually led me to make a move to get her back.

2) She Says She’s Sorry About the Way Things Ended

Apologizing for her wrongdoing is a big sign that she regrets dumping you.

A couple of weeks after my wife and I broke up; she apologized for not taking enough interest in my life.

She said she has always been self-centered but is learning to change.

I didn’t think much of it then, but in hindsight, she was trying to get me back.

She was trying to hint that a relationship between us might work next time because she is improving herself.

The truth was:

My wife regretted dumping me. She blamed herself for the relationship not working out and wanted to prove to me that she was now a different person.

The bottom line is this:

If your ex-girlfriend apologizes for how she behaved during your relationship, then she’s probably regretting what she did.

She didn’t want to break up with you forever if she’s apologizing.

It means she still wants a future with you and is willing to atone for her mistakes.

3) She Likes to Talk About the “Good Ol Times”, and That Her Life Is “Boring Without You”

When she enjoys reminiscing about the fun times you had together, it’s definitely a sign that she regrets losing you.

My wife did this ALL the time.

When chatting on Messenger or shooting the sh*t at a bar, she would bring up our trip to Europe or our scuba diving adventures.

She even mentioned how happy we both made each other and how she wanted to go back and experience those moments again.

I couldn’t see it back then, but it’s as clear as day now.

She made all of these efforts to show me that I still held a special place in her heart.

My wife also mentioned how monotonous her life had become without me.

This clearly showed that she regretted dumping me and wanted her previous life with me back.

4) She Hasn’t Dated Anyone Since the Break-up and Doesn’t Want You to Move On Either

Now, this is a strong indication that your ex-girlfriend regrets dumping you.

My wife didn’t meet any guy in the three months we were apart. She didn’t even go on a single date!

I honestly thought that was strange at the time. I thought she’d want to test the waters and date some other guys.

Clearly, she wasn’t over me and wanted to win me back.

Check if your ex-girlfriend hasn’t dated anyone since you broke up.

If she hasn’t, it’s a pretty good sign that she regrets dumping you.

Another excellent indicator that she regrets dumping you:

When your ex learns that you have someone on your radar, she uses every tactic at her disposal to warn you that things might not work out.

She’ll say things like “She’s not your type,” “She’s boring,” or “She’s not as pretty as you.”

It is her way of making sure you remain single so she can date you again in the future.

5) She and Her Friends Are Actively Stalking You

One indication that your ex regrets ending the relationship is if she continues to stalk you online and offline.

You’ll see she’s attempting to engage you on your social media networks.

You might also notice that she keeps showing up where she anticipates you will be.

Another way to spot a woman expressing her regret of dumping you is when she attempts to get help from her friends so they can speak well about her.

That’s what my wife did. Whenever I met her friends at a bar, they would ask me questions about how I was going after the breakup and who I was dating.

I knew they were fishing for information.

They’d also speak glowingly about my wife and how we made such a great couple.

It was pretty obvious they were trying to persuade me to think about starting things up with my wife again.

6) She Hangs Out With You a Lot and Tries to Grab Your Attention

I mentioned this above, but it’s worthy of a sign on its own.

If your ex-girlfriend wants to hang out with you, then it’s a good sign she still wants you in her life.

Usually, when a couple breaks up, they cut contact immediately. Otherwise, it’s too difficult to move on.

But if your ex-girlfriend still wants you in her life, she doesn’t want to move on.

My wife wanted to hang out with me. One night she even asked if I wanted to come over and watch a movie.

I said yes, but we ended up talking more than watching the movie.

She seemed to do this regularly, calling me and asking if I wanted to hang out with her.

She was trying to spend as much time with me as possible, which shows that she still really cared and regretted dumping me.

7) She Takes an Active Interest in Your Life and Compliments You a Lot

One indication that your ex regrets parting ways with you is if she keeps praising you.

She might continue complimenting you on how good you looked when you last saw her or how lovely your fragrance smelled when you hugged her.

She hopes in silence that these compliments will make you smile and persuade you to give her another chance in your life.

I have a habit of wearing new clothes, and every time I saw my wife when we were broken up, she made sure to compliment my new fashion sense.

She never used to do that when we were dating.

She’d also ask me about recent developments in my friendships, job, and other areas of life.

So if you’re ex-girlfriend is complimenting you and is highly interested in listening to what’s going on in your life, then she may be trying to tell you that she’s sorry she dumped you.

8) You Catch Her Staring at You With a Pinch of Sadness in Her Eyes

Your ex might start to genuinely feel the pain of the breakup as it starts to sink in that you’re truly gone.

If you catch her staring at you and recognize the look on her face, it’s a sure sign that she regrets dumping you.

I’ll admit this is difficult to see at the moment, but when I look back, my wife used to stare at me when I interacted with other women.

This was easy to notice because we used to go to the same parties together.

In hindsight, she was jealous and didn’t like the idea of me flirting with other girls.

In fact, it may have been in those moments when she realized that she regretted dumping me.

9) She Shows You That She’s Changed

My wife said she’d changed and had matured so much without me.

She said she had become less self-centered and more considerate of other people’s feelings.

She had also cut back on clubbing with her friends, which was a big change for her.

I was intrigued by what she told me and started to see that the person she described was the woman I fell in love with!

It almost seemed like she thought this might be her chance to try being with me again.

If a girl shows you she’s different, then it’s a good indication she might want to start things up again.

She’s trying to indicate that the relationship will work if you try again.

So if you’re ex-girlfriend is making sure you’re aware of the adjustments they’ve made in terms of their habits and attitude, that’s a sign that she probably regrets dumping you and wants you back.

10) She Asks You to Give the Two of You Another Chance

Well, you can’t get more obvious than this, can you?

If she wants to get back together, she’ll tell you!

In my case, my wife was forced to make a move because I told her I was about to go on a date with a new girl I was interested in.

This made my wife jealous, and she finally got the courage to call me and ask if we could start dating again.

She asked if it would be alright to come over so she could apologize in person for deciding to dump me.

We had a long talk that night.

Ultimately, I agreed to give the two of us another chance.

Three years later, we’re happily married, and now we’re expecting.

We’re pretty damn happy we gave it a shot again!

So maybe you’re ex-girlfriend regrets dumping you and is waiting for you to make the next move.

If you relate to the signs above, then it might be a good idea to start reaching out to your ex a bit more.

Who knows, you might end up dating again and decide to get married. There’s nothing like the heartbreak of a breakup to make you want to love someone all over again.

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