6 signs a woman’s love for you is real, according to psychology

You’ve been dating this woman that you find absolutely amazing.

You have a great time when you’re together, and you love the way she smiles, but you can’t help but wonder how she really and truly feels about you. 

Even if the two of you seem to be the perfect match, before you decide to turn a friendship into a romance or take things to the next level, you need to be sure about her love for you. 

The last thing you want to do is read the signs all wrong and be rejected or lose the person you feel is so special in your life. 

To help you make the best possible decision, let’s explore the 6 signs that a woman’s love for you is real, according to psychology. 

1) She’s vulnerable with you

One of the hardest parts of any relationship is showing your vulnerability.

Being vulnerable means letting your guard down and opening up to someone you trust and love.

This means being yourself and allowing them to see your imperfections. 

In psychology, vulnerability is defined as someone who shares their innermost thoughts, feelings, and values clearly and openly.

It’s about feeling safe enough to express your fears, your faults, and your dreams without being judged or criticized. 

It’s a sure sign of trust and, ultimately, love. 

So when she’s putting her walls down and being vulnerable, she’s definitely showing that her love for you is real. 

Another aspect of vulnerability that is extremely important in a relationship is that it builds a deep emotional connection.

Again, this type of bond creates intimacy on an emotional and not just a physical level.

The more she’s able to be herself and connect to you, the more you can be yourself when you’re around her. 

Think about this. If the woman you’re with feels secure enough to tell you a difficult story about her childhood or a past relationship, she has incredible trust and strong feelings for you.

Sharing her deepest fears and hopes is her way of being emotionally intimate with you. 

2) She accepts you for who you are

There’s nothing more important than loving someone unconditionally, and that means accepting their imperfections and not expecting anything in return. 

This doesn’t, of course, give you the freedom to treat someone as you wish with little regard for their boundaries. 

It just means that one shouldn’t have a checklist of what they should be or how they should change in order to be with them.

When I mention acceptance, I mean you can be yourself, and she loves you without wanting you to change your personality or character. 

But why is acceptance such an important part of a relationship? 

The answer is that someone who fully accepts you will show their appreciation, and that makes it easier to build emotional and physical intimacy. 

Accepting your differences in a relationship forms the basis for building a long-term partnership that is passionate and successful.

It helps you respect the other person’s beliefs and stops you from comparing them to people or relationships from your past.

If the woman you’re with has shown you that she embraces who you are and is encouraging and supportive of your goals and values, she’s authentic and unconditional in her love for you

3) She empathizes with you

She empathizes with you 6 signs a woman’s love for you is real, according to psychology

Whether a friend or romantic partner, if they can’t support you emotionally, then how can they truly care about you? 

A woman who really loves you won’t think twice about being a shoulder to lean on when you’re going through a difficult time. 

Empathy helps her understand your emotions, making it easier for her to connect with you.

She can provide a supportive and non-judgmental space where you feel comfortable discussing the obstacles in your life. 

Being empathetic in a relationship is crucial because it allows both individuals to care deeply for one another.

This level of commitment makes you feel seen and heard, which is a sure sign that she genuinely loves you.

From a psychological point of view, empathy helps you resolve conflict, see things from your partner’s perspective, and make them feel understood.

The ability to understand and support someone emotionally creates trust and security in a relationship.

So, if she’s making a real effort to listen to you and support you, especially during those challenging periods, she’s definitely a keeper. 

4) She maintains eye contact

There’s a quote I came across that reads along the lines of, “Looking into someone’s eyes changes the conversation.” It’s true.

People who can’t maintain good eye contact are either considered shy or deceptive.

If you can’t look someone in the eyes, then you probably aren’t interested in them, or you’re hiding something. 

A woman who can gently hold your gaze while she’s talking to you is considered attentive and trustworthy, and she’s sending a strong message of love and care.

Eye contact is one of the most powerful forms of non-verbal communication, according to psychology, because it strengthens our emotional connection and creates intimacy.

It also tells us that the other person is sincere and interested in our world. 

Her ability to maintain eye contact in conversation shows a true appreciation for what you’re saying, and this speaks volumes about the way she feels about you.

The way she looks at you should be easy and natural to make you feel comfortable without having to say a word. 

Many of us might not think much about eye contact when determining someone’s genuine feelings, but if the woman you’re with makes a point of looking at you and isn’t distracted by her phone or daydreaming while you’re talking, she loves and cares about you. 

5) She does little things for you

Actions certainly speak louder than words, and in the case of figuring out how someone feels about you, it’s important to look at their behavior. 

A woman whose love for you is real will show her true feelings.

Even more so if it’s part of her love language

Some women prefer to show their partner how they really feel, and they do this by performing small acts of kindness or gestures that make their day a little brighter. 

You don’t have to ask her for anything, and there’s no expectation, but she helps you with the little things when you need them the most. 

So, for example, you’re feeling under the weather and can’t make it to your night out, so she brings your favorite snacks over and stays in.

Or perhaps you’ve been spending so much time at work, that she offers to help around the house. 

Every act is her way of showing you that she cares deeply and is emotionally invested in you. 

There’s no denying that showing someone you care is one of the greatest ways to establish an emotional bond.

Their behaviors reveal that they want you to be happy, and they’ll do everything in their power to be encouraging and supportive. 

Just remember, if she’s showing her true love through positive actions, don’t forget to return the favor. 

6) She physically touches you

Have you noticed whether she finds opportunities to touch you, from a gentle squeeze on the arm to a lingering embrace? 

Again, much like body language that communicates how someone feels about us, physical touch is another way to gauge where someone’s head and heart lie. 

A woman who has genuine feelings for you will close the physical gap when you’re standing or sitting together, and she’ll show you that she’s interested in you through affection. 

When someone touches you lovingly and affectionately, they’re telling you that they want to build a close emotional connection. 

There’s also a science behind touch. 

If you tell a joke and she laughs while reaching out to touch your arm and looks you in the eyes, she’s sending you a strong and positive message that she’s interested.

Physical touch makes us feel good and includes the release of oxytocin, a so-called love hormone, which is linked to trust and forming deep connections. 

You’ll know that she’s interested in more than a platonic relationship when she goes out of her way to hug you, hold your hand, and lovingly touch you.

Believe me when I say that very few women will try to connect with you physically if they don’t love you. 

Final thoughts

Figuring out if a woman’s love for you is real can be challenging, but with a closer look at what she says and does, you won’t have to worry about her intentions.

Factors such as honesty, her need for open communication, and a willingness to do things for you to make your life happier all indicate that she’s trying to move the relationship forward.

A woman with genuine feelings will find every excuse to spend more time with you and easily hold deep conversations to learn more about you.

Everyone has their own love language, but hopefully, the signs that I’ve mentioned above will go a long way toward helping you find that special person, whether in a loving friendship or a romantic relationship. 

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